Frequently Asked Questions

3-5 Weeks for standard production, 7 business days if you choose to RUSH ORDER your holster.

No, all items must have the Rush option selected to be processed as a Rush order.

All ANR Design holsters come suppressor sight ready up to 0.450″ tall.

Yes, all of our holsters are muzzle cut to accommodate threaded barrels. 

No, we do not have your model if it’s not listed.

USPS First Class mail, and UPS Ground shipping options are available at checkout.

We cannot guarantee fitment for any firearm that has non-factory/non-OEM parts installed on it. If you have a specific question about non-OEM parts on your firearm affecting the fit of your ANR holster, please email us with your questions BEFORE you make an order.

If after adjusting the built-in retention screws your holster’s retention is still not to your liking, please contact customer service about returning the holster to us so we can adjust it for you. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPLY HEAT TO THE HOLSTER YOURSELF – this will void your existing warranty, and could have serious health repercussions if done incorrectly.

Please find all warranty information on the Warranty Policy page.

If you purchased a warranty with your holster we offer a 100% replacement of the holster, no questions asked. Dog eats it, wife runs it over, child puts it in the oven and turns it into a pancake. If you have the warranty, we will replace it. KYDEX is a wear item. It breaks down, can weaken, become brittle in the cold, etc. We do not make KYDEX, we manufacture the holsters. KYDEX is not indestructible. If you plan on extreme hard use, we do recommend purchasing the warranty. Holster must be returned. We do not replace lost or stolen holsters.

We begin production almost immediately on all orders, so order changes must be made within 24hrs of placing your order. Changes made after the 24hr period are subject to a restocking fee to recoup some of the material/labor costs incurred. 

A quality product takes time to make. As such, our quickest available turnaround time is 7 days (“RUSH Ordering”). 

Color swatches are an “idea” of the pattern, not an actual representation of the pattern. Please look up the pattern on Google image search, followed by “Kydex” to see a better representation. These are 1-to-1 licensed patterns provided by the OEM manufacturer. ANR Design does not have control over the pattern, and how it appears on the holster. Some holsters may have sections of pattern or lack of pattern because it’s a camouflage, not a fashion statement.

Holsters and gun models are all different. Trigger guards are different, light models are different, and some guns/light models have very little retention points. Sometimes we have to create certain interferences to attain retention, and this may nullify any audible “click” sound. The “click” sound is an internet conformity that does not matter in the real world. Yes, we try to build that “click” into our CNC Quick ship options, but cannot always be achieved in the handmade products. Please only email us regarding concern if you have no retention or too much retention. If you have positive retention, and no click; your holster is fine. Enjoy it. 

What is Route Package Protection?

Route’s Package Protection is a package protection solution that helps cover your order in the event that your order gets lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit. We know how frustrating it is to have something happen to your order, so we’ve partnered with Route to offer added assurance that you’re supported, no matter what. We’re providing Package Protection to each order free of charge

You can also utilize the Route App to visually track all of your online orders in one place and easily file a claim with their team. Whether you’re tracking via the Route App or online Route’s real-time shipping updates keep you in the loop throughout every part of your delivery. Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Download here

Purchased Route’s Package Protection and looking to file a shipping issue online? File here

Refunds: When refunding an item, Route covers the subtotal of the order. Shipping costs, taxes, and the Route premium are not included for merchants who do not have Automatic Issue Resolution (AIR), also known as Resolution via Platform (RVP). 

Reorders: Route will reorder the items, depending on in-stock availability. Unavailable items will be refunded. Route will cover the cost of any reorders including shipping and taxes.

Marked As Delivered (Stolen)

  • Claims will be reviewed no earlier than 5 calendar days and no later than 30 calendar days from when it was marked delivered.
  • In some cases, the Route Support team may require a police report before moving forward with an order issue.

Stuck In Transit (Lost)

  • For domestic orders, claims will be reviewed no earlier than 2 calendar days and no later than 30 calendar days from the last update. The maximum filing time is 365 days from the order date. 
  • For international orders, claims will be reviewed no earlier than 20 calendar days and no later than 30 calendar days from the last update. The maximum filing time is 365 days from the order date.


  • Claims for damaged items require photos of the packaging and item(s) and must be filed no later than 30 calendar days from when it was marked delivered.

All of Route’s policies are listed here



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