Right Handed Quick Ship Appendix Lightbearing with Claw

Starting at $78.99

Comfortably and safely carry and conceal your firearms with our minimalistic KYDEX Holster design. Our KYDEX CNC cut, vacuum formed Appendix Inside the Waistband holsters provide you with full trigger guard protection and perfect retention. Utilizing a Concealment Claw, this holster is designed with the highest level of concealment in mind.

Ships within 7-12 business days.

(35 customer reviews)

30-Day Manufacturing Warranty

Comfortably and safely carry and conceal your firearms with our minimalistic KYDEX Holster design. Our KYDEX CNC cut, vacuum formed Appendix Inside the Waistband holsters provide you with full trigger guard protection and perfect retention. Utilizing a Concealment Claw, this holster is designed with the highest level of concealment in mind. The users belt applies positive pressure on the claw, turning the firearms grip into the body. Made with the highest quality materials available, our KYDEX holsters are built for hard use, standing up to the punishment of our sponsored competition shooters and everyday users. Our Appendix inside the waistband design allows the user to carry their firearm primarily appendix but also a wide variety of other positions respective to the user’s body type, tactics and personal preferences. Each KYDEX Holster is CNC cut and handcrafted in the USA. All ANR Design holsters come suppressor sight ready up to 0.450″ tall.

Ships within 7-12 business days.

All ANR Holsters are Optic Cut
WARNING: Use of this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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35 reviews for Right Handed Quick Ship Appendix Lightbearing with Claw

  1. Justice (verified owner)

    Great holster. Finished well. No sharp edges. Excellent retention. Nice claw design. Fast shipping.

  2. Christian (verified owner)

    Bought this for my Sig AXG Pro and its fantastic. I could instantly tell it was a quality holster the moment I took it out of the packaging. It somehow makes a full size weapon comfortable. Would not hesitate to recommend ANR to anyone who conceal carry’s.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Christian!!!

  3. Ethan (verified owner)

    Bought this for my Shadow systems Mr920 Fits like a glove. I’ve worn it comfortably everyday. Now to get Niddhogg for Owb Carry

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks a lot Ethan!

  4. Austin Ross (verified owner)

    Purchased this since it was highly recommended from a friend and I am very satisfied with my purchase. First off it shipped very quickly, when I Received it I carried it for the past week and it’s the most comfortable holster I have owned. Even with a surefire x300 light attached to my Cz p10c. Great company and great holster 5/5 stars!

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks for the kind words and the purchase Austin!

  5. Jonathan (verified owner)

    So I have ordered various holsters from these guys. 2 for shadow systems mr920s. One with x300 light and another with streamlight tlr7a. Both have been fantastic and comfortable. First I ordered with the basic clip and second with the metal clips. Metal clips work much better with shorts. My other holster through them was one for my p30L with an x300. Even though they do not list the p30L. With a phone call, customer service informed me to just make a note in my order that it was the Long slide version and they could leave the bottom open wide enough so it would work. When I received the holster, it was almost as if they had adjusted the retention before mailing it to me. Fit like a glove. 3 holsters and plan to start getting owb holsters from them next. On top of that, the post office screwed and customer service helped me in locating the package and I received it only a day late thanks to their help. Would recommend holsters from these guys!

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you so much Jonathan

  6. Zack (verified owner)

    This was my 12th dofferent holster company I tried. I haven’t tried anything else yet I’ve wanted to just to prove out anr but haven’t wanted to spend money on something when anr checks off all my boxes. Comfort level is superior, fit and finish is superior, looks are superior. The monoblock is great, the alias system is better. I switched all my iwbs over to the alias.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Zack!!!

  7. Andres pico (verified owner)

    I have the Icarus Precision grip module on my p365. The fit is perfect. I also have the NeoMag hardware on the holster, which was a good desicion. Very well made.
    It took a little long for a “quick ship” order, but it sure was worth the wait.
    I’ll definitely order more from these guys.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks for the review and your patience Andres!

  8. John N. (verified owner)

    Bought one for a CZ P01 with a TLR-7A. I am very pleased with the quality and fitment of the holster. It conceals and minimizes printing quite a lot. I did not feel like I needed to look for extra baggy shirts for concealment. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  9. Amos Kelley (verified owner)

    Got one for a light bearing P365 with an Icarus Precision frame. No complaints at all. 10/10

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you so much Amos!

  10. Michael (verified owner)

    Good fitment and concealability. The claw was extremely loose. If I tightened the retention screw the claw was still moveable and then the gun took extreme force to pull out.

