Lightbearing Inside Waistband

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Comfortably and safely carry and conceal your firearms with our minimalistic KYDEX Holster design. Our KYDEX Inside the Waistband holsters provide you with full trigger guard protection and perfect retention. All ANR Design holsters come suppressor sight ready up to 0.450″ tall. (Scroll down for full details)


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30-Day Manufacturing Warranty

Comfortably and safely carry and conceal your firearms with our minimalistic KYDEX Holster design. Our KYDEX Inside the Waistband holsters provide you with full trigger guard protection and perfect retention. Made with the highest quality materials available, our KYDEX holsters are built for hard use, standing up to the punishment of our sponsored competition shooters and everyday users. Our inside the waistband design allows the user to carry their firearm from a wide variety of positions respective to the users body type, tactics and personal preferences. Each KYDEX Holster is custom made and handcrafted in the USA. All ANR Design holsters come suppressor sight ready up to 0.450″ tall.

All lightbearing inside the waistband holsters come with adjustable retention as standard.

DISCLAIMER: Fits up to 0.450 Height Sights. If you have a REAR sight mounted in front of your RDS, optic cut may NOT accommodate the distance needed to clear. ANR is not responsible for ill-fitting holsters that may have issues because of this set up. ANR does not apply Loctite to hardware screws, please apply Loctite and set the desired retention before use.

All ANR Holsters are Optic Cut

**DISCLAIMER We do NOT support third party/aftermarket rail adapters for ANY firearm listed. No refunds or returns on holsters ordered for non OEM fitting lights.**

WARNING: Use of this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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78 reviews for Lightbearing Inside Waistband

  1. Ryan

    I have 2 IWB holsters from Alex and Ryan design and love them. Quality, retention and the comfort are top notch. Customer service is fantastic as well with fast response and attention to detail. Can not recommended highly enough.

  2. ZACHARY LARSON (verified owner)

    Great fit out of the box. Got the retention screws in case. Surprisingly comfortable. I may need to round the Glock 19 sweat guard a bit more. Really like how it covers trigger fully and has great “combat” grip cut. Worth the wait.

  3. Al kilpatrick (verified owner)

    I was tired of buying holster that just didn’t work so I spent a little more for a custom and I finally have one that actually fits and works properly. Best 60 bucks spent I collect guns and will use them again for my Frankenstein creations

  4. Sunny side Arms (verified owner)

    Just received my holster a week ago and already love it. Really great fit for a FNs9c and crimson trace cmr208 combo. Also, I really liked the fact that they tried to fit my original O-light option , and emailed me and let me know that it would not work. I selected a different light and had not one issue from that. Great first experience

  5. Eric (verified owner)

    Great holster. Wish it was available with soft loops, but that’s easy to change yourself

  6. Claudio (verified owner)

    Love the holster, but not a fan of $10 shipping cost. Should be free or at least $5 being that it’s light weight.

    • Alex Costa

      We’d love to lower it. USPS raises rates every year, and we also insure the full value of every package. If it gets lost, you get your money back. Flat Rate boxes are only $50.00 refund. USPS has been notorious for losing packages lately.

  7. Alan (verified owner)

    Just received my first ANR holster this afternoon. It’s a light bearing IWB for my CZ P-01 SDP Custom Shop w/ TLR-1 light. Perfect fit and finish. Beautifully done and arrived well before I expected it to. Very pleased!

  8. Nick (verified owner)

    Just received this holster about a week ago or so now and I absolutely love it. Can definitely tell this holster was made with some quality parts and lots of thorough detail. Fits my gun and light combo perfectly and is the only company I’ve found that makes a holster for my gun and light combo. Love the holster guys keep up the great work.

  9. Alan Berry (verified owner)

    Just received my first ANR lightbearing IWB holster. Excellent fit and finish. Very comfortable holster and easy to adjust tension. Didn’t have to wait long from time of order until time of delivery. Would definitely purchase another and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ANR Holsters to others.

  10. David (verified owner)

    Got the ANR P80 Compact IWB light bearing with RMR cut and suppressor height sights in standard black kydex. Been test driving it a week. I have 4 other pistols, each with 2 or 3 holsters. This is one of the best fitting kydex jobs I’ve seen, arguably the best. And that says a lot considering the weapon light makes the job all the more difficult.

