Lightbearing Appendix Inside Waistband With Claw

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Comfortably and safely carry and conceal your firearms with our minimalistic KYDEX Holster design. Our KYDEX Appendix Light Bearing Inside the Waistband holsters provide you with full trigger guard protection and perfect retention. All ANR Design holsters come suppressor sight ready up to 0.450″ tall. (Scroll down for full details)



(173 customer reviews)

30-Day Manufacturing Warranty

Comfortably and safely carry and conceal your firearms with our minimalistic KYDEX Holster design. Our KYDEX Appendix Light Bearing Inside the Waistband holsters provide you with full trigger guard protection and perfect retention. Utilizing a Concealment Claw, this holster is designed with the highest level of concealment in mind. The users belt applies positive pressure on the claw, turning the firearms grip into the body. Made with the highest quality materials available, our KYDEX holsters are built for hard use, standing up to the punishment of our sponsored competition shooters and everyday users. Our Appendix Light Bearing inside the waistband design allows the user to carry their firearm primarily appendix but also a wide variety of other positions respective to the user’s body type, tactics and personal preferences. Each KYDEX Holster is custom made and handcrafted in the USA. All ANR Design holsters come suppressor sight ready up to 0.450″ tall.

DISCLAIMER: Fits up to 0.450 Height Sights. If you have a REAR sight mounted in front of your RDS, optic cut may NOT accommodate the distance needed to clear. ANR is not responsible for ill-fitting holsters that may have issues because of this set up. ANR does not apply Loctite to hardware screws, please apply Loctite and set the desired retention before use.

All ANR Holsters are Optic Cut

**DISCLAIMER We do NOT support third party/aftermarket rail adapters for ANY firearm listed. No refunds or returns on holsters ordered for non OEM fitting lights.**

WARNING: Use of this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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173 reviews for Lightbearing Appendix Inside Waistband With Claw

  1. Travis Ciminello

    My go to holster company I carry my weapon with a tlr-1 and an Rmr every day with this

  2. Justin (verified owner)

    You cannot beat these holsters! From now on, every pistol I own will have one.

  3. Richard McMullen (verified owner)

    Absolutely thrilled with my lightbearing AIWB holster. Fits my gun perfectly, it’s confortable, and it prints less than any other holster I’ve worn. Also, ANR’s awesome customer service is worth mentioning! They’ve definitely earned a loyal customer

  4. Nate m (verified owner)

    Got one for a Hk P30 w/ a TLR1 light. As bulky as it sounds, barely noticeable. Highly recommend.

  5. mky.sami (verified owner)

    Amazing quality. Wonderful company. Great customer service. I could not be happier with my order, so much so that I am right now ordering my second holster!
    Thank you guys so much for the love and pride you take in your workmanship that truly shows in the final product 🙂

  6. Stanton (verified owner)

    Got this for a cz p07 with a tlr-1 HL now the holster its self is very good quality and has the best claw yet. Clip is great too needs a lot of adjusting but once you get it right it’s perfect.
    Quality 10/10. Now… the tlr1 might not be the best light to appendix lol…. I’ve gotten use to it and can comfortably sit walk and stand with it all day. I dont regret picking such a big light but some of you might for appendix. I’m 5 ft 9 about 135 pounds. All in all no regrets.

  7. Matthew

    I ordered an IWB Claw holster for my 229 and it’s been flawless. The gun sits where I need it to be and it does a fantastic job of being comfortable all day long. I would highly recommend a holster from ANR Designs to anyone who is looking for a superior fit and finish with a holster!

  8. Nathan (verified owner)

    Love the holster retention is good and the fit for my MP 2.0c with CMR 208 is great. However, the plastic on the inside rubs off on my light and muzzle leaving marks on them when I draw and holster repeatedly it can be excessive. Other than that it’s a great holster.

  9. Sam (verified owner)

    100% worth the wait. Got an AIWB for a vp9sk with tlr7. Very comfortable, perfect retention, smooth/rounded edges on the holster. Love everything about it. Only thing missing is peniflage (;

  10. Jason Bauri (verified owner)

    I used to carry 4 o’clock with no problem or complaints. Tried out appendix from AnR and never looked back. Comfortable, easy draw, no printing, still comfortable while driving.

  11. Evan (verified owner)

    I carry a CZ P10C with a comp and PL-2. This holster conceals like you aren’t even carrying. I’d give it 10 stars if I could

  12. Steve (verified owner)

    Just got my holster a few days ago and I’m truly impressed. I have a cz p07 with streamlight tlr 7 holster. It’s very well made and very comfortable to carry plus easy to conceal. I have experience with trex arms, guncraft, bravo concealment , and now anr… I would definitely choose the anr as top dog given my experience.

  13. Dan (verified owner)

    I don’t know what witchcraft ANR is using to make these holsters but I can now easily and comfortable AIWB carry my M9A3 with X300U light. I was carrying a Glock 36 with an APLC Glock light on it and that was (for some reason) uncomfortable as all get out. I should mention that I’m not as in shape as I used to be (but round is a shape?) and I can still easily carry my Beretta. Totally blown away by this holster and am considering getting one made for all of my guns. Conceal carry 500 magnum anyone?

  14. David (verified owner)

    We have multiple holsters from ANR. As always an excellently made holster. Keep up the great work up there in Manch Vegas.

  15. connerteague (verified owner)

    Purchased one for my IWI Masada and I must say it is probably one of the best holsters I’ve ever owned. Right out of the packaging perfect fit no bullshit.

  16. Adam (verified owner)

    First, the holster is very well made, safe, fits the firearm well, and is offered for a pistol and light combination that is surprisingly hard to find (Glock 19 gen 5 and TLR-7).

    I really only have two main gripes that prevent me from giving this holster a perfect 5 star review.
    1. The holster lacks an audible click when the pistol is fully seated, which can be nice if you want to reholster your firearm while maintaining situational awareness. Bravo Concealment holsters are way cheaper and offer this feature, but I don’t fault ANR for not including it.

    2. For my carry position, 4 o’clock IWB, claw holsters have a tendency to get bumped and cant in one way or another when I do things like sit down, and the blade offered does little to prevent that. I fixed this problem on my holster by replacing the blade with a Haley Strategic/G-Code clip. For this price range, I’d like to see some kind of second clip on the order page.

    Those two gripes aside, I like this holster and use it daily, and would recommend it to my friends.

  17. Jorge (verified owner)

    Easily the most comfortable and effective holster I own. Clean draw and you can wear it for hours

  18. Gregorio Rosario (verified owner)

    Every morning I wake up, get ready for my day and put on my holster with my firearm, I know what its like to have a father thanks to this holster. I start to have memories of events that never happened. Things like going camping and being taught how to start a fire and hunt for my own food; or getting yelled at for holding the flashlight wrong while working under the hood of our car. And finally being told that they’re going to the gas station to get some cigarettes and milk only to grow old with the person they always called a “cheating whore”. So thank you guys for this.
    – doodoo_fingerpaint

  19. Adam (verified owner)

    I recently purchased an ANR AIWB holster for an aftermarket Glock. I was a little apprehensive about the purchase since I typically carry OWB. I’ve been wanting to try this option and I’m glad that I did, and more so that I chose ANR Design for the holster. The holster itself is top notch with great retention without impeding the draw. The kydex and hardware are very sturdy giving me utmost confidence while carrying. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the clip being plastic versus metal but it hasn’t been an issue thus far. When carrying, there is little to no printing even with my less than stellar physique. All in all, I’m very pleased about trying AIWB, and even more pleased I chose ANR Design for this holster option.

  20. Greg Z. (verified owner)

    Can’t really add anything that’s not been said above. I have the IWB with claw and I love this holster. I would recommend ANR Design to all looking for a quality custom holster. They have a customer for life. Well worth the wait.

  21. Charles Carlisle Jr. (verified owner)

    This was my second holster from ANR and won’t be the last! Extremely comfortable and the quality is top notch.

