The Firearm Blog | Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying Appendix and Concealability Using Pelvic Contact


Posted September 5, 2019 by Alex C


Appendix holster position carrying is a really sensitive subject for a lot of people. It’s tough to grasp the idea that carrying a firearm pointed at your weiner is safe. The only time that ever becomes unsafe is when the end-user is unsafe. Complacency kills, or in this case, kills your weiner. That is why practice repetition, repetition, repetition is what makes you a better concealed carry person. I have seen people carry at the 4 o’clock position and had a round enter their butt cheek or hip. The round then went through their thigh and missed their weiner getting lodged in their calf. I’ve seen people carry at the four o’clock position and have the bullet shatter their pelvis, and come out the front. So the argument that you’re going to shoot your dick off is pretty much null and void. You could shoot it off every other way as well. Now that we have gotten through all that banter, let’s get onto the most important part; how to carry at the appendix position most effectively depending on firearm and firearm type.

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