    The little details in the fit are all spot on. For instance, with the P80 holstered, the cut out at the bottom where the light and barrel crown end is perfectly symmetrical, where both sides of kydex hug the weapon light ring and barrel tip evenly. I’ve seen subtle fit issues with other brands where one side of the kydex sandwich is closer than the other. Quality press job. The holster locks perfectly with no jiggle and a crisp click into place, yet the weapon is easily extracted without feeling like I’m going to take my pants with it. If I had to find something to even mention as a negative, and this is me really poking around for something to say just so sound impartial, I’d mention the kydex cuts could use a slightly more uniform polishing. Maybe a hint of a rough spot around aggressive corners. Ultra nit pick though and not really a valid complaint, as it doesn’t affect functionality at all. This is a solid holster for a reasonable price. Very happy.

  11. James S (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Nice thick well formed contacts. Fits the pistol and light perfectly. Very happy with my purchase.

  12. Joe Acosta (verified owner)

    I ordered a light bearing IWB for my new IWI Masada. Two things:

    1) I placed the order on November 19 and received it on November 26. Unbelievable!
    2) I’ve been using this holster for 4 days and can’t get over how comfortable it is. It also fits my firearm as if it were part of it. I thought after using holsters like CrossBreed and AlienGear I wouldn’t like it but I was pleasantly mistaken.

  13. Miles Plannette (verified owner)

    I ordered a light bearing IWB for my Dan Wesson Specialist with a TLR-1. ANR is one of only a handful of companies that make an IWB for this combination. My order was placed November 26 and shipped November 27 which is incredibly impressive. The holster holds the handgun securely and the draw and reinsertion is just about perfect. The fit and finish is top notch and I’ll definitely be ordering other holsters from ANR in the future.

  14. Troy Decker (verified owner)

    As always my new ANR Design holster is a great fit for my P07. These holsters are my go to for my EDC guns. I have 2 now and love both of them. Great quality and finish. Thanks guys for a great product

  15. Jon C (verified owner)

    I never ordered from ANR Designs before, but after receiving my holsters I’m definitely a fan. If I need another holster, I will likely get it from here! Great adjustable retention and nice kydex quality.
    One thing I will point out though is the claw accessory, strangely it was cheaper to buy the claw hardware separately rather than buy the Claw + IWB lightbearing holster. Huh? Basically an extra $5-10 to have someone screw the hardware together for you. ANR should look into this pricing difference..

  16. Jerry Wardrop (verified owner)

    My first holster from ANR Design. I am very happy with the purchase. Not many companies offer a holster for an FN509 MRD w/Olight Mini, and I ran across ANR while searching for it. They promptly answered my pre-sale questions via email, which is ultimately why I purchased a holster from ANR. Side note, another company that was suggested, did not reply. I received my holster within the promised shipping time. I carry between 3 and 4 o’clock position and this holster fits well, conceals well, and it is comfortable, even with the extra bulk of the light and red dot sight. Before I mounted my light on my pistol, I check to see how it fit in the holster. Most holsters have no retention without the light. This holster could hold the pistol without the light. While I don’t plan to carry it that way and possibly not as secure, it is nice to know that it is able to it I was in a pinch. I assume it is an attribute to the craftsmanship and/or good design. I selected the “blood red” and was happy the appearance as well – but as my son pointed out, it is inside my belt line and not seen — looks good anyways. When I need an OWB, ANR will be at the top of the list of possibilities. I would recommend ANR to anyone looking for a good Kydex holster.

  17. lylep (verified owner)

    I own 9 ANR holsters and they are the best in the industry. There are some others that come close but I trust my life with these holsters and that’s the bottom line for me.

  18. Zach Dotson (verified owner)

    I just got my new ANR holster and absolutely love it. The fit and finish is amazing and it is really comfortable and conceals really well. The lead time was really fast and I I will definitely be ordering more ANR holsters.