  22. John Robinson (verified owner)

    This holster is the bees knees and the cats meow. Carry it appendix and it is super comfortable. Solid retention. And their customer support is faster than my ex-wife through her new husband”s credit line.

  23. Caleb (verified owner)

    Beyond impressed with this holster! I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said already, but I strongly recommend ANR. It makes carrying a pistol with a weapon light comfortable.

  24. Mike Dobel (verified owner)

    The best holster maker out there. ANR are wizards with Kydex. I can carry my P-10C with Inforce light mounted in my new appendix rig with ease. Do yourself a favor and order already.

  25. Logan (verified owner)

    I just want to say that I’ve been carrying a PPQ appendix for a few years now and hating every second of it. I was convinced I needed to scale down to a subcompact gun to keep carrying, and often found myself leaving the house without my gun due to discomfort. I have been tempted to buy one of these holsters and have often settled for cheaper alternatives to no avail. I took advantage of the Black Friday sale and it was the best decision ever. Thanks to this holster I am now appendix carrying a SP-01 Tactical WITH a weapon light and I absolutely love it. Thanks for creating an awesome product. I am now a customer for life and will recommend these holsters to everyone.

  26. Chris (verified owner)

    Got a holster for a pf940c with tlr1 and holosun optic, fit and quality are perfect.

  27. Travis (verified owner)

    Absolutely stoked on my new holster. I use several different holsters for different applications and the ANR allows me to carry my Glock 19 securely and discreetly.

  28. John Sue (verified owner)

    I, like many of you who carry on a daily basis, have boxes of holsters. something was just not right with most of them, too bulky not enough retention or unstable on my belt. I can Honestly say that none of those attributes apply to any A&R holster i have and i now have a few of them. they are all comfortable, stable with good retention, not to mention that they look great. I am a convert, and it doesn’t hurt that they are made right here in New Hampshire (Live Free or Die). The service department is also top notch. keep up the great work folks!! Thank you for a great product.

  29. Matthew Ashworth (verified owner)

    I needed a holster for my P-10c with Olight PL mini 2. Found a few that provided this option. Someone recommended ANR. I had been watching they’re YouTube channel for a while and had no clue. Though not the cheapest they are definitely worth the price. Extremely comfortable, audible click when the light is mounted, and still holds fairly firm without it. I’ve done suggested to quite a few of my friends to check them out. It also takes up less real estate than my crossbreed. Thank you guys for a great product and a quick shipping time. Less than two weeks. I didn’t expect hat right before Christmas.

  30. Jordan Harris (verified owner)

    This holster is awesome! I purchased one for my Canik TP-9 SF Elite Combat with an Inforce 3.0 light. The holster came and my gun didn’t fit properly because of the threaded barrell cap which didn’t allow the gun to seat completely in the holster. I emailed customer support and they immediately sent me a label to ship the holster back for a fix. They quickly fixed it and now the holster fits my gun like a dream! Super product and even better customer support!

  31. Carlton E (verified owner)

    Second holster from ANR, but first light bearing. I chose ANR again because of the build quality, comfort, and extra mile ANR goes to engage with their customers. The black multi-cam looks great, too!

  32. Dalton Hile (verified owner)

    Bought a holster for a Glock 19 with TLR-1HL. Works great, was shipped faster than expected as well. Will order again.

  33. Kayla Phillips

    Will this fit my hk vp9sk with standoff device?
    Thank you

    • Alex Costa

      not with standoff device.

  34. ryan h dingfelder (verified owner)

    Does not look like the photos, loose fit.

    • Alex Costa

      Have you contacted customer service through the contact page with your order number as the subject? Have you tightened the retention screws on your claw to increase retention? A XC1 is a smooth body light and has very poor retention capabilities.

  35. Travis Sevilla (verified owner)

    My 2nd holster and its awesome as expected. Fit, quality, and a general attention to rad products is what you get when you order from ANR.

  36. Joey (verified owner)

    I’ve only had the holster for 2 weeks, so far best hiding holster I’ve ever used. I carry a sig 1911 full size with a tlr 1 and 10 round chip mckormic mags. It’s huge and I’m a skinny guy. I was never an appendix Carry guy till I started running this gun and realized how hard it was to hide this on my hip. I’ve used several holsters and so far this is the best option I’ve found.

  37. Michael A. Schumann (verified owner)

    Stop reading reviews and order! You won’t be disappointed, great turn around time too.

  38. Jim (verified owner)

    Talk about the best most comfortable holster on the market. And to boot it’s made in the great state of New Hampshire!!!! Definitely would recommend.. 1000 out of 5 stars in my book.

  39. Jim (verified owner)

    Talk about the best most comfortable holster on the market. And to boot it’s made in the great state of New Hampshire!!!! Definitely would recommend.. 1000 out of 5 stars in my book. !

  40. spwiet (verified owner)

    It is genuinely a perfect IWB holser for my Glock 19 with a TLR-1

  41. spwiet (verified owner)

    It is genuinely a perfect IWB holser for my Glock 19 with a TLR-1

  42. Jose M. Garcia (verified owner)

    Great holster, worth the wait. My sig P320 with TRL7 V2 fits perfect and wears very comfortable.

  43. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Received holster well within quoted time frame. The holster is very comfortable in the 4 o’clock position. This says a lot for a kydex holster with light and a RMR on gun. Much like another reviewer I had to remove the claw and place a C-clip from another holster manufacturer to get the exact cant and stability I was wanting. I blame this solely on myself as it is designed for appendix carry and I was unable to get adjusted to it being there for comfort reasons. I will try again in future and hopefully I can get comfortable with it there as it prints very little and would speed up my presentation of the firearm.
    Very well built holster. Will definitely recommend it to everyone.

  44. David Rethoret (verified owner)

    Just ordered a light bearing IWB. they completed the order faster than expected even during these trying times. Holster is as comfortable as I can expect given the size of my carry and they’re one of the few companies that even offers a custom holster for my pistol. Will definitely be buying more holsters from these guys in the future

  45. Hunter (verified owner)

    My favorite holsters, bar none. I don’t always carry with a SureFire X300, but when I do, I carry in an ANRDesign Kydex lightbearing AIWB holster

    I’ve got one for both my Glock 19 MOS and my P-01 with a SureFire X300 A or B, respectively. Absolutely no complaints about the holsters. Fit and finish are superb. Great retention and belt clip. Printing is minimal with the claw attachment.

    You can’t go wrong with a holster from ANR Design. I already have six and I’m planning on many more in the future.

  46. Chris (verified owner)

    Great holster for my M9a3! I highly recommend this!

  47. Stefan Kitsos (verified owner)

    (Ordered for: Glock 45 w/ RMR & TLR-7A)

    Fits like a glove! Maximum concealment and comfort! Obvious attention to detail. Quality hardware is used. I can say confidently that ANR Design did not cut corners when engineering these holsters. I will definitely be supporting their business by buying more ANR products down the road!

  48. Chase (verified owner)

    Great holster fit comfortably easy to adjust quick shipping given the lead time

  49. Luis (verified owner)

    Great quality holster with great retention, I have a walther CCP m2 and no one was making AIWB holsters for the CCP m3 much less light bearing. ANR was able to get it done and fits perfectly. I will Submit an order for my DESERT EAGLE .40 OWB HOLSTER through ANR.

  50. Charles Carlisle Jr. (verified owner)

    This was my third holster from AnR and my son’s first. Just like mine it’s perfect! Best holsters in the market!

  51. Trevor Gannon (verified owner)

    Got one of these for my Polymer 80 G19 build. It’s the most comfortable and concealable AIWB holster I’ve ever owned. I’m gonna be buying a lot more holsters from ANR Design in the future for sure. However, I would’ve given it five stars were it not for one small issue. The Brownell’s RMR-cut slide I’m running has some sharp edges where an OEM Glock slide is rounded, those sharp edges dig into the inside of the holster. When I draw my gun, the slide comes out covered in fine kydex dust. Not a big deal, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem if you had an OEM Glock slide and I’m sure it won’t happen after the holster is well-broken in.

