ANR Design LLC is not just a manufacturing company, we are a people company. ANR Design puts people first. People are who define our products. Every single new technology or new product brought to market by ANR Design is driven by a person, or a collective result of the needs of people. 

A scabbard is equally as important as the sword. Scabbards are what protects the sword from the elements, keeping moisture out and the blade dry. The scabbard protects the blade edge so it may remain sharp, it also protects the user and the environment around the user from being cut by the blade. The scabbard can be used as a secondary weapon constructed of materials suitable for defense. The sword and scabbard are analogous to the gun and holster.

The ANR Design logo originated from a tattoo Alex had tattooed on him years before the company started, Fugen Bosatsu. Similar to a zodiac or protective talisman, Fugen Bosatsu is the central symbol of the logo. The three points of the logo are the Ronin symbol, a wandering samurai who had no lord or master. Being masterless is an important ideology. It gives the meaning of individualism. The pair of symbols in the logo mean “Defensive Masterless Warrior”, to the owners Jon and Alex. Carve your own path, and answer to no man.

ANR Design was originally started in a moldy basement in the west side of Manchester, New Hampshire. ANR is now a global brand that helps build and provide equipment for all walks of life from the civilian sector to Military elite. 

What does ANR stand for? ANR Design started as Alex & Ryan Design LLC (still the parent company name). Ryan left the company in 2015. ANR Design is owned and operated by Alex Costa, and Jon Blevins. Most ANR customers would refer to the company as “A&R”, which rolls off the tongue as “ANR”. In conclusion, ANR is an acronym that means absolutely nothing, but it is now our DBA.

ANR Design is built on the following core values:

Customer Commitment – ANR prides itself on friendly customer service responses and response time. You will speak with an employee of ANR Design, not a call center.

Teamwork and Collaboration – Teamwork is paramount here at ANR. Employees are cross area trained so they can rotate positions and not get burnt out in any one area. Teamwork & Collaboration is not only internal, but external. ANR collaborates intellectually and artistically with other manufacturers and brands for product development and market penetration.

Trust and Integrity – These core values are applied internally and externally. Our customers trust the products to help protect their lives. Carrying a gun is a serious commitment for anyone. ANR Design believes in integrity over loyalty. ANR has a strong moral compass which can be seen on a daily basis through our social media outlets.   

Transparency and Honesty – ANR Design does not make up deceitful statements in an attempt to manipulate sales. ANR does not publicly compare our products to other company’s products as a means to justify why ANR products are superior. We let products speak for themselves.

Innovation and Continuous improvement – ANR Design doesn’t jump on the wagon every time there is a new production technique or fad in the thermoplastic world. We carefully analyze and assess the most effective means to move forward with new production capabilities. ANR does have some of the fastest and most capable means of tooling and new production introduction in the holster industry. We are able to bring new SKUs to market, faster and more consistently than our competition.


Peniflage™ made its public debut on December 29th 2017. It was created purely as a joke, but now has transpired into an entire phallic movement. Inspired by the idea of a federal agent friend of the company, and born of fire and steel during a class at the Sig Sauer Academy. Peniflage™ has become the most desired and elusive of camo patterns available for ANR Design LLC holsters. Peniflage™ is the subject of jest and comedy, but also as a camouflage pattern on holsters carried by some of the world’s most elite Tier 1 units.
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