  19. Jake (verified owner)

    It’s a great holster besides the fact there is little retention when the gun is in the holster. I’m afraid if I have to run with my 320 in the holster it’s going to come flying out. For normal day to day activities not including running. It’s a good holster

    • Alex Costa

      Have you reached out to Customer Service before writing a review? Their job is to rectify any concerns of the customer…

  20. Dp (verified owner)

    Rather nice small design, but in the pants it’s a no go for me. Chafing, rubbing, irritation mean that this ANR design holster is useless and I am going back to a black rhino concealment holster for a p30sk with a tlr7

    Overall extremely disappointed.

    • Alex Costa

      Sorry that you’re disappointed. Carrying a gun is not easy feat. Proper garments, placement on the body, and knowing the fragility of your own skin is important. Wear undershirts, apply moleskin to the holster if you need to; heck, reach out to customer service and maybe the offset for the safety can be removed so it may be more comfortable for you.

  21. Earven S B (verified owner)

    The light bearing IWB custom built by ANR is excellent in fit and finish. Where else can you buy a custom built quality kydex holster at the value in which it is priced? I would wager, not to many places.

  22. don.sprick (verified owner)

    Purchased this for my CZ P07 with TLR7a. Fit is excellent, overall quality is superb. Delivery was quick despite the Covid panic buying rush. Will definitely order more holsters in the future.

  23. Vance Shaylor (verified owner)

    Excellent craftsmanship, perfect fit, and amazing quality! Thia will be my holster company from know on! Thanks guys!

  24. Gaelan Garrett (verified owner)

    I dig it. Happy to find a place with gun and light combo with a supreme fit. Would buy again and recommend to all… Except for Chad

  25. Isaac Valladares (verified owner)

    Honestly was not impressed got one for my fnx 9 with an apl light and aside from how high it rides there is absolutely zero retention so I’m constantly worried about my gun falling out, then it also rides really loosely even after fully tightening the retention screws all the way so it kinda wiggles around in the holster which ends up disengaging the safety so all in all for something that ended up costing me just a little under $80 would not really recommend to anyone

    • Alex Costa

      Isaac, Have you reached out to customer service with your order number as the subject? We fix any manufacturing issues. Instead of writing and grumpy review, give our customer service a shot.

  26. Richard Thomas (verified owner)

    I purchased this for a CZ sp-01 which is a heavy pistol and I was worried that I may not be able to carry it comfortably off duty. I definitely did not have to worry. I adjusted the tension properly and it has enabled me to not have to bring 2 pistols when I go to work. I can wear the sp-01 all day without worry or comfert issues. It even flexes as an appendix holster also. Easy on and off. Easy to adjust while I’m wearing it. I’ve already told friends and co-workers about this company.

  27. James Preiss

    This is the best holster I’ve ever bought. I have the physique of a hungry skeleton and I can conceal a full sized Glock with this holster with no problems. I highly recommend these holsters to anyone in the market for one.

  28. Thanva Girdpool (verified owner)

    The holster is really well made, except the retension is so so hard to be able to put the weapon in and out. I would say I have to use minimum of 3-5 lbs force to push the gun into the holster and taking it out !!

    • Alex Costa

      have you emailed customer service for support? We adjust these nuances when you reach out.

  29. Ron in Chicago (verified owner)

    Holster gets 3 stars. Ordered a custom lightbearing holster, which can be difficult. I’ve tried, so I reached out to what I THOUGHT were some better talent than myself. I got a pretty mediocre holster at best. Contacted customer service / management regarding my areas of concern, and got an insulting link to an Adam Schiff video as a response. ANR = “absolutely not respectable” by design. Hence the 1 star.

    • Alex Costa

      The person handling your customer service email no longer works here.

  30. Brian (verified owner)

    Bought this IWB holster light bearing and I love it! One of the few places I could find that makes a holster for a Glock 30S with a TLR7 in left hand.
    A Good buy, Thanks!

  31. Charles R (verified owner)

    Purchased this holster on a recommendation of a friend who swears by ANR design holsters. Glad I did.
    I ordered a light bearing IWB for my M&P 2.0 W/ TLR7A.
    Could not be happier with fit, finish and quality. Holds tight, positive click when inserting. Smooth draw. Will use ANR in the future for all holster needs.

  32. Darryl Drew (verified owner)

    3rd holster from AnR. Never disapoint! Lightbearing holster in multicam Black is sick! Thanks!