  52. Matt (verified owner)

    Looks good, works great. P01 omega / x300u-a

  53. Doodoo_fingerpaint (verified owner)

    Oh. My. God. This must be what joe biden thinks it feels like when he touches and sniffs people without permission! The only problem I have is that the massive erection my holster gives me, might be too much (read this with a British accent) pelvic contact!

    -praise cthulu

  54. Kevin Hanlon (verified owner)

    It was difficult to find a holster that fit my gun and light. This one fits great and is working out well for me thus far.

  55. Jacob Lane (verified owner)

    I own different holsters for my different handguns, but I think ANR just found themselves a lifelong customer after my recent purchase for my FN 509c. It’s easily the best concealment and most comfort I get out of any of my holsters. The retention is a little (VERY minimal) to tight for my preference, but I’m going to let it break in a little bit before I contact their customer service regarding retention adjustment.
    Side Note: Not sure why it happened, but ANR also added free “rush” shipping to my order. I’m not complaining!

  56. Sean (verified owner)

    Best AIWB holster I’ve ever owned. The claw helps keep the grip tight against my body, which means less printing. ANR also has the most extensive selection of custom holsters that I have found so far. Definitely will have to recommend to my friends and family.

  57. Matt (verified owner)

    Great design, excellent product, great service. Turn around time was exactly as stated. Easy Custom build. Purchased for my G45 w/optic and inforce light. Comfortable and secure. I recommend ANR for custom builds.

  58. Guadalupe Garcia (verified owner)

    Just received my IWB holster got my Glock 19. The very first thing i noticed was the build quality. Very durable and strong. Second thing i notice was the retention was damn near perfect out of the box. The next thing i noticed was the comfort while wearing it. Other holsters id have to fiddle with the clips, adjust the height or angel and play around with the location ( shift from 11:30 ro 12:30). Not this one. It sits perfect on me. Best holster i have used to date.

  59. Seth (verified owner)

    Awesome holster, finally able to comfortably carry my p2k with red dot and wml.

  60. ARP (verified owner)

    I ordered a Glock 17 with TLR1 IWB holster. Let me just say, this thing is the tits!! Everything i was looking for. Minimal amount of kydex around the base of the holster, great retention. Sturdy clip makes every draw consistent, and yet easy to remove at the end of the day. I’m 5′ 6″ 170lbs. Conceals like a dream. I initially went into shopping for a holster i may have to modify to fit my needs and comfort. No mods necessary! Thanks!

  61. James (verified owner)

    Purchased for a shield/tlr-6 and it is my new favorite holster. I have the usual box of old holsters from various brands and handgun models. I’ve never had a holster that conceals this well while still being comfortable. I’ve checked out a lot of other kydex brands and have no plans on using anything else in the future.

  62. Taylor H (verified owner)

    Second purchase with ANR, excellent quality, great fit, comfortable IWB.
    No complaints once again. My go-to holster company.
    Canik Elite with O-Light mini IWB.

  63. Nathan Crocker (verified owner)

    First off I love the holster. It will take some getting used to since I am new to appendix carry. My first impression was the high quality. ANR does not have an option for my Springfield XD Mod2 4″ Service Model in 9mm. However, it is the same size as the XDM. My light bearing holster fits my Mod2 like a glove. It is bulky, but that could be due to the size of the firearm I’m and carrying AIWB. For me, it’s perfect if I will be walking or on my feet for a while. Bending over or squatting down with it is not comfortable. I will continue to wear it and hopefully get used to it. Thanks ANR for the top notch holster.

  64. Shannon Harty (verified owner)

    I have appendix carried everything from subcompact Glocks to full size Govt model 1911’s for many years. I have a drawer full of holsters that run the gambit from epic failure to pretty good. I decided to try an ANR holster for a full size Glock 17 with a TLR-1 attached. This is not a small package, especially with the weapon light. My new ANR holster conceals this combination nicely, even under just a t-shirt and does it comfortably all day long. I am sincerely impressed. Outstanding work, ANR.

  65. Stevan N Vergara (verified owner)

    MUST BUY! I have tried a few different appendix holsters and have always found that they are either uncomfortable after awile or they dig into my leg or stomach area because of sharp pointed ends during the day. Not this one! I carry an XD40 4″ service model 10+1 with a tlr7a light attachment. I’m a 6ft 200lbs man (tall and skinny) and i do lots of squating, bending, leaning, sitting, and even climbing during the day and it is completely comfortable. This is the most comfortable holster i have worn! No extra material like the other manufacturers kick out or substandard parts. Those issues i had with the other holsters i don’t have with this one. The claw is an added extra feature i appreciate since it gives me a more natural look. On my screws i did add a bit of blue loctite as an extra measure once i got my retention set. Now the retention will be different from when you wear it and not wearing it. Its not a smooth draw like when i wear it but not so much a difference that you can not draw your firearm. Just make sure you have ahold of the holster and your firearm. I have had this one for a little over a month and wanted to make sure it would fit my life style before i blindly made a review. Forget about the other ones your looking at this is the one for sure!

  66. Jon (verified owner)

    First holster I’ve purchased for a seemingly uncommon firearm (HK P30) with a now discontinued light (APLc), but ANR has a very comprehensive option selection so I gave it a shot. Received it quickly, fits the gun like a glove, couldn’t be happier. Thanks guys.

  67. TYLER (verified owner)

    Quit reading reviews and buy the D*** Holster already! 😀 cant say enough great things about this product! Hands down the most comfortable AIWB holster i own. (Glock 19, surefire x300, RMR, Threaded Barrel) the retention adjustments are great, even to the point that I can dang near lock it inside the holster. The claw is fantastic, and allows me to wear this with a snugger fitting shirt. Does a GREAT job at pushing the grip into the body.

    Upon opening the package, I could tell and feel that this is a QUALITY piece of gear! Sweat guard isnt high at all, and the firearm actually sticks up higher than the guard, which i like because it doesnt pinch my stomach.

    Absolutely outstanding product from ANR!

  68. Tiptop112

    Great Holster!! I purchased a holster for my CZ P10C /mini 2 olight!! Fits like a glove! I will be ordering more holsters from here.

  69. Tiptop112

    I purchased a holster for my CZ P10C with a mini 2 olight! GREAAAAT Holster! Fits like a glove. I will be all of my holsters from here..

  70. Katelyn (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this holster! It’s so comfortable to wear all day, and the claw keeps it from printing even with thinner garments.

  71. Marco

    Was looking for a good light bearing holster that wouldn’t break the bank but was also sturdy. ANR provided me with that and I love the way the holster fits perfectly. Will definitely get another holster from them if I ever change pistol.

  72. Cooney Walters (verified owner)

    So far so good! This is my 2nd IWB light bearing holster for my G30, and 1st one from ANR. This sits a little higher and is much more comfortable than the other one, for both appendix and 4 o clock carry. Seems to be quality material and very well made. Customer service is attentive, and it ships fairly quickly. Overall very happy with my purchase.

  73. Isaac (verified owner)

    I’ve always carried a revolver at the appendix or a subcompact at the 4:00 and never really found something that worked for a Compact or duty size handgun. I’m a bigger guy so appendix can be tough. That being said this holster is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever carried. I can carry my Arex Delta with the extended 17 rounder and the plight pl mini with no more effort than any other of my carry systems. The claw really pushes the grip back towards your waistband but with enough room to still be able to get a good grip. The retention is perfect and the edges of the kydex have been smoothed out so there’s no sharp bits digging into your soft bits if you catch my drift. Wish I had been less of a cheap skate earlier in my carry journey and just bought one good holster for all of my guns instead of 5 or 6 crappy ones. Maybe now I won’t feel so bad about throwing away the cardboard box full of unusable holsters that’s been sitting in my closet for years. To AnR Design, you have a customer for life!

