The All in, All the Time Foundation was established in 2008 as a tribute to the memory of SOC SEAL Tom Valentine. Tom was a member of Naval Special Warfare Development Group and lost his life in a training accident in Arizona, preparing for the war on terrorism. The purpose and mission of AIATT is to fill interim needs for families during a loss as well as anything needed for long term care. There are many large organizations that support our community and we are very grateful for them. AIATT was designed to remain small and be immediate and intimate support for the families we stand shoulder to shoulder with. With the ever changing needs of the Special Operations community, AIATT has remained steadfast now for 15 years in our dedication to our community. We have had the honor of providing Injury Recovery, Transition Assistance, Tragedy Assistance; most recently brain health, and TBI recovery. 
Since 2009, AIATT has donated nearly $500,000.000 to the Naval Special Warfare community.  AIATT is small, and chooses to remain small.  AIATT functions with little to no operating costs.  AIATT has relied on the generosity of so many to help provide what we have needed to operate. The goal of AIATT has always been to be as effective as we can, while remaining true to what Tom stood for; Which was to be All In All, All The Time. Tom’s family, his teammates, and close friends honor his legacy by doing just that. We have a generation of war fighters, their wives, and children that have known nothing but war.  AIATT stands ready, prepared to support them in honoring everything that they have sacrificed. 
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All In All The Time Foundation
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For decades women have been using firearms for hunting, self defense and shooting sports. It’s only in the last decade or so that women have come to the forefront of the fight for our 2nd Amendment Rights.
From the very beginning of its grassroots organization in July of 2014, the Women’s Defense League has sought to help Granite State women empower themselves, all while fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights and against gun control.

More women than ever are now seeking to empower themselves by safely and accurately learning how to use firearms. The Women’s Defense League seeks to enable these women to take that first step or to get advanced training through our members’ only classes. Women who have never fired a firearm come to The League to begin their journey of empowerment. Women and girls of all ages, races, and socio-economic statuses come to the League as we provide women-only instruction and range staff for our classes.

The League is powered completely by volunteers who dedicate countless hours planning, training, and fighting at the State House. We are a non-profit organization that uses all proceeds from classes and donations to continue our training, education, and legislative battles.
We are women empowering women.
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