CZ P-10 RMR Optic Plate


ANVL CZ P-10 Optic Plate was designed to fit the CZ P-10 Optic Ready series pistols. Made from quality carbon steel and Nitride coating. Fits Trijicon RMR/SRO and Holosun 407C/507C/508T optics.

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30-Day Manufacturing Warranty

ANVL CZ P-10 Optic Plate was designed to fit the CZ P-10 Optic Ready series pistols. Made from quality carbon steel and Nitride coating. Fits Trijicon RMR/SRO and Holosun 407C/507C/508T optics.

Disclaimer: All ANVL products should be installed by a professional gunsmith. ANR DESIGN IS not responsible for poor Gunsmithing installation techniques and damage to personal property.

21 reviews for CZ P-10 RMR Optic Plate

  1. Jeremiah (verified owner)

    The plate is perfect. My holosun fits perfect. This company sold it for a great price whereas other companies are just selling plates for unreasonable prices in my opinion. The plate came in less than a week. Again, plate fits perfect.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Jeremiah

  2. Zach (verified owner)

    Only 350 rounds with the mount but so far so good. Fit and finish very good. Shipped quickly.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you Zach

  3. Miran

    I was going back and forth between this and the 509T plate, so I ended up getting both. I have a CZ RMR plate as well, and this AnR plate feels premium. Excellent price and way better than other companies’ v17 aluminum plate that doesn’t hold up.

    • Alex Costa

      Miran, thanks for your patience!

  4. Eric (verified owner)

    Nicely machined, fit my 508T perfectly and seems like a rock solid mount. I put about 250 rounds through so far and have not had an issue.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you!

  5. Aldo Villalta (verified owner)

    I got this for my P10S because I know anr takes pride in their fit and finish. This plate is no exception. Amazing value for the quality. I’m in Texas and sweat a lot and have had no rust issues with the plate itself. They use a great finish. The screws have had minor surface rust but a little oil/grease helps. Probably not an issue for everyone. Definitely recommend.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Aldo!!!

  6. biggwerm (verified owner)

    Well made little chunk of metal. Nice fit and finish. I waited a while for the this ANVL RMR plate. Seems to be worth the wait.

  7. Daniel L. (verified owner)

    Finding an optics plate for the P10c seemed impossible for a while. This was the first one I found and I took a chance. Fit was perfect and my Holosun mounted on it also perfectly. I’ve only got about 250 rounds through it, so I can’t speak to its longevity. It seems sturdy enough, though.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you!!

  8. Cole Landon (verified owner)

    The product is well built but the screw holes are too small I had to file them down to make the screws fit well it worked but that is why I am giving a 3 star

    • Alex Costa

      If you’re talking about the RMR screws being too long, there are two lengths and you need to use the shorter of the RMR screws. The screws that come with the plate are spec’d to the same screws CZ provides with their plate. This is not a product issue, it’s a wrong hardware you’re using issue. There is nowhere for the longer screws to go in the plate.

  9. Chris Burton (verified owner)

    Absolutely a great option for the czp10c. Real weight to it, solidly built, and rock solid on my pistol. Would buy again if I had more pistols for it.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Chris!

  10. James Davis (verified owner)

    The fit and finish is Great. And it is made of steel that makes it Great !

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks James! We got more models coming soon!

  11. David (verified owner)

    Excellent Transaction. Fast shipping. Perfect fit. A+

    • Alex Costa

      thanks David!

  12. William Lewis (verified owner)

    This RMR plate fit my P10 F perfectly, the fine thread screws that came with the plate (are the ones to use with a little Loctite). The holoson 507 came with course threaded screws . If you mount them yourself, don’t get them mixed up.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks for the review William

  13. Mike M (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect! And the shipping was fast as heck! Although in fairness i live like 3 towns away hahahaha

    Cant wait to get some trigger time and actually use this plate and optic!

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Mike

  14. Byron M (verified owner)

    I ordered this plate for my Holosun 507C which uses the RMR footprint and I am very pleased. The plate is machined with great accuracy and fits my P10F’s slide very well. The finish is good and the entire package is as good as anything that I could have purchased all at higher prices. My order was processed and shipped quickly and shipping to Canada was not an issue. I would definitely recommend this product.

  15. jr.castaneda878 (verified owner)

    Plate fit perfect on my p10c and looks good aswell. Will be ordering a second for my p10s I just bought

  16. jr.castaneda878 (verified owner)

    Fit great

  17. Chas Baines (verified owner)

    No rounds on it yet, but it is machined to perfection and it fits on my P10S beautifully. Really grateful for the precision and care with which this was crafted. Also a great price.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Chas!

  18. Ian Hodgdon (verified owner)

    Came as described with some extra screws and lock tite on them. Went on well, and solid after 1 range trip so far. Good price and would order from them again.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Ian!

  19. Rome (verified owner)

    Plate is worth the purchase. Had an issue with another manufacturer. Sold me aluminum plates then told me I used the wrong screws although one side screwed in perfectly. Long story short theirs was aluminum this is steel and that’s what you want. Look no further pull the trigger.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks Rome

  20. Josh Woerthwein (verified owner)

    Fits my P-10C OR like a glove. Supplied screws also worked perfectly (I know other mfr’s adapter plates have iffy screws). Used 12 in-lb of torque to tighten it down along with Vibra-Tite VC-3 threadmate. Being used in conjunction with a Holosun 407C-GR X2.

    • Alex Costa

      Thank you!

  21. Aaron C (verified owner)

    Descent plate and a good value. I had some issues with fitment using a holosun optic one of 2 plates fit. The SRO worked fine. I’d ask that the countersink depth be slightly increased due to the holes being on the shallow side and the screws sitting proud of the plate. Otherwise finish and flatness are great no issues firing the slide on a shadow 2, p10c, and a shadow 2 compact.

    • Alex Costa

      Thanks for the review Aaron

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