  74. Jonathan Kerekach (verified owner)

    Definitely a great holster. I run a Agency Comp on my 19 and I got lucky and it fits perfectly. Also being a bigger guy, this holster is perfect for appendix. Absolutely love the quality, will definitely buy another

  75. John (verified owner)

    Great holster. I’ve used T.Rex arms and Stealthgearusa both in appendix carry with success, but I’ll only use ANR design from now on. They offer boltaron for a small price increase, which not many others have and it is a superior material in my opinion. Also, they have more gun/light combinations than most others do. I’ve been carrying with mine for more than a month without issue, the fit was and still is perfect, and the price was comparable to others. No reason to go anywhere else until someone reinvents the wheel.

  76. Ricardo Vega (verified owner)

    Best holsters on the market. Simple as that.

  77. Spencer (verified owner)

    Amazing holster. Fits comfortably and is very sturdy, the claw really pushes the grip deep into the stomach so printing is never an issue!

  78. M White (verified owner)

    I was looking for an appendix carry holster that was comfortable and fit my gun and light combo. I carry a FN 509 mid size with a olight pl-2 and so far no problems when carrying. I’m just glad I found a company that makes a holster that works for me.

  79. Colton Riley (verified owner)

    Got my ANR Design holster in today for the P10c with a TLR7A. Fit and finish is perfect. Absolutely love that it fits perfectly flush with the muzzle and a very slight wrap around the light lense.

    Retention is fantastic. With a WML, you generally will not get that satisfactory “click” when reholstering, but there is a slight “click”.

    The appendix wing can rotate I’m assuming 15 degrees or so,which is VERY cool and I’ve never seen that before. It also came with 2 different sizes for wing depth. Also a nice touch.

    I did switch out the fold over clip that it comes with with a Discreet Carry Concepts monoblock, which is in my humble opinion, the best IWB carry clip out there.

    All in all, very happy with it. Received in roughly 4 weeks or so, a week of which was USPS dickin around per usual.

    9/10. Lost a point for not offering the DCC Monoblock with the build.

  80. David P (verified owner)

    Fits perfect. Smooth edges. FINE attention to detail. My favorite holster.

  81. Christian (verified owner)

    Bought it for my M&P .40, the tailoring is amazing, and fit my M&P perfectly right out of the package. Can’t wait to buy more from ANR!

  82. Scott Lipscomb (verified owner)

    Had high expectations, sadly was disappointed.
    -The holster wast nearly a month late.
    -Edges of the holster are rough.
    -No height, angle, or tension adjustment.
    -Way too much excess material, causing the holster to be bulky and uncomfortable, I can’t even carry it without excessive pain.

    Wish I never bought it. Went with a popular holster brand that I’ve heard good things about, it’s not perfect but I’m much happier with it over the ANR.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you for your purchase and feedback. We are sorry you are disappointed.

      1. Lead times are EXPLICITLY displayed and user validated before checkout. We were not late.
      2. Edges are brushed to deburr, we do not polish. Brushing is industry standard for high volume holster companies.
      3. Retention CAN be adjusted, there are 2 screws that hold your claw, tighten those to tighten the holster. You are correct, there is not ride height adjustment because your belt needs to be in-line with the claw to have adequate concealment.
      4. Our holsters are cut to the most minimalistic in the industry. You have a Chicom Micro light with a GIANT QD latch that needs to be tooled for, and because of the large amount of adjustment of that light, we have a general fit tool for production. Buy a better light and there will be far less issues.
      5. You never reached out to customer service with grievances or support, and they would have been happy to accommodate any issues you may have had, instead you complained here.

  83. Niall MacLeod (verified owner)

    I bought this for my CZ P-10S, RMR and TLR-7 combo. The holster is clearly well made with good forming and finishing. Retention is spot on and the claw / clip height prevent printing way better than others I have used. I have been wearing it a week or so and cant fault it. Three weeks to the day from order to receipt.
    Very happy – thanks!

  84. Caleb (verified owner)

    People say that you will try many holsters before you find one that fits just right. Well I was fortunate enough to have found ANR design as my first holster and I will never buy another brand as long as they are around. Since then I have purchased 5 of their holsters in various configurations and I have convinced many of my friends to get them as well, and they feel the same way about them. There are constant updates and innovations with their products so your not getting an outdated stagnant product. If it is a proven enhancement and not a gimmick then it’s probably on an anr holster. Your not only getting an holster though with a purchase. You are also getting supported by one of the best customer support teams that I have ever dealt with. I have had questions answered by the owner (Alex) on weekends which I was not expecting to hear anything back until the next business day or 2. Also if you follow their Instagram page Alex does regular Q&A sessions about anything and everything industry related and often unrelated. These Q&A sessions have been very influential in a lot of my Major purchases because he has an opinion that I trust since I know he is not pushing someone’s product. To sum it up. If you are looking at a holster and have the money to spend on something quality. Then Look no further and you will never look back.

  85. Cody (verified owner)

    Purchased the 43X/tlr6 AIWB holster. It’s been my daily driver ever since it arrived. Fit and finish is superb, and comfort is above that of all other holsters I’ve carried. Lead time was stated as 4-6 weeks, mine arrived within 3. Fast service, great product, you won’t regret it.

  86. Austin (verified owner)

    Due to Covid-19, there was a 3-5 week lead time. The holster arrived 2 weeks sooner than the latest anticipated date. I was hesitant to spend money on a custom holster. However, I would also rather not fiddle around with my rail light in the middle of the night if I happened to need it.

    The process of specifying the make and model of your firearm, its barrel length, magazine modifications, sight modifications, and even the specific make and model of the light you have equipped was incredibly easy. I even contacted their support to confirm if the options they provided were true to the models of handgun and light I have. Jon Blevins was incredibly helpful in satisfying my questions. Absolutely wonderful holster.

    TINY issues, though. 1, The holster is a bit tight and actually pushes the slide back about 1/8 inch. Though after some consistent use, the grip loosened up a bit. 2, the “arm” is a bit loose and wobbly and makes the holster slightly uncomfortable to wear, but after some adjustments of the screws, the comfort improved significantly.

    Overall sturdy design. Compact. Fits my gun like a glove. 100% in love with with holster. I would certainly recommend ANR to friends and family.

  87. frank.a.schlegel (verified owner)

    Was referred to ANR via a friend of mine whom I went to the academy with. Trusted his reference as he was former navy and would not skimp on products for firearms. Thus, I have ordered 2 holsters from ANR and have not been dissapointed. This most recent one though is beyond pefect. Specifically the Sig P365XL with Romeozero RMR + TLR 6 Laser/Light combo. Holster checked off all the boxes and its a beautiful holster but also comfortable. I have always been iffy when it comes to Appendix carry but between the size of the Sig and now the quality of the holster… I am extremely happy. Kudos to the team at ANR!

  88. Lorenzo (verified owner)

    Got this for my 43x and TLR6 AIWB light clothing EDC carry, and it feels great! From ordering to receiving product was way faster than I had expected. Everything looks and feels amazing, I will continue to keep purchasing products from ANR design for sure.

  89. that5_56dude (verified owner)

    After some hesitation, I finally ordered a holster for my G19 w/x300. I doubted how comfortable carrying with a big clunky light would be but ANR has surprised and impressed me every time I’m carrying it (every single day). Build quality is phenomenal, lots of adjustment option, and good solid clip retention. Also, when I ordered their lead times were 3-5 weeks. ANR had my holster in my mail box 6 days after I ordered it…now that’s service. Couldn’t be happier with it and my only problem is that now I need to order another holster from them for very handgun I own. Huge thanks to this great company for a great product

  90. Angel (verified owner)

    I have a Arex zero1Tactical with RMR and olight mini.
    I couldn’t find any companies who are making light bearing Holsters until I came upon that’s awesome site.They had my exact set up.When I first arrived in the mail I was really happy with the color and design And tension.This is a very well-made holster.I would definitely recommend it to anybody for any weapon.

  91. Mickey (verified owner)

    Outstanding product! Hands down the best kydex holster I have owned! Will definitely continue to purchase from this company.

