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ANR Design specializes in the making of SIG P365 holsters, SIG P365 XL holsters, and SIG P365 Icarus Precision holsters. Coincidently enough, ANR Design was the FIRST holster company to make a Sig Sauer P365 holster. We are only 40 minutes away from Sig Sauer Corporate Headquarters and the site of their factory. We were tasked to make sample holsters for engineering samples.

The Sig Sauer Academy Pro Shop has been a fantastic supplier of ANR Design holsters to the greater Boston area for almost five years now. The Sig Sauer Academy Pro Shop keeps a wide variety of holsters in stock, including P365 and P365XL holsters. They also carry the highly desirable Master Blaster P365 Sidecar holster.

P365XL Top, P365 Bottom

The P365 and P365 XL have completely redefined the micro carry gun game. The introduction of the P365 was mind blowing, and when they finally released the optic-ready P365 XL, the bar had been set. Any companies releasing micro carry guns now had to adhere to the accommodations the P365 XL brought to the table, or the new gun offerings would be ridiculed in public forum. Example, CZ P-10 M, new KAHR pistols, Ruger LC9 versions, etc. How could you compete with a micro carry gun with a 12 round capacity and would accept the new (at the time) Holosun 507k (

Holsters and Holster Sizing

Choosing a holster for your pistol is no easy feat. P365 holsters are not the greatest for concealing a P365. The IWB holster with claw can certainly help, but look at the picture below. Many people buy small guns because they think they will be easier to conceal. FALSE! Look at how little muzzle sits below the belt clip. Now, add a human with a tactical muffin-top, now the back of the slide will tip away from the users body, making it harder to conceal. What about the claw?! The holster claw’s only purpose is to TURN the grip of the gun into the body, it’s not meant to ballast the holster.

So finally, when Sig Sauer decided to release the P365 XL, we were so happy. The added length to the muzzle of the gun made such a huge difference in concealing not only the P365 XL, but also it’s predecessor, the P365. The P365 IWB holster just doesn’t cut it. Why do we still make it? Because people still have their beliefs and it isn’t our job to change those beliefs, but we’d like to offer these educational opportunities. The P365 XL IWB holster conceals the P365 perfectly. Especially, the original P365. Still not convinced, read the blurb below and go educate yourself more.

Check out this article that Alex wrote for TFB about pelvic contact A longer muzzled holster acts like the keel of a sailboat. It keeps the boat upright. The same goes for the muzzle length of the holster, inside the waist, below the belt.

Top of a P365XL


Make sure to educate yourself before choosing a holster for the P365 or P365 XL. There are many options out there. These are the holster we manufacture and stand behind. Don’t forget to check out the new Sig Sauer P365 .380 ACP!

P365 and P365 XL AIWB holsters, with holster claw, can be purchased in

Lightbearing options for the P365 and P365 XL holsters can be found here

For combination Master Blaster P365 sidecar holster and P365 XL sidecar holster, check out

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  1. I bought a Icarus grip for my p365 (sub macro) Icarus only has 1 flavor available. Black. I am wondering what flavors you all offer since you make them.thanks

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