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The story begins in one of the last few remaining free states known as New Hampshire. Many folks have no clue where NH is or that is has some of the most Second Amendment friendly firearms legislation in the country! What started as an idea between two individuals, Alex and Ryan, officially became a business in January of 2014 (Ryan has since left to pursue his dream to become a farmer in Hawaii). We began 3D printing firearm accessories and novelty items. As our brand grew, the community followed. With our business strengthening, our innovative drive grew, and we dove into the holster game head on. This next year was crucial, days and nights were spent molding, cutting and polishing new designs and products. We soon built a great reputation and not long after, our KYDEX holsters became a household name throughout the country. Our business has now grown into a multi-member cross functional outfit with the capability of adhering to our customers’ needs efficiently. To this day, we pride ourselves on delivering a product with exceptional quality, built by the people, for the people.


Peniflage™ made its public debut on December 29th 2017. It was created purely as a joke, but now has transpired into an entire phallic movement. Inspired by the idea of a federal agent friend of the company, and born of fire and steel during a class at the Sig Sauer Academy. Peniflage™ has become the most desired and elusive of camo patterns available for ANR Design LLC holsters. Peniflage™ is the subject of jest and comedy, but also as a camouflage pattern on holsters carried by some of the world’s most elite Tier 1 units.
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