  92. Trevor Irvine (verified owner)

    I just wanted to let you guys know that you do in fact make an absolute phenomenal product. The CZ p01 doesn’t have alot of proper holster options out there and you guys hit the design on the button head. I’m small dude at 5’5″ and 140 after a burger and before my mid-day shit and your holster conceals my compact pistol better then other options I’ve tried.
    After dry fire practice I’m able to get a proper comfortable repeatable purchase on the grip every single time. In fact my draws have improved since acquiring this holster.
    I work in the construction industry building fences- up and down ladders and bending over all day. I also carry work belt bags often and they rest directly over my holster. After a full day at work in the real world I can say that the holster is also comfortable and maneuverable as I could ever possibly ask for out of a compact size pistol. I do think the tier 1 “side car” style holsters are awesome and have their place but for my life I believe your holster and mag carrier set up has more advantages that better suit my life style. Thanks for a great product you guys!

  93. Lars

    Everything delivered and working as promised. Great holster for lightbearing with a TLR-7 and a M&P EZ Shield. Will not hesitate to order again.

  94. Nick (verified owner)

    This holster is QUALITY! The adjustable claw attachment is so helpful for concealability. I only bought this holster because my Glock 30S does not have many light-bearing holster options on the market. In fact, this was the only online option that I could find. But my low expectations were blown away. I would buy this product again based on its own merits. Just buy it; you will love it.

  95. Barry Steele (verified owner)

    My holster arrived quickly even through the holiday rush. It’s very comfortable, even though I have a light with my P30SK and wear appendix. Great price and great quality. Very happy!

  96. S.A (verified owner)

    I ordered the A&R AIWB light bearing for my FN 509 Midsize with a Holosun HS507c V2 red dot and an Olight PL mini 2 Valkyrie. It has a prefect fitment and a good retention. The holster is made very well and in a professional way with a neat and slim design. Not to many holster companies offer the 509 with olight PL mini 2 but A&R does and they did a great job. It only took them few days to shipped and it arrived a lot faster than I expected.

  97. RC (verified owner)

    This is my go to appendix holster now. I really like the claw attachment, and overall fit and finish is perfect. Very comfortable for all day wear, and has positive retention while also allowing for a quick and clean draw.

  98. Zack Beebe (verified owner)

    I have tried aliengear, muddy river tactical, black hawk, and mckinatec holsters with various guns. Not here to trash on them, but there isn’t a single holster that comes near to anr designs quality, retention, fitment, appearance, and over all design. The placement of the belt clip is the best by far. Are the other companies cheaper, yup. Is Taurus cheaper than Sig, yup. The lead times these guys have is emaculate. Customer service is always on point. For me there is now no reason to try other holsters. This is the one that fits me exactly how I want it to fit paired with a neomag, no complaints about anything.

  99. Steven Good (verified owner)

    I’m a long time T.Rex arms user (2013-2020) not bashing their product, but they did not offer a holster with the OLight’s I recently switched to. After receiving the ANR holster, the quality is just as good if not better, and the extra cost to get your holster quick shipped is well worth it (holster received in 4 days from order date) also, the concealment claw on the ANR holsters seems to be more effective than previous holsters I’ve had. Super impressed with the product and plan on replacing my other 2 concealment holsters with their product as well!

  100. Ralph William (verified owner)

    Fantastic AIWB holster. For my Glock 17 and TLR1, which I thought would be impossible to appendix carry comfortably, this holster proved me wrong. It is very comfortable appendix and draw is smooth with perfect retention out of the box. Note: for this reviews complaint about claw interfering with carrying in 4 o’clock position etc…this holster is specifically designed for appendix and says so in description…if you want you could remove claw and carry strong side. Can’t fix stupid I guess. Anyway don’t think any longer and just click buy now! You won’t regret it!

  101. Kevin (verified owner)

    I am extremely satisfied with this holster! I had what I thought was a strange combo, (xd with tlr1hl) and was shocked to see the amount of combinations they have. I got the holster extremely fast too! I’m 135 pounds so carrying a full size frame with a light can be hard, but its perfectly comfortable with this holster and conceals fine. Highly recommend, and I’ll definitely purchase another for a few other firearms!

  102. Scott Stubnar (verified owner)

    Anr does it again! This is the third holster I’ve received from them and first light bearing. For a G-19 and Stream Light TLR 7a. As expected the fit is amazing! The holster also distributes the weight wonderfully and the comfort of carrying appendix all day is perfect! Folks they do great work so if you are on the fence it is money well spent!

  103. Luke (verified owner)

    I’ve been carrying this for a few weeks (M9A3 w/ Streamlight TLR-1HL) & I’m thrilled with it. Quality construction & it actually makes that large pistol very concealable. It sits very low & the concealment wing does its job very well. 10/10

  104. Rowdy (verified owner)

    I’ve owned a couple holsters for my M&P 2.0 and this is my far the most comfortable and highest quality holster I’ve bought. I won’t be shopping anywhere else from now on!

  105. Aaron (verified owner)

    I have 4 ANRs. Started with a g19 & a m9a1 then I decided to get fancy & join red dot & lightbearing gang with both. Great retention. Without light & with(tlr7 on g19 & a sf x300 on beretta).
    Buy with confidence.
    Experience the magic of pelvic contact for yourself.

  106. W.V. (verified owner)

    Just received my ANR kydex holster. I went with the lightbearing IWB appendix holster for my pistol (Arex Delta w/ Olight Valkryie PL-mini) and MAN…..IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!! It really only took about 2 weeks from the day I ordered it to the day it arrived at my door. Generally, I do not carry appendix with my pistol & WML due to the bulk that is created by the weapon mounted light but this holster is perfect for that and it has some very smooth lines all across the holster. And the genius engineers who came up with carrying IWB with zero cant and with the claw attachment….DAMN GENIUS!!!! With other holster companies that don’t have the claw and attempt to have zero cant on the holster fail miserably as far as concealing your weapon close to your body. BUT NOT THESE GUYS!! They got it all figured out. Plus the fact that ANR has a multitude of design pattern for whatever pistol you carry, they have it. And I consider my pistol to not be all that common (I mean, a polymer pistol coming out of Slovenia…who has a holster designed for that!!??? ANSWER: ANR Design, that’s who!!!)
    So design wise, excellent. Fit and Finish? Excellent (Smooth lines and smooth edges all around). Thickness of kydex holster: thin enough to where its still strong and flexible as well. Mounting hardware: Appears and feels to be of good quality and the belt clip and claw are plenty strong and well finished as well. Price: So yes, they are a bit more expensive than some other holster companies out there (i.e. Vedder, Clinger, Raven Concealment, G-Code, etc) but ANR makes up for it by having a large selection of different pistol models that they can mold for as well. Overall, 2-thumbs up and would definitely buy from them again.

  107. Justin Rackow (verified owner)

    It’s a good holster. I have one for my Glock 21 with a stream light TLR-1. However. I paid half the price for basically the exact same holster from another company, and I like the other one better for a couple reasons. The holster I purchased from ANR does not have an audible “click” when secured, and it did not come with any options for Clip style, for example, IWB belt loops, or a tuckable clip. Again, this is a very good holster, but you can get a better one for half the price elsewhere.

  108. Deion Valdes (verified owner)

    I’ve had my holster since November of 2020 and I wanted to give it some time so I can really test it out. I’m gonna start with the pros then the cons. The holster certainly feels like it’s well put together. It’s very elegant, it’s not floppy and there aren’t sharp corners that I’ve seen in less expensive Kydex holsters. It holds my weapon well and does not feel loose. The cons. Now I did say it is a tight fitting holster and that it correct, almost too tight. I’ve come to realize certain areas on the holster were tighter than others. In my particular example, the holster was extremely tight around the area of my weapon light and the the front portion of the slide to the point were drawing the pistol from concealment would sometimes cause it to yank my belt more than should be needed and peel material out from the inside of the holster. Not a smooth draw, the draw , nor a smooth re entry in the holster as sometimes the holster would fight my pistol and would require me to readjust my position to get it in the holster instead of simply indexing and sliding the holster into place like the rest of mine without looking. I tried many different things to loosen the screws on the holster however I could not find a happy medium between extremely loose or extremely tight. In order to fix these issues I removed the claw attachment, inserted two rubber stubs from a spare alien gear holster to provide for some modifications on the ANR and to be honest, the mix of green rubber stubs and my purple ANR holster give me Hulk vibes but anyway, I also took a dremel and sand paper to various sections inside the holster. Now the draw is more consistent and I am able to index properly. Lastly for a holster of this price I would have expected a metal belt clip with adjustable can’t. While I may be just splitting hairs with this last one, and each person has their own taste but Vedder holsters for example offers a cheaper holster with adjustable and a metal belt clip. Overall I am satisfied with the holster even though it gave me some trouble.