  33. Raymond Andrews (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my outcome. I was so excited to see the finished product once it arrived and I was not let down by the looks and feel. I chose the hex cam 13 option for my black FN 509 compact and I think it looks pretty sharp if I were going to judge a person by how their gun matches their holster lol. The fit was a little right at first around the TLR 7 light and I backed off retention until the screws had little threads left to grab, which led to using a thread lock component (not an issue). After getting a good feel of the draw and how it reacts to my build, it took only a few dozen draws to wear it in perfectly. I now hear the positive “CLICK” and smooth draw with a stable holster in the waist. I only wish now that I would have payed more attention to my order and added the claw, but I’m relatively new to handguns and EDC so not too bad for my first ANR Design holster. Now all I have to do is wait for my LTC permit to arrive in the mail so I can legally use the dam thing I’m so proud of.

    • Alex Costa

      We sell claws in the replacement parts page and can be upgraded at home!

  34. Stephen (verified owner)

    Great holster, feels well constructed!

    Fits my Sig P365 XL w/ RomeoZero and TLR6 perfectly!!

  35. John G (verified owner)

    Awesome holster. Great trigger guard..Good retention with a small tweak.

  36. Jr (verified owner)

    Quality holster , a bit bulky for conceal carry with the light option , knowing what I know now I should have purchased the OWB option.

  37. Cody B

    This was my second holster from anrdesigns. Best appendix holsters out there! Quality and comfort in both my 43x and 19 w/ tlr7a holster. They conceal very well and don’t even realize you are carrying appendix. Use both the polymer and metal clip and either way you go these are my go to holsters for any day of the week 365. Would recommend to anyone looking to get one.

  38. Ivan Thurber (verified owner)

    One of the few manufacturers that had a holster available for my FN 509c, let alone having the option for optics and my light. Great fit, good retention. It could use a soft back, but I knew what I was ordering. Overall great holster!

  39. Stephen K (verified owner)

    My latest holster order continues to impress. It shipped and was delivered within a few days or initial order and it fits perfectly. Another great job!

  40. Alec (verified owner)

    My 2nd ANR IWB holster, and it won’t be my last. The holstersuper comfortable and super lightweight. I went with the OD green boltaron and the finish is awesome. I will continue to order from ANR and continue to recommend to all my friends.

  41. tomasj.gutierrez (verified owner)

    Got my holster today after drooling over these products for almost a year on instagram. I’m super happy with it. it’s light yet solid. My pistol goes in tight and comes out smooth. Drawing is easy to get used to. The belt clip fits my belts with solid retention that grips well without being a paint to get on and off. The color (coyote tan) is great and not too peanut buttery. I could go on but I think I’ll save some words for the next purchase. Oh, also couldn’t wait to go out and put my sticker on my truck window after I got home. Gotta represent. Thanks again Alex and ANR for fast shipping and a great holster.

  42. Robert (verified owner)

    Awesome holster, the fit and retention are great! I like the slim design of the holster and the Kydex at the bottom is rounded so it does not cur into my leg when wearing as an appendix carry! Super happy and I will be back for more!!

  43. Stephen (verified owner)

    Fit my Beretta 96A1 with Streamlight TLR-7 perfectly. I prefer a small of the back holder, so I got a lefty (I’m a righty) and works great for that purpose.

  44. Joshua Bailey (verified owner)

    Got this holster for my CZ P 07 with stream light TLR 7. Fit is perfect and the craftsmanship is exceptional. ANR offers outstanding products.

  45. Dean Werner (verified owner)

    I have several of the IWB mini olight bearing holsters that work great. The quality of kydex and construction is top-notch. Retention and draw are superb. The customer service is excellent as there was some confusion as to the gun-light combo I actually ordered. This was quickly resolved in one email, and I received the holster a few days later. I hope ANR continues to keep up with the multitude of gun/light combos and is able to do so at a competitive cost.