    • Alex Costa

      Michael, if you’re having this issues, just reach out to customer service. We can send you a set of bushings to put between the claw and the holster, and it removes the claw wiggle. Try reaching out to customer service before writing poor reviews. We appreciate it. It is part of the whole experience.

  11. Dan (verified owner)

    Comfortable. Low profile. Secure retention of gun in holster and clips on belt!

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Dan!

  12. Anthony (verified owner)

    I have ordered several holsters from ANR and they have never disappointed

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Anthony!

  13. Trevor Lawrence (verified owner)

    Bought this for the p365 X Macro and tlr 7 sub with the tactical development light key specific for the macro, and this holster fits that perfectly.

    Couldn’t be more pleased, this being the second holster I’ve purchased from ANR.

    • Alex Costa

      Great to hear!

  14. Tom Valdespino (verified owner)

    I’ve owned quite a few guns over the years and many, many holsters. But I have to say that this one from ANR Design is by far my favorite. My purchase was for my new P365 X-Macro and needless to say, I love my new holster. The fit is perfect and it is very comfortable. It has a very low profile with no unnecessary bulk anywhere making it great for concealment. The claw works amazing and everything is adjustable. I even bought an extra belt clip that I can tuck my shirt into and it is so easily converted. I love the color choices that ANR offers and they were quick to get holsters out for this new model of the Sig P365. Much thanks to your team for the outstanding quality and awesome product!

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you so much for the gleaming review Tom!

  15. Deric (verified owner)

    P365xl with tlr 7 sub. I own multiple holsters for this pistol as it’s my daily driver. 3 out of the 5 I have leave a massive gap between the trigger and holster. This holster is one of two that keeps it very tight. 👍

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Deric!!

  16. Travis p (verified owner)

    Best retention on the market. Picked one up for my macro with tlr7 and the retention is friggin perfect, as is the profile. Only thing that puts it at 4 stars is I wish I could use utliclips with the holster, but where the stock mounts are they interfere with how the clip sits.

  17. Tim (verified owner)

    The holster is great. Perfect retention, feels solid and feels well made. My only negative (which is mostly me being picky) the holster rotates while I’m walking around and tends to dip the grip of my gun closer to my belt, which makes draws a lot more difficult. I’ve tried a few different belts with it, but it still does it. Not a huge deal by any means, I would purchase another one, just something to consider.

    • Alex Costa

      Definitely upgrade to Alias receiver and Alias T Post.

  18. Charles Carlisle Jr (verified owner)

    This is like my fourth holster from ANR and it won’t be the last! Quality and customer service is top notch!

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Charles!

  19. Raphael Conte (verified owner)

    I am no stranger to ANR’s quality when it comes to holsters. I ordered this one for my Sig P365X Macro w/ TLR7 sub. Fits PERFECTLY and looks amazing. Great retention with extreme attention to detail. Beautifully trimmed and assembled. The belt clip UPGRADE is a must. It retains better with any kind of belt, easier to put in and take off, and very comfortable. 10 out of 10!

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Raphael!

  20. Tracy (verified owner)

    Great holster. Bought it for the XMacro with TLR 7a. Pretty darn comfy, and hides really well.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Tracy!

  21. Waldo Herrera Novey (verified owner)

    Great fit and excellent turnaround time to make the quick custom holster for CZ P10S

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Waldo!

  22. Sean (verified owner)

    Bought this holster as a plain clothes holster for my G19 TLR-7a. The holster is super comfortable and conceals very well. Top notch quality and have recommended it to several other co-workers.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Sean!!!

  23. stephen (verified owner)

    This holster is the bees knees of IWB carry options

  24. Andrew Swanson (verified owner)

    Holds the gun, stays where it’s supposed to, it good to go easy as that.

  25. Victor (verified owner)

    I bought a holster for my P365 X macro with a TLR 7A. It shipped pretty quickly, it’s really comfy, it’s incredibly sturdy and high quality. The claw on it is the best so far out of the many other holsters I’ve purchased too. I’m extremely happy with it. I switch back and forth between this one and my TRex arms sidecar depending on the situation. As a little side note I installed the neomag T post and alias on the ANR and it’s quickly become the go to almost full time now. The set up is elite in my opinion. Great job guys, I hope I can get a few more people to come your way. I’ve been highly recommending ANR to whoever I can.

  26. Joshua Malone (verified owner)

    I am a very very very picky person. So when I come to review a product and don’t have any negatives to say, it’s surprising. ANR surprised me with their quality of holster. My holster arrived two weeks before expected. Some of the highlights of this holster:

    1) Great Retention
    2) Good hardware
    3) auto off function with my TLR1HL

    I recommend ANR for all your holster needs. I also purchased one for my P365 that I’ve yet to try. But am expecting similar results.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Joshua!

