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On August 21, 2023, CZ-UB released the Shadow 2 Compact in 9mm. The CZ Shadow 2 Comact OR is a 15+1 round capacity compact pistol that has an aluminum alloy forged frame, CZ Shadow 2 OR inspired slide. The CZ Shadow 2 Comact is a DA/SA Safety model pistol that is lacking a firing pin block. The CZ Shadow 2 Comact has proprietary grips that do not fit any other pistols in the CZ 75 line. The CZ Shadow 2 Comact OR comes to market at a suggested MSRP of $1299.00 USD. Before launch, it was rumored to be an $1800.00 gun. We are happy to see the price adjustment.

Shooting the CZ Shadow 2 Compact OR

It’s a nice shooter. It feels more solid than just shooting a CZ P-01. The OR, optic ready, plate system sits very low to the bore axis. The Holosun EPS offers a low optical center to bore axis as well. The Holosun EPS is an enclosed emitter and is a great carry optic for something like the CZ Shadow 2 Comact OR; to get your Holosun EPS click Here. It has CZ’s unparalleled accuracy, NiB coated race trigger, crisp press and break with little creep on the reset. Double action of the The CZ Shadow 2 Comact OR is very smooth and would be great for de-cocked carry. It still has a little snap to it and it would have been nice if the frame was CNC cut steel, rather than forged aluminum alloy. It’s a fast gun, with little recoil, and a great return-to-zero.

Holsters for the CZ Shadow 2 Compact OR

The CZ Shadow 2 Comact OR has limited holster options. It doesn’t quite fit into standard Shadow 2 holsters, as the faceted flats taper a differently than the full sized race guns. We designed our Shadow 2 and Shadow 2 Compact holsters to fit both guns by overlaying the 3D CAD models of both pistols over each other, when designing the mold. We get an almost identical fit with both the CZ Shadow 2 and the CZ Shadow 2 Compact.

Currently we are offering IWB holster options, and OWB holster options for both the CZ Shadow 2 and CZ Shadow 2 Compact. The IWB CZ Shadow 2 Compact holsters come in lightbearing configurations for Streamlight TLR-7A, and Surefire X300U weapon lights. We also offer no-light versions of the holster.

Some folks are already disgruntled by the lack of a FPB, firing pin block, and decocker on the CZ Shadow 2 Compact. A decocker would certainly make more sense for a carry CZ 75 style pistol. I personally have become accustomed to carrying SAO pistols with enhanced safeties. Many customers find that archaic, but it’s obviously where peak performance lies. Jokes aside, Staccatos are considered duty/carry guns and lack a FPB. I think more people are making a bigger deal about it than necessary.

Features of the CZ Shadow 2 Compact OR

The CZ Shadow 2 Comact OR has an extended magazine release with a matching, knurled button topper. It comes factory with pale blue anodized grips. The grips do not fit the Shadow 2, or other CZ models. The CZ Shadow 2 Comact OR has proprietary sized grips. Many critics find this to be a balled dropped. I think it was necessary to have proprietary grips to ensure the embodiment of the CZ Shadow 2 aesthetic and feel in a smaller grip size. The naysayers claiming CZ needs to innovate are the same parties claiming they should also have the same grips as a P-01.

The CZ Shadow 2 Comact OR has the ergonomics of the Shadow 2, but in a slimmed down grip. The safety is a slimline safety. I do wish it had a flanged, enhanced safety that was easier to swipe down easier on the draw.

In Conclusion on the CZ Shadow 2 Compact Optic Ready

Watch our YouTube video below for all the intimate details on the CZ Shadow 2 Compact Optic Ready!

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  1. Can you send me the link for a owb holster for the CZ Shadow 2 Compact

  2. What mount do you recommend for eps carry on the shadow 2 compact? Great videos! Thank you

    1. ours is going to be available next week!

  3. Just picked one of these up and need one of your outside the waste band light bearing holsters with the RTI hanger. I do not see the compact model listed there, will that be coming soon or does will the shadow 2 option work?

    1. Shadow 2 Compact holsters are in the Quick Ship builder only. The Shadow 2 vs S2C is a slightly different fit.

      1. john huppert

        Thank you sir, just ordered one.

  4. Banati Kristof

    Is there a holster for left hand?

  5. Aldoray Gordon

    Do you have optic plates for the shadow 2 that fit the eps?

    1. Not yet. Our P10 plates will fit this

  6. will this fit Sh2C with Olight Baldr S ?

    1. We don’t have Baldr options

  7. Ordered 3 different holsters, IWB light bearing, IWB, and OWB for shadow 2 Compact. The IWB and OWB holsters came perfect with great retention and the IWB light bearing holster came with loose retention. Went to tighten the retention on it and got it a little to tight and when I went to back it out the claw moves and can’t get good retention without the claw being loose and moving around. Kind of disappointed in the light bearing holster but satisfied with both the IWB and OWB non light bearing holsters.

    1. Sean, have you reached out to Customer Service about it? We have a remedy for it.

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