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FN just released the FN 5.7 MRD MK3T! ANR is here to the rescue with our very own holsters for the FN 5.7 MRD MK3T. The holsters will be live on the FN E-store very soon ( They just finished production and should be live in days. We were so lucky to be part of […]

P365 9mm vs P365 .380

By Heather @armed.with.constrast If you know anything about guns then you probably already know that the Sig Sauer P365 is America’s number one selling handgun and for good reason. It has quickly become one of my top choices for everyday carry, let’s dive into this and see why.  In 2018, Sig Sauer released the P365 […]

GLOCK 26 vs GLOCK 43

The Glock 43 was first introduced to the US Market in 2015. The Glock 26 was introduced in 1994, for the feds. Feds wanted a concealable Glock that held 10 rounds. The Glock 19 is obviously the correct gun choice, but what the nerds at the FBI wanted something ignorant, just like their 40 cal. […]

SIG P365 & SIG P365 XL Holsters

ANR Design specializes in the making of SIG P365 holsters, SIG P365 XL holsters, and SIG P365 Icarus Precision holsters. Coincidently enough, ANR Design was the FIRST holster company to make a Sig Sauer P365 holster. We are only 40 minutes away from Sig Sauer Corporate Headquarters and the site of their factory. We were […]

A Case for the Snub Nose – An Albert Defense Review

Written by Tim of Albert Defense Introduction For many of us who came of age as gun enthusiasts following the end of the 1994 Assault Weapons ban in 2004, the proverbial fudd was always the butt of the joke. Their distrust of polymer-framed pistols, rifles chambered in 5.56, and kydex holsters led to the belief […]


The Glock 43 (G43) was first released in 2015. The Glock 43X (G43X) was released in 2019. The new debate is G43 vs G43X and why? Well both are considered concealed carry specific guns. Both the G43 and the G43X fit the same holsters, despite the capacity differences. This is due the geometry of the […]

NEW FN High Power

ANR has been working for FN America for some time now. ANR Design helps produce branded holsters for FN America and supports all new FN America pistol offerings as they emerge. The newest gun from FN America, FN High Power, a spin on the classic BNHP or FN produced Hi-Power. It has a 17 round […]

AREX Delta Pistol Manufactured by AREX Defense

AREX Defense Delta 2.0 L, M, & X were released last winter. The AREX Delta 2.0 has a revised frame design, with more rounded and filleted edges. The slide is now optic ready. The optic plate mounting system is okay. It could have been executed better with a steel plate, not polymer, and threaded holes […]

Glock 43X MOS & Glock 48 MOS Holsters

First off, we love “pelvic contact” or “body contact”; if you are choosing a Glock 43X MOS holster, we always recommend choosing a Glock 48 MOS holster. Why? A longer slide creates more vertical contact with the body, below the belt line, preventing the grip of the gun from tipping away from the body. In […]

CZ P-10 M – Gun Review

The CZ P-10 M was released this Summer to the US Market. It had previously been release to EU. The gun has been in development for a number of years now. The project started years before the release of the Glock 43X and Sig P365 series pistols. The P-10 M began it’s life when it’s […]

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