  46. Bryon (verified owner)

    Been holding off on reviewing this until I get could more time with it. Like most, dry fire training has now become the forefront with live-fire training just behind it (used to be the other way ’round when ammo was easier to come by and less expensive). Not a bad thing–requires more fine-tuning and attention rather than just zinging rounds downrange.
    After reading Stephen’s review (THANKS A TON Stephen!!!!), I reached out by e-mail to see if this would also fit my Beretta 96A1 but with a SureFire X300-UA. Received an answer the next day and decided to purchase. Arrived pretty quickly.
    Out of the box, the fit was pretty tight. Ended up placing extra spacers and a little longer screws to give enough room to adjust retention. Since then, haven’t had an issue with it at all and have been carrying every day. Beretta aren’t small by any means and this holster gives enough grip to keep it where I want it but not so restrictive as to delay drawing when I need it. The belt clip stays where I need it but isn’t a pain in the ass to get off which makes it nice when visiting places like courthouses or the like. I can leave my weapon holstered and just provide the whole unit and not have to worry about anyone discharging.
    Comfortable to leave on all day–only really notice it’s there when I feel the need to adjust holster location. EDC isn’t a fashion statement–it’s a way of life. Get the benefit of being armed with all the responsibility that entails, including wardrobe.
    This thing’s been in rainy weather, sun (had some good days with 100+ heat, which is f-ing rare in the PNW), dust, been rolled on, bumped against doors and walls, and have had zero issues with retention, form, shape, or function. For those of you looking to get an affordable, reliable, and quality made holster for your Beretta pistols, I highly recommend ANR Design. Great customer service by Jake in answering all of my questions. Again, huge shout-out to Stephen for sharing your experience.
    I can’t recommend enough. 🙂

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you so much!!!

  47. Ethan Lewis (verified owner)

    Great holster, perfect for my Smith and wesson mp shield ez 380 2.0.

  48. Matt Lupori (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd holster we have bought from ANR. I bought one for my wife and her CZ-P07 earlier in the year. She loves it which is why I bought one for my Glock 48 MOS. I would strongly suggest the upgraded metal clips for IWB carry. The metal clips are strong and aren’t as bulky as the traditional single plastic clip. This is a quality EDC holster and will not end up in my grave yard of holsters bucket that I have collected over the years.

  49. Ray (verified owner)

    I have a couple ANR holsters already and went with Alex and the team again when going to a smaller pistol for easier concealment. I bought the light bearing IWB for a P365XL and it is extremely comfortable, fits the gun and light very well, and was received quickly. I upgraded to the DCC Monoblock clips this time and actually like them more than the regular clip. I drive long distances every week and the key for me is comfort. The holster melts right in so I don’t have the grip or Kydex poking my side the whole ride. Would highly recommend.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks for the review Ray

  50. Eloy (verified owner)

    Works great! It took a little getting used to but now I love it! Perfect fit! Great customer service as well! Right after I had submitted my order I realized I had forgotten to include the claw and change my clip size, so I reached out via their Live Chat. Jonny responded right away and updated my order without any hassle. This was my first holster order and I was super impressed by ANR Design from the start. Now thanks to Jonny and the quality products of ANR Designs, I will only ever recommend them to everyone.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you sir!

  51. Riley (verified owner)

    took a while to arrive but man was it worth it. the comfort is unmatched and the quality is incredible. if you need a holster buy it from here! im sure any of their other holsters are just as good if not better!

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks for your patience!

  52. Isaac Lilly (verified owner)

    My 4th ANR Design holster and I couldn’t be happier. Perfect fit and function. Quality materials. Really loving the split clip. Great work team.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Isaac!

  53. Megan (verified owner)

    Extremely impressed with this, fit like a glove

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Megan!

  54. William (verified owner)

    Tried this on a recommendation after being disappointed by several other custom holsters for a P-01 w/light and optic. Great fit and retention right out of the box!

  55. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Holster is great. This is the 2nd anr designs holster I’ve purchased. I love that this kydex was actually built for the 43x mos and not oversized for a 48 like most holster companies. Thanks for the dope gear!

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Mitchell

  56. colt45mo (verified owner)

    I am a new gun owner. I bought a holster from here and from Tier 1 for my P-07 to compare. I have to say I like my ANR holster much more. The comfort is outstanding. Also, the customer service has been top notch! I will definitely be buying from you guys again in the future.

  57. Austin (verified owner)

    Great holster. Fit the gun perfectly. I was surprised with how comfortable it was when I wear it. Best holster I have ever had.

  58. Austin (verified owner)

    Great holster. Fit the gun perfectly. I was surprised with how comfortable it was when I wear it. Best holster I have ever had. I would definitely buy another holster from here

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks A Lot Austin!