  27. thomasjbutkus (verified owner)

    This thing is great. I ordered this holster for my Glock 19 with TLR 7 and it conceals great. It’s also very comfortable to wear all day. I added the DCC monoblock clip and I’m loving the set up

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Thomas!

  28. Maxwell Curtis (verified owner)

    ANR is still my go to holster recommendation for concealment, however this last quick ship/CNC version left much to be desired. Holster came deformed possibly from heat during shipping. I didn’t want to hassle with returns or customer service though I knew I would be taken care of. I ended up carefully using a heat gun and forming the holster to my pistol. It’s functional but lacks the typical “click” you get with ANR’s non-CNC holsters. Beside fitment, quality and design are outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to order another.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Maxwell, but always left CS make it right, we design CNC to have the click, so if it doesn’t; it falls under warranty and they will make it right.

  29. Mark R (verified owner)

    Fit and finish is perfect!!!! Great value , No sharp edge is a great plus!!!!!

  30. Chris (verified owner)

    Like a glove!
    Beretta 92A1 clicked right into place with little adjustment needed!
    As always, remember to threadlock your hardware once you have it at the tension you desire!

  31. alebon227 (verified owner)

    Ordered this for the P365 X Macro with TLR-7 Sub. The retention is fantastic and the trigger is very well guarded. The holster is minimal and comfortable.

    The IWB magazine carrier does not have nearly as snug retention, but I think it holds the mag well enough. I’ll try adjusting it to get it a little tighter. Definitely not a big concern, but I thought I’d mention it.

    I threw a DCC Monoblock clip with no laser into my cart and asked them to install it for me. They not only attached DCC clips to the holster, but to the magazine carrier I ordered as well. The DCC clips are an inexpensive way to make this high quality holster even better.

    Lastly, I wanted to mention the waiting period. Compared to most high quality kydex holsters on the market, the lead time was nothing. My holster shipped quick, as promised. Including the time it took to ship to my home, I waited exactly 7 days for this holster. Most lead times + shipping and handling result in 4, 5, even 6 week waiting periods before you can get a proper holster in the mail. I was really impressed by how quickly they got everything out.

    The X Macro doesn’t have as many good options as more vetted products on the market like the Glock 19 or 43X, but there’s a handful of companies making high quality appendix carry holsters for it now, and I would absolutely rank ANR among those companies. If you’re considering this option for your X Macro, don’t hesitate. You won’t regret your order.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you so much for the in-depth review!!!

  32. b.ffrenchjr (verified owner)

    Bought one a while ago for my XL. Purchasing a XMACRO Comp soon w the tlr7sub. Is there a specific key from streamlight this holster is best with?

    • Alex Costa

      whatever one gets the light tightest to the trigger guard.

  33. Agustin Jimenez (verified owner)

    I bought IWB Holsters:
    AIWB light bearing with claw:
    Carbon Fiber Foliage
    Carbon Fiber Blood (x2)
    Crye Multicam Alpine
    Carbon Fiber FDE
    Mas Grey

    If you’re just starting your journey finding the right holster, you know there’s a lot of choices out there that kind of leave a lot to be desired. I won’t name names but there are a few companies that absolutely rock and this one is my number 1 choice. I have 7 different holsters from ANR Design for various different platforms including various different magazine holsters and it really doesn’t get any better than this. Perfect retention, they sit right where you want them and they look incredible with a clean fit and finish. These days, everyone seems to want a micro compact and tells you that fullsize can’t be carried but they are wrong. ANR’s holsters make it so that even a fullsize feels comfortable to carry without printing. I always spring for the DCC monoblock as it locks in easily and remains secure all day. The finishes are outstanding even on the plain single color options. Carbon Fiber Foliage and Mas Grey are my favorite patterns unless I want to be tacticool with the Crye Multicam Alpine but you literally can’t go wrong with any color. Even the plain black looks great. Additionally their service is like no other in the industry and they make sure they deliver the best products around. Even manufacturers have entrusted them to build holsters for new launches so you know they’re held in high regard as the best in the business.

    • Alex Costa

      thank you so much for this in-depth review Agustin

  34. Brandon C (verified owner)

    Great holster! Solid built with very good retention for my CZ P10s. Was using a We The People holster. The ANR is 110% a better product!

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you!!!

  35. C.J. Murphy (verified owner)

    Repeat customer.
    I’ll keep coming back because of the quality, fit and comfort of ANR holsters.

    Customer service is Grade A+ too.


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