Revolver Inside The Waistband

Revolver Inside The Waistband

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Comfortably and safely Carry your firearms with our minimalistic KYDEX Revolver Holster design. Our KYDEX revolver holsters provide you with full trigger guard protection and adjustable retention. (Scroll down for full details)



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30-Day Manufacturing Warranty

Comfortably and safely Carry your firearms with our minimalistic KYDEX Revolver Holster design. Our KYDEX revolver holsters provide you with full trigger guard protection and adjustable retention. The holster utilizes a polyester soft loop and injection strut to attach to the user’s belt. Pull-Dot is a unidirectional snap system. This holster style is also considered “tuckable” where the user can tuck the shirt over the firearm. Made with the highest quality materials available, our KYDEX revolver holsters are built for hard use, standing up to the punishment of our sponsored competition shooters and everyday users. Our inside the waistband design allows the user to carry their firearm from a wide variety of positions respective to the users body type, tactics and personal preferences. Each KYDEX Holster is custom made and handcrafted in the USA.

WARNING: Use of this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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21 reviews for Revolver Inside The Waistband

  1. Tom Gosselin (verified owner)

    Fits like a glove and is amazingly comfortable for EDC. And if anyone needs to know, the Ruger LCR .38 model also fits the LCR .357 perfectly.

  2. Makoto Nakamura (verified owner)

    It is a perfect holster for my S&W 642, and the fit and finish is of top quality. If anyone is looking for a J-frame revolver holster, look no further.

  3. Daniel Spavin (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my Holster for my 38 special!

  4. Rick (verified owner)

    Great holster for my Taurus 605. Couldn’t be happier.

  5. tyler lillash (verified owner)

    This is my 4th holster from ANR & once again they do not disappoint. Fits perfectly & is so comfortable to wear you don’t even notice you’re carrying!

  6. Cflks (verified owner)

    Awesome holster!! Fit the wife’s carry perfectly and is really put together well.

  7. Mario Chavez

    AnR offers everything you need in a revolver holster great concealment and Comfort. Adding the wing will make the revolver Have minimal to no printing. P.s Alex is always on Instagram answering Everyone questions. That’s awesome that the owner of AnR design take the time to talk and answer his customers question even if they ask the same question 1000x but he takes it in good stride.

  8. Mario Chavez (verified owner)

    AnR offer everything I was looking for in a revolver holster great concealment and comfort. Adding the claw was the best choice I made it make the revolver have minimal to no printing. It’s a plus to have Alex the owner of AnR design on Instagram Answering everyone question on a daily basis.

  9. Lawrence Hoffman

    I own a S&W 340 PD airlite 5-shot revolver with a 1.78in barrel. Is your Kydex Revolver Holster Creator a PERTECT for this model?

    • Alex Costa

      340 Option is on the website.

  10. Ryan G (verified owner)

    Fits like a glove and comfortable to wear. Will recommend these holsters from the mountaintops.

  11. Josh (verified owner)

    Perfect fit.
    Buy once cry once.

  12. Joshua Holland (verified owner)

    I have 17 years of law enforcement experience, so I’ve carried a lot of guns and spent a ton on ccw holsters. I’ve only had this holster for a week, but it carries comfortably, and in the appendix position, it is all but invisible. It’s a great holster and cheaper than many others I have bought. I recommend it.

  13. Ian (verified owner)

    I got a claw iwb holster for my sw 442 in blood red fit was beyond perfect, even the adjustable retention it was set to was perfect. Got my holster way faster than their lead time stated. Definitley my go to kydex shop from now on.

  14. Justin (verified owner)

    Purchased for my SP 101 and the fit is perfect. The model option only lists .38 but fits the same for .357. I would recommend ANR holsters to anyone.

  15. Harry (verified owner)

    Comfortable for all-day wear; conceals well. Would recommend to others.

  16. Matthew Cunningham (verified owner)

    Super comfortable and easy to put on/take off. The claw is a nice touch and helps hold the handle in towards your body. Would highly recommend this holder for the 340 S&W.

  17. Frank (verified owner)

    Conceals well, does not print(the claw does its job), and is very comfortable to wear all day(I carry appendix) The adjustability is great too based on your body/needs. This has turned my backup gun into a primary one for those hot and humid southern days in short shorts. Highly recommend. I’m a running Kimber K6S 2” with this setup.

  18. David (verified owner)

    Very comfortable, fit and finish are better than other kydex holsters purchased from other reputable companies. Perfect fit for Kimber K6S appendix carry. Well done ANR.

  19. Kyle Preston (verified owner)

    This holster is exactly what I was looking for when I purchased. Not many companies mfg a holster for the 586L-Comp. Time from order to shipment was as advertised. Would purchase again.

  20. Mike Dobel (verified owner)

    I’ve lost track of how many holsters from AnR this makes for me. Now I can rock my wheel gun when I have to wear fancy adulting clothes. Thanks for being the best in the game!

  21. Andrew C. (verified owner)

    Holster shipped after 6 weeks, which was expected for a custom color kydex. I ordered left hand with claw, and I received a right hand. The kydex shape is nearly symmetrical and the claw is reversible, so I switched them around and it works for LH. The holes on the claw are wider than the screws, so it is only held in place by tension and wiggles around if you don’t tighten enough–the retention is adjustable only beyond that point. For $70 (nearly $100 with shipping and custom color option), I’m a bit disappointed in the “engineering” and how those parts fit together. Spare longer T-nuts for use with the claw would solve the wiggle, maybe I was sent the wrong size?
    I use soft loops or DCC clips on all of my appendix holsters. An option for plastic belt clip or DCC metal clip would be nice. I’m going to buy a DCC clip for this one, and some longer T-nuts if I can find them.
    The og woodland Kydex does look badass, and fits my S&W J frame perfectly. The claw helps with tucking it into your body. Two claw sizes were included, and I’m using the thinner one. Not many other companies are offering custom color patterns for J frames. This will be my go-to and only belt holster for my S&W 642 pro series.

    • Alex Costa

      Customer Service can send you some paper thin bushings that stop the wiggle, if there is wiggle. You just need to email them through the website contact page.

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