  59. Kristian Umberger (verified owner)

    This was my first ever holster. I was very nervous as many people say you’ll have to try many holsters before finding one but this one is excellent. CZ P07 SR with a Streamlight TLR1-HL. Fits snugs with a solid click. Retention is good with smooth draw. Wore it for 12 hours straight to test it and had no issues! Great products. Will be buying more from ANR!

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Kristian!

  60. Bryant Jr (verified owner)

    Absolutely thrilled with product, the workmanship is flawless everything was on time and orderly. Its difficult to find holsters for a lefty especially one for a full size like the canik. It holds the gun so well I have confidence when I’m working with it on, even though I carry a full size I notice the gun way more than I notice the holster all in all I’m happy with my experience. Recommending it to all my friends and family and especially the lefties out there. Now I just need to buy another gun so I can order a new holster.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Bryant

  61. Tim K

    I have two so far, m&p 2.0 with a TLR1 and a shield plus with a tlr6. Retention on both were spot on right out of the box. Ordered claws separate because I over looked some details, that’s on me. I like them so much I sent my shitty knife in for a custom sheath.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks for the review Tim!

  62. Brandon (verified owner)

    I bought this Light Bearing IWB holster for my CZP10C with a Streamlight TLR7 light and it fit perfectly. It is very comfortable to wear and has the perfect amount of retention. This same holster configuration will also fit my Glock 23 with a TLR7 light on it too. The only thing I wish it had was a couple lower mounting screw holes to allow the holster to be adjusted to ride a little higher. I recently had to take a class that wouldn’t allow for appendix carry so when I wore it on my strong side hip it was a little hard to re-holster because my pants waist band seemed to cover the opening just a bit. Other than that it worked flawlessly. I also bought a second one for my brother for Christmas for his carry gun with a TLR7 also.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Brandon!

  63. Guy (verified owner)

    Ordered a custom IWB for a Springfield XD Compact and OLIGHT PL Mini 2. There wasn’t one available anywhere already made. It only took a couple of weeks.

    The pistol fit is absolutely perfect. The quality is great and it wears very comfortably. I am extremely happy. I wish I had ordered from ANR before.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Guy!

  64. James (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a couple of my friends holsters with their respective handguns and nothing really felt perfect. Everything was either too high up or felt too pressed into my body. As a big guy I thought i was doomed to carry uncomfortably forever. Someone recommended an ANR to me so i figured i’d give them a shot. I will never shop any other holster brand again. This holster is just the right fit for me. It’s lightweight but durable and secure. i even tested to see if my handgun would fall out if i shook the holster upside down, as I do have a light attached to my weapon. It stayed in the holster like a glove. I would urge anyone considering switching brands, upgrading, or buying their first holster to go with ANR. Carrying a full size has never felt this good.
    -Sincerely a very happy customer.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks James!

  65. James E (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a couple of my friends holsters with their respective handguns and nothing really felt perfect. Everything was either too high up or felt too pressed into my body. As a big guy I thought i was doomed to carry uncomfortably forever. Someone recommended an ANR to me so i figured i’d give them a shot. I will never shop any other holster brand again. This holster is just the right fit for me. It’s lightweight but durable and secure. i even tested to see if my handgun would fall out if i shook the holster upside down, as I do have a light attached to my weapon. It stayed in the holster like a glove. I would urge anyone considering switching brands, upgrading, or buying their first holster to go with ANR. Carrying a full size has never felt this good.
    -Sincerely a very happy customer.

  66. Corey (verified owner)

    I’ve had my iwb light bearing holster for a couple of months nearly now and I’m very pleased with it. I ordered it for a Glock 48 mos with the tlr-7sub. It’s a great fit, snug without being overly tight thanks to the adjustment screws. The gun and holster being slim sit against my hip inside my jeans waistband perfectly, and I don’t even notice either one much at all whether I’m sitting, standing or walking. The molded clip holster the assembly onto my belt fine and I haven’t had any issues with it slipping around or trying to slip off either. Very satisfied, will be shopping here again.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Corey!

  67. zack t (verified owner)

    I like it, wish it was a little bit more furnished i regret not going for the wedge or the claw. but they are made with quality.