    • Alex Costa

      If you were having issues, you should have hit up customer service instead of modifying the holster…. they would have rectified any issues you may have been having………

  109. heck181 (verified owner)

    Best holster out there! Anyone leaving less than 5 stars are probably the same people that try and find something wrong with their food or service when the go out to eat so they can try and get a free meal. Definitely worth the money.

  110. Shane Anderson (verified owner)

    Purchased the appendix lightbearing iwb with claw holster for a glock 17 and x300 ultra. This holster rocks! It’s so comfortable and conceals really well with the claw. Shipping was extremely fast.

  111. Josh Bennett (verified owner)

    I now have two of these light bearing holsters for my 509 and different lights. Fit and finish is superior to a competitor’s holster I had before. That one wasn’t bad at all, this is just better.

  112. Darran (verified owner)

    I have 4 ANR design holsters and they are all great. I ordered a AIWB for a Glock 19 and TLR7A. When the order showed up it was the wrong color but correct with pistol and light combo. I contacted ANR and Jake was a huge help in getting me a return shipment and getting the issue resolved. The new holster showed up and I could not be happier. ANR is my go to holster company.

  113. Jacob (verified owner)

    As I’ve been picking up pistols of various sizes to cover my bases I’ve also been picking holsters from different manufacturers. So far each one has had flaws with some being easier to fix than others. This one from ANR has been the most confusing of the bunch with the problem being mostly related to the ability to adjust retention, and a marginal gripe about the belt clip. So the belt clip fought with me for a second but I found if I made sure the belt was even with the top of the pants it clips on, although it does look like it’s struggling a bit. As for the retention, I’ve always found it pretty easy to make a few turns of each screw and get retention where I wanted it, but with this holster I’m either so loose the gun is falling out or the claw is wiggling or so tight that I can’t fit the gun in the holster…I’ve been a fan of ANR’s instagram posts for some time after I believe MAC suggested them, and I was hoping that this holster would live up to my expectations. I want to add a caveat and say that this is the first time I’ve had a pistol/light combo so maybe that’s where the problem is. If ANR has any advice I’d appreciate it, but right now I’m actually using lubricant to help with how much of a death grip this holster seems to have on my pistol if I try to get any more retention out of it.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks for your review. If you are having issues with ANYTHING. Please contact customer service on the contact page with order number as the subject line. It is a much more effective way to seek help than writing a review.

  114. Michael Ostlund

    I recently purchased the ANR Design Appendix Lightbearing IWB with Claw from Renaissance Firearms and it immediately became my EDC. I almost forget I’m wearing a Glock 19 with Streamlight TLR7A. The clip retains very well over a 1.5″ belt and the claw makes printing a non-issue. I also purchased a Deep Concealment Pistol Magazine Carrier and together these two items are a huge improvement in comfort and mobility over the sidecar style holster I was previously wearing. That I get to support an awesome local New Hampshire company is just the icing on the cake.

  115. Isaac Wilcox (verified owner)

    I have been carrying this holster for a while now and I absolutely enjoy it! It’s comfortable and it keeps the frame of my 48 tight to my body. This is not a holster you will have to worry about printing with. I would recommend this to anybody looking for a quality holster.

  116. mario85chavez (verified owner)

    I am use to carrying appendix but this my first attempt with a WML and was a little bit hesitant In trying it being a big guy at 285 pounds and 6 feet tall. I end up going with a Tlr7A on a M&P 2.0 and I was surprise how comfortable and how well it concealed you can just tell the thought and engineering went in to the holster from the smooth edges to way the holster is cut out and Minimalistic approach. All I can say not all holster are the same AnR design is on another level when it comes to holster..
    AnR design knows how to take care of their customers in ways I have never seen any other holster company do..

  117. Justin Le (verified owner)

    Love their holsters. The quality is the best. Turn around time is amazing. Will only recommend their holsters as the best.

  118. hooah1986 (verified owner)

    I found AnR design by complete accident, but I am sure happy I did. The fit and finish was as expected from a top notch company, they said it would fit my Glock 45 MOS (RMR) with O-Light PL-mini2 which it did flawlessly. I have had nothing but trouble trying to find a IWB light bearing holster for my PL-mini2, but AnR squared me away, my only complaint is that the logo on the belt retention clip is barely visible. I would and will buy this product again, without hesitation. Hell I even sent them a thank you on Instagram I was so impressed!

  119. Eric (verified owner)

    Received my ANR Design holster for my Gen 5 Glock 19 w/ TLR-7 light & it exceeded my expectations. Holster is comfortable for daily appendix carry. Thanks!

  120. Jon (verified owner)

    Awesome company and great holsters. Very comfortable and high quality. I have 4 of these and don’t plan on stopping there.

  121. Bowman French (verified owner)

    Great holster, the claw helps hide my P80 from printing. ANR will definitely be my go to holster company from now on. I recommend ANR to all of my friends looking for a new holster!

  122. Jake Vanderpeyl (verified owner)

    Got one of these for my P-01 with a TLR-7. Fits the gun perfectly and is pretty damn comfortable. No weird pressure points or digging Into my stomach. Even the clip and claw are noticeably more effective than some lesser brands of holsters.

  123. Michael (verified owner)

    I carry a full size Sig 1911 and I print much less than when I carry my Glock 19 in an alien gear holster. It is a fantastic holster.

  124. Omar

    I’ve owned this holster and the owb mag carrier for 11 months now and I have nothing but good things to say. Glock 17 IWB with TLR6 , I can actually conceal it if I dress rite, vanishes when I tie my flannel around my waist. (Must wear a belt).
    Don’t hesitate to get this product and also with the life time warranty you are set !!!!

  125. p.whitten

    Excellent holster company! The customer service department is awesome and the fact that they offer a lifetime warranty is dope.

  126. Brett Potter (verified owner)

    In my opinion ANR is currently setting the standard for the holster market. This will be my 6th holster from them and definitely won’t be my last. They also have some of the best customer service people around. My only issue with my 6 holster purchases was this most recent one was missing a monobloc that was in my order. I emailed customer service and I had a response in less than a half hour and a tracking number in under an hour. Great Product. Great Company. Buy with the confidence that you are getting one of the best holsters out there.

  127. Francisco Robledo (verified owner)

    Placed my order 2weeks later was at my door not only fast but the quality is amazing this is my first IWB holster ever and will be my forever home ! Thank you ANR you guys rocks

  128. Adam (verified owner)

    Purchased holster for Arex Delta M 2.0 with Streamlight TLR-7A Flex. Fit is absolutely perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better holster. The claw is great at keeping the print down as well. Great product and great service!

  129. Adam (verified owner)

    Purchased holster for Arex Delta M 2.0 with Streamlight TLR-7A Flex. Fit is absolutely perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better holster. The claw is great at keeping the print down as well. Great product and great service!

  130. Connor O’Brien (verified owner)

    Third holster from ANR. I come back bc quality product snd because their old location was near a suspicious “nightclub” where I met my wife and a slew of more questionable women.

    Anyway, the holster – it’s good. I ordered for P365 w TLR6 light (gun is actually the P365X, this is what fits). Cut/finish is well done. OD Green color comes in as shown. Retention is really good on this one, even better than the last two. It “pulls” the gun in for the last 1/4” and has a nice positive click. Belt clip and claw are set at the right heights as is the ride of the gun.


