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ANR Design has long since been at the forefront of bringing brand new gun holsters to the aftermarket for SIG Sauer. ANR was the first company to bring a P365 holster to market during the original launch of the flagship P365. We are at it again with our newly improved Quick Ship Holster, Appendix with Claw IWB for the SIG P365 XMACRO.

SIG P365 XMACRO Holster Options

The P365 XMACRO is SIG Sauer’s newest variant of the P365 pistol system. It has a P365XL length slide and full length 1913 picatinny rail dust cover. We are so happy that SIG Sauer has finally released a true 1913 Picatinny rail to the P365 family. Unfortunately, this new P365 XMACRO grip module does not fit any traditional P365XL holsters or Icarus Precision A.C.E. Elite Pro holsters. This is a brand new holster.

We have officially released left hand and right hand NO LIGHT version of the P365 XMACRO holster. Lightbearing options for both right and left hand will be released in the coming weeks.

For a left handed P365 XMACRO holster, click HERE.

For a right handed P365 XMACRO holster, click HERE.

We will be releasing a SIG P365 XMACRO with Streamlight TLR-7 SUB 1913 weapon mounted light appendix holster with claw. Followed by a IG P365 XMACRO with Streamlight TLR-7A FLEX weapon mounted light appendix holster with claw.

SIG P365 XMACRO Explained

The P365 XMACRO is a P365 fire control unit, with a SIG P365XL Spectre Comp slide (a newer version because the rear sights are still installed), and a P365 XMACRO frame. The combined three styles of P365 to make a cross-over gun to fit certain needs. The 1913 picatinny accessory rail allows it to use ANY light on the market.


  • No longer loose the rear iron BUIS
  • Larger grip module for a more positive master grip
  • 1913 accessory rail
  • Quality optic cut
  • Integral-Compensator* (* posses the question, is it a true compensator?)
  • 17- round capacity


  • 3.1″ barrel (Why? we’ll explain below)
  • Lower muzzle velocity than the P365XL
  • Less mass at the end of gun
  • Does not fit existing P365 XL Holsters
  • Integral-Compensator increases rapport, it’s loud
  • Longer grip does make it harder to conceal, maximum concealment is P365XL with P365 grip, if that’s what you’re going for

Effectiveness of the SIG P365 XMACRO “Compensator”

3.1in barrel and the compensator are the 2 least attractive features of the P365 XMACRO. We wish it came with a P365 XL slide and not the Spectre Comp slide. We wish SIG made a true chunk port P365XL barrel and slide assembly with a larger slide window to prevent carbon build up. The P365 XMACRO uses a P365 barrel, and as you can see below, the orifice for the unlocking barrel is BIGGER than a P365 and P365XL exit orifice. This is because they are using the P365 barrel, and a P365XL slide; the barrel unlocks during firing, and the P365 shorter barrel has more vertical travel, needing a larger orifice to accommodate. Having a extra large exit orifice means there isn’t a true dwell chamber / classic compensator effect. There is nothing keeping pressure in the dwell chamber, meaning huge losses of pressure forward rather than upward. Does the compensator work? Yes, but with shorthand math; it has 80% losses in compensating potential. This is because, using a short barrel and the slide to create a compensating “effect” is not the mechanical or scientific way to solve that problem. In a more simple explanation of why, SIG’s solution to compensating the P365 XMACRO allow ALL forms of ammunition (grain weight, and pressures) to run through the gun. True compensated guns rely on the matched spring weight to pressure/grain weight to run reliably while compensating effectively. The SIG P365 XMACRO sure does look cool though!

Big Orifice Picture of the P365 XMACRO

Here is a Staccato compensator and exit orifice measurement of 0.3680″ with 9.01mm (0.355 in) being the outside diameter of the 9mm projectile. This is a 0.013″ difference in diameter to orifice size. This tolerance is achievable because the barrel and compensator are milled from one solid piece of steel. This is one of the most effective 12 o’clock, single ports, on the entire market. You have to match the ammo to the springs though. Staccato sells the guns with 7.5lb springs and claims they can run all ammo types. This is partly false. The springs they use, wear out in 3000 rounds and shorten up quite significantly. I once fired a 147gr +P 9mm on a blow out 7.5lb spring and the impact of the slide on frame was so severe, it broke the solder on the connections in both Surefire X300U-B and the HS509T X2. Both optic and light ceased to function, permanently. The correct spring weight for 147gr +P is a #16 or 16lb spring.

When the Roland Special Glock builds became popular, everyone had to have one. Most folks building out their Glocks run 115gr ammo at the range. It’s the most plentiful and affordable ammo. What they didn’t do was match spring weights to the correct ammo, which was 124gr +P or 147gr +P DUTY ammo. The Roland Special was a Law Enforcement Duty build, specifically for officers to control and manage the recoil of the issued duty 147gr +P Spear Gold Dot or equivalent, more effectively. Glock enthusiasts refused to accept this and hundreds of folks still have poorly functioning “Roland Special” Glocks. The Roland Special was a purpose built modified Glock, and normal folks just wanted their guns to look cool. Circling back, this is most likely why SIG designed the P365 Spectre Comp slide the way they did, to run anything and everything, without reliability issues.

There are some cool alternatives to the SIG Spectre Comp slide. This P365XL is owned by @RUNGUNZ1 on IG with a chunk port and slide job from Monsoon Tactical.

This is a very effective compensated P365XL. The barrel is the TIGHTEST of exit orifices. The back of the bullet allows the majority of the back pressure behind the round, to be expelled from the single port. It’s at the very end of the muzzle, creating the most effective moment in forces at the end of the fulcrum.

Conclusion of Thoughts of the SIG P365 XMACRO

We are so happy SIG Sauer released a 1913 Full size grip module to the P365 family. The 17 round capacity is great. I personally would buy the grip module and mags for my personal P365XL, rather than buying the finished package of the P365 XMACRO as an entirely new gun. SIG has been killing it lately and doing a fantastic job being a one stop shop. The P320 Spectre Comp was a true compensated system and we just wish that same technology was implemented for the P365XL, for us Gun Snobs.

For the full spec sheet for the P365 XMACRO, check out this link P365 XMACRO.

Videos of the SIG P365 XMACRO

Here is a SIG Sauer produced video with Phil Strader, talking about the new P365 XMACRO.

The commercial for the SIG P365 XMACRO.

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  1. Thanks for the well explained information, folks! It is hard to keep up with all the new gun models, but we appreciate your effort and good craftsmanship. Jesus Bless!

  2. I have heard reports that the chunk port/shock ports are hurting accuracy. Do you have any info on this as I was considering this for an XL?

    1. Have not heard this

  3. When can we expect the Icarus P365 XMACRO with Streamlight TLR-7A FLEX appendix holster with claw?

    1. they are on the site in Quick Ship.

      1. Armyscopejockey

        LE MIL version has the XL slide and comes with 3 mags. Best 600 usd spent.

        You could also buy the XL and spend 50 usd for the macro grip module.

  4. Armyscopejockey

    LE MIL version has the XL slide and comes with 3 mags. Best 600 usd spent.

    You could also buy the XL and spend 50 usd for the macro grip module.

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