    • Alex Costa

      You can buy the claw in Replacement parts page and can be added!

  68. Lyle P. (verified owner)

    By far the best holsters I own. I estimate I have and use over 25 ANR holsters and everyone of them excellent. I recommend them to everyone.

    • Alex Costa

      25!!! We need a holster appreciation program. Thanks so much Lyle for your unwavering loyalty to our brand!

  69. Andy (verified owner)

    I love ANR. They have me as a customer for life. Got 2 holsters from them and is very pleased with the quality. Their customer service responds fairly quickly via email.

    • Alex Costa

      Andy, Thank you so much for the review and feedback!

  70. Thomas (verified owner)

    Recently ordered this holster for my CZ -10s. I have had quite a few holsters for this and other guns. I have to say this is my favorite. Certainly the highest quality, and most comfortable holster I’ve come across.
    Also customer support is timely, polite and helpful.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Thomas!

  71. Victor

    I bought a holster for my P365 X macro with a TLR 7A. It shipped pretty quickly, it’s really comfy, it’s incredibly sturdy and high quality. The claw on it is the best so far out of the many other holsters I’ve purchased too. I’m extremely happy with it. I switch back and forth between this one and my TRex arms sidecar depending on the situation. As a little side note I installed the neomag T post and alias on the ANR and it’s quickly become the go to almost full time now. The set up is elite in my opinion. Great job guys, I hope I can get a few more people to come your way. I’ve been highly recommending ANR to whoever I can.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Victor!

  72. Liam (verified owner)

    Great holster. I purchased one for my Glock 43x with a TLR-7 sub, this holster fits great and is very comfortable. I optioned for the steel belt clip and it has fantastic retention to the belt and will not release unless you want it to. Very good holster overall I will definitely recommend them to anyone who asks, and will look at ANR for future holster purchases.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Liam!

  73. Travis Collins (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this holster. It’s comfortable and holds my sig nice. It has a nice clicking noise so I know it’s in the holster and not going any where it took a long time to get here but that’s to be expected thank y’all so much. I will be a returning customer for all my handgun holsters and maybe soon I’ll get some at pouches.

  74. Wes

    Holy crap! Great product, excellent customer service!
    Through wear and tear my holster got a small crack in it, and with hassle or hesitation my warranty was honored and I received a replacement 5 days after first contact. Beyond believable, especially in today’s customer service climate. I will 100% be recommending this company to everyone I know.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Wes!

  75. Will Powell (verified owner)

    Second holster I’ve ordered from ANR for my P365xl. It came out super clean, well manufactured, fit and finish is amazing, and that monoblock clip is perfect.

    It fixed the issue I had with another brands light bearing holster (too open) and has been on my hip every day since. Allowing me to carry my gun with the light like I intended, just better than I thought possible.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you so much for the 2nd purchase and the review Will!

  76. Anthony (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, excellent quality. Asked to have the holster made open bottomed to accommodate a compensator and my request was easily done. Much better, more rigid, and more functional than my previous leather holster, especially with my TLR-7 side buttons that aren’t accidentally actuated with the kydex versus the leather.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks for the review Anthony

  77. Brandon (verified owner)

    Holster is so so. Especially based on the 7-8 week wait. Gun with light fits extremely tight, even with retention screws backed out. Speaking of retention, the screws has no threadlocker and not really long enough. When wearing the holster on my Kore Garrison belt and trying to pull my gun out, all I did was yank my pants up. Really have to try to get the gun out. The holster tend to rock forward and back a lot on my belt.

    • Alex Costa

      I have forwarded this to customer service and they will reach out with an RMA. It shouldn’t have left tight, and we apologize for the inconvenience. As for the thread locker, we do not add it and it is in your email receipt to put loc-tite on your hardware when you receive it. We don’t do it because we’ve had customer hardware freeze (environment depending) in place and unable to adjust retention.

  78. Brian (verified owner)

    Still waiting for my slide to come back from being milled for red dot sight. The holster is just what I wanted and I was also impressed with the customer service as I had a question about the fit of my fire arm as the rear sight will be infront of my optic. I was assured that it should fit but that if it didn’t I could send the holster back and have it modified. I will definitely update you when I have my slideback.

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