    1. I think having smaller diameter screw holes hole in the arm of the claw could possibly be an improvement. Not sure if making them flush to the screw and without slop would create too much pressure on that little plastic part? Personally I’d just like a little less play in the claw.

    2. There’s a little mounting point that’s built off the body of the holster for the claw to screw onto. It’s cut into sort of a hexagonal shape. If it’s possible to make those edges rounded instead of angled, it might make for a more comfortable holster.

  131. Garrett Pino (verified owner)

    Great holster! Fit impeccable. Finish unbeatable. Great holster top to bottom. I have 4 of these and will be getting more.

  132. Garrett Pino (verified owner)

    Great holster! Fit impeccable. Finish unbeatable. Great holster top to bottom. I have 4 of these and will be getting more.

  133. B gib (verified owner)

    I am retired millitary. I have worked armored transport and have 26 yrs of conciled carried mostly iwb 4 o’clock. Now I’m transitioning to appendix Carrie I have experience with shoulder holsters and belly bands also
    Some ankle and some owb mostly a leather holster.this however is not my 1st polymer holster.blackhawk,mft,and 1 from a locale shop.
    1 carry a sig pro w/ tlr7
    “Sun up to sundown” every day.
    So IMHO. A&R you nailed it The edges are smooth it rides even doesn’t shift The claw works But most of all it is comfortable 11 hours A-day in the seated position And I have no issues with it I know I could go with a much more comfortable option But Is this works for me thank you Well executed

    B.Gib usa ret

  134. Chris (verified owner)

    I’ve been patiently waiting for this holster and have been extremely satisfied with the product. The minimalist design for my g43x mos with tlr7 sub exceeds all my expectations. I previously used a werkz holster and was dissatisfied with it, because of the excess bulk due to it being a g43x/g48 holster. It had excess material on the end of the slide to accommodate both g43x/ g48 weapon systems. The ANR holster is customized SPECIFICALLY for the weapon system you purchase it for and eliminates the excess bulk/ material. Highly satisfied with my purchase and have recommended this brand to others. Ive gone far as wearing the ANR holster during my morning commute (45 minutes) to see how comfortable it is sitting appendix in prolonged periods. First day I’ve received the holster and I’m extremely happy with it. I’m 5’7” 190 lbs and found that comparing this holster to other big name brands such as t-Rex arms and tier 1 concealment, this is by far the most comfortable/ concealable iwb appendix holster ive used. Couldn’t be more happier to discover this brand.

  135. Red (verified owner)

    Outstanding holster. Shopped around for quite some time before going with A&R and I made the correct choice. If you’re on the fence, buy with confidence – they are worth every cent.

  136. Mike (verified owner)

    Initially I bought this because ANR was the only company I could find that offered an AIWB for my M&P 2.0 with 5 inch barrel and a TLR-1 HL. I’m blown away by how perfect this holster is; the quality of materials, the overall dimensions, the way the gun fits, the attention to every single detail… Nothing was overlooked. Retention is firm, yet drawing is smooth and there isn’t the slightest hint of rattle. The claw does its job remarkably well. I’m 5’9” 200lb with a bit of a beer gut. I have absolutely no printing through a T-shirt and no major issues sitting. I’m beyond satisfied with my purchase.

  137. Rockin G Tactical Daddy (verified owner)

    Holster fit my FN509C with TLR7 and RMR type 2 like a glove! Sexy all around holster AND they included some DOPE stickers for me as well. Will be recommending them to anyone and buying more holsters from them

  138. Zack (verified owner)

    Great holster. Bought for a CZ P-01 with light and RMR. Overall construction is great, and the raptor claw is in a great position and love that it comes with two depths.

    The upgraded discreet metal clip is worth the upgrade and super nice to have. A good holster makes all the difference.

  139. Jason (verified owner)

    I would definitely recommend this holster. I dont have experience with many appendix holsters but I can definitely vouch for the comfort of this one and the fitment on my m&p 2.0 optics ready compact with a stays tucked and as tight to the body as that size of a pistol can. I have the floyds magwell and +6 mag extension and I dont worry about it printing at all. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one for other guns. Price is reasonable and lead times aren’t bad.

  140. Chris Torrez (verified owner)

    So I just received my IWB light bearing with claw holster for my HK VP9 and I have to say I’m highly impressed and pleased with the work you guys do this is more comfortable than some of my other holsters. They got the placement of my old light mini too perfectly the only thing that I would suggest is may be a little bit longer sweat guard to cover the whole slide other than that this thing is absolutely amazing great job and I will definitely be recommending to friends and anyone who asks thanks again for your quality work in a reasonable timeframe if you guys haven’t checked out their products do it

  141. Tim Grueschow (verified owner)

    I said it on social media. I’m not sure how kydex can feel better from one vendor to another, but this holster feels really nice. Everything is snug, and in a vast world of kydex holsters, it just feels … better. Maybe it’s me, just because I have a new holster, but maybe there’s just that ‘something’ in the way they do it. *I’m possibly just brown-nosing a little*. Anyway, I love the holster, and it these guys were the first… that I found, anyway… to offer a holster for my pistol / light setup. Other companies have been slow to updated the light-bearing holsters, and these guys were on it.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Tim!

  142. Brandon Green (verified owner)

    Shit’s bussin’.

  143. Lyle Scrogins (verified owner)

    I Love my ANR. From the Kryptek pattern to the polished edges this thing is sweet. Fit and feel is superb and there is zero play when firearm is seated and comes free and clear when you need it to. Details like cutting the notch for the MRD low so that you can see on to of the chamber to visually verify if there is one in the pipe without drawing your weapon. I upgraded to the metal double dnc clip and I am glad I did as it holds great to thin clothing and belts much better. Im glad I purchased an ANR, it was worth the standard wait time to have a custom holster. Thanks ANR, a cut above.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Lyle!

  144. Mike (verified owner)

    Great product and customer service. Jonny was always on the chat to answer my questions. Fit and finish of my IWB holster for my Sig P320c w/WILD 1 is really, really nice. After searching high and low for a kydex holster for my particular firearm, I found ANR and am very pleased.

    • Alex Costa

      Hell Yeah! Thanks Mike

  145. Manny M. (verified owner)

    I’m wearing the IWB Claw holster for my sig 365xl with a tlr7 sub, on the very same day i received it i put it on and helped a friend move houses. I would have left my gun in the truck with my old holster and tlr6. The ANR holster was much more comfortable even with a bigger light. I’ve been wearing it everywhere since and it has remained comfortable and concealed.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Manny!

  146. Wes B (verified owner)

    I cannot express JUST HOW long it took me to finally find an appendix holster that could fit my combo of a Sig MK.25 w/ X-300-V. I’ve run quite a few different companies appendix holsters from both big and small companies. This is by far one of my favorite holsters for secureness, printability and ease of don/doff. Let alone their customer support being beyond fantastic answering my questions. If you are on the fence and you haven’t found your combo anywhere else, you need to pull the trigger on one of these bad bois. You will not be disappointed.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you so much for the kind words Wes

  147. Keaton (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster. It takes a while to get shipped to you but that is because the guys at ANR take their time developing a perfect holster for your firearm. Very snug fit and high quality kydex.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Keaton!!

  148. rmckenna0977 (verified owner)

    Awesome holster, right out of the package it needed no adjustments at all. Holds the gun and light perfectly, and the upgraded monoblock clip was well worth the extra cost. No issues with printing, or any signs of discomfort while wearing it.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks man!!!

  149. Mike Warren (verified owner)

    Love this holster. I added a light to my P365 and planned to get the XL slide, so I took a gamble and got the new holster for the XL. It fit with no issues carrying the light. Secure fit and comfortable. I’ll definitely be coming back for future holster needs.

  150. Adam (verified owner)

    First impressions are very good! Conceals my 5in m&p with x300 and rmr better than my trex sidecar conceals a stock G19, which is nuts. Slightly less comfy but its a big ass gun, not the holsters fault.

  151. Enrico (verified owner)

    Second holster. Excellent design and comfortable for all day carry.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Enrico!

  152. Damian (verified owner)

    My first Kydex AIWB holster and couldn’t be happier. I’d been following ANR on Instagram for some time and decided to go with them when looking for a holster for my Sig P320 XCompact running with a TLR7. All in all, impressed with how quick I received it from the time of order considering these are all custom made, and also beyond impressed with the quality and comfort. I opted for the monoblock clip and taking it on and off is a breeze but also feels super secure. Retention is just right (but can be tightened up or loosened if needed which is nice) and the hook works well even if I’m not wearing a thick leather belt. Couldn’t be happier and I will definitely be getting all of my holsters from ANR from now on. I honestly forget I’m wearing it sometimes that’s how comfortable this thing is.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you so much Damian!

  153. CWillis (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for my Steyr M9-A1 with TLR-7a light and a red dot, a combination that is nearly impossible to find!! Great retention (the light MUST be mounted to the pistol or it will slop) and concealability. Minor shavings on the inside of the kydex from drawing/holstering, but I am assuming that’s a normal part of the break-in process. It took a long time to ship, but my orders specifically were noted as having been lost in the shuffle.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Carey!

  154. Murph

    This ANR holster is the best holster on the market. I feel no bulge in my stomach. We finally have a holster for the skinny fat guys with the Dad bots, I highly recommend this holster I bought two for both of my guns. I have a P365X macro and a P320 X compact with both of them with the TLR7 and I tell you it feels like I have nothing on my waist in the appendix position. I highly recommend this kid 400% good job guys.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Murph

  155. Brandon

    Selected quick ship, holster was shipped after 2-3 days! Most holster makers have a ton of options and it gets convoluted and raises the price substantially, not ANR. The holster has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Good, thick kydex with round smooth edges. The claw is adjustable depending where your belt sits which I love. If you want to switch to a deep concealment clip you can. Sweat guard is neither high or low but right in that sweet spot. Holster opening is slightly flared so when reholstering, especially with a light you don’t accidentally hit it against the top of the holster. I recommend getting one of the CF colors since it’s smoother than standard kydex and only a few dollars more but that’s me. Overall you can tell they’ve streamlined the holster process to get people what they need and not a bunch of unnecessary stuff or 2 month wait times.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Brandon!

  156. William Dumbrigue (verified owner)

    Order for sig p320 x carry with surefire x300ub.
    Holster fit was perfect, sits snug in waistband.
    Holster also fit p320 x carry slide with pmm single port comp, fullsize grip module with armory craft takedown lever. Both have higher suppressor height sights, and rmr plates. No issues.

  157. Frank Savasta (verified owner)

    This is the second holster holster from ANR I have purchased for the PF940Sc p80. There is not many options out there for these frames with a light bearing holster, ANR absolutely kills it on these holsters. I have 2 and I am very pleased with the quality and fitment. I highly recommend this holster for the 940sc with a PL-MINI 2 light. Thanks dudes

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Frank!

  158. Evan Kelly (verified owner)

    Great holster for the first year then it broke. Better spend the extra cash and get the warranty or it will break and you’ll have to buy another one. Like they say the make holsters not kydex. Lasting products don’t exist anymore. Best off spending more than you should to get a warranty.

  159. Jiovany b. (verified owner)

    Wow super nice ,grate quality holster man , i will buy it again !!!!

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you!

  160. Barry Morgan (verified owner)

    I have a bunch of holsters from different manufacturers some worked great some not so much but this one was dead on. Great product.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you so much Barry!

  161. Mark Manicone (verified owner)

    This holster is my go to carry. I had been searching for a holster to carry my H&K P30 with a tlr-1HL1 and would not find one. I could find ones for just the pistol or with a smaller light, but not the combo I wanted. I saw Garand Thumb’s video on his ltt beretta and in it he recommended ANR Design. I went ahead and asked Alex directly on Instagram for a holster that would fit my HK P30 with a streamlight. This is what he recommended, and it is spot on. I carry only at 3 o’clock iwb and this works perfectly. Ordering was easy and customer service is top notch. Definitely have acquired a customer for life.

  162. G Brennan (verified owner)

    Got this holster for a P80 compact with TLR7A. Definitely recommend the DCC clips. Fits like a glove with the Brownells slide. Comfy, light, sturdy, great retention, no hot spots. Just a great, affordable, everything-you-want-and-nothing-you-don’t holster.

  163. Thomas Fort (verified owner)

    It is not easy to find a holster for a Steyr M9A1, but this is THE ONE. Far superior to any other option out there.

  164. jacob briden (verified owner)

    So I was skeptical to try a new holster. I enjoyed my gcode, and didn’t wanna change from what I knew. But boy am I glad I did. I put a pmm comp as well on the 43x, and it had no fitment issues with the holster. Flawless kydex work. Superb CS. I am now a lifelong customer

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks a lot for the feedback Jacob!

  165. Rich Spalla (verified owner)

    I have 10 IWB, and 6 OWB w/ SAFARILAND fork holsters from AnR for various Glock, Sig, and FN pistols There is no better fit, function, look, or feel compatible on the market. Every gun I own gets an AnR jacket. Perfection.

  166. Rich Spalla (verified owner)

    I have 10 IWB, and 6 OWB w/ SAFARILAND fork holsters from AnR for various Glock, Sig, and FN pistols There is no better fit, function, look, or feel compatible on the market. Every gun I own gets an AnR jacket. Essential part of any kit!

  167. Nicholas Miller (verified owner)

    Quick shipping and the most comfortable holster on the market. Biggest bang for you buck out there.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you so much Nicholas! Happy Holidays!

  168. Philip Leal (verified owner)

    One of the best quality holster I’ve ever purchased. Made with love and passion clearly! 5 star all the way! Positive click retention and the spikey claw are both amazing and the open end for my threaded barrel!

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Philip!

  169. scannell007 (verified owner)

    AIWB for P20c with Inforce APLc. Fit and finish are excellent. Love the metal belt clips. Wish cant had options or was adjustable. Also wish they offered a wedge option to help tuck grip and add comfort.

    I solve the above by:
    – Oblonging one of the belt clip holes to adjust cant.
    – Making a wedge with 1″ yoga mat, cut to fit, then glue on with 3m 77 Adhesive or contact cement.

    I’ve bought 6-8 ANR holsters for various firearms. I’ve had 2 holsters crack along a fold after a couple years. They’ve honored the warrantee without fail.

    Highly recommend.

    • Alex Costa

      thank you!

  170. scannell007 (verified owner)

    AIWB for P10c with Inforce APLc. Fit and finish are excellent. Love the metal belt clips. Wish cant had options or was adjustable. Also wish they offered a wedge option to help tuck grip and add comfort.

    I solve the above by:
    – Oblonging one of the belt clip holes to adjust cant.
    – Making a wedge with 1″ yoga mat, cut to fit, then glue on with 3m 77 Adhesive or contact cement.

    I’ve bought 6-8 ANR holsters for various firearms. I’ve had 2 holsters crack along a fold after a couple years. They’ve honored the warrantee without fail.

    Highly recommend.

  171. Dave (verified owner)

    Great holsters. This is my second. Had an issue on my order that CS identified and proactively reached out to resolve. Thank you. Prior to my first order I was skeptical about appendix carry comfort. ANR holsters just work.

  172. Christian garcia (verified owner)

    Good holster! Not worth 6 week wait.

    • Alex Costa

      We had a supply chain issue that has since resolved and lead times are back down!

  173. Todd (verified owner)

    This was the first light bearing holster that I had purchased. This holster was highly recommended by a good friend and he suggested that I upgrade to the metal belt clips. This holster fits my firearm perfect and is comfortable to wear for 14 hrs a day. This is a great holster for the price

    • Alex Costa

      heck yeah, thanks Todd!!

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