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What is Alias? Alias is the 2022 holster accessory offering from NeoMag. The NeoMag Alias receiver is a modular receiver that can take many of the various NeoMag Alias holster attachments. The NeoMag Alias receiver also comes in a plethora of mounting solutions; Velcro NeoMag Alias, Molle mount NeoMag Alias, bracket hard mount NeoMag Alias, and more!

How The NeoMag Alias Interfaces with ANR Design Holsters

NeoMag designed the Alias T-Post in conjunction with ANR Design Holsters. The NeoMag Alias T-Post is our absolute favorite accessory. KYDEX isn’t bomb proof. KYDEX holsters can soften in the hot summer months depending on storage and use; KYDEX can become brittle in the colder months. Occasionally, in super cold environments, and the user leaves the gun and holster in the glove box overnight; when the user then puts the cold holster on in the morning, the belt clip flexing can snap the KYDEX it’s bolted to. This is why we recommend the DCC Monobloc belt clip over our standard clips, or the NeoMag Alias T-Post. We add rubber grommets to add some flex behind the clip, but depending on the environment; could be futile preventing a breakage. The NeoMag Alias T-Post alleviates all torsion on the KYDEX because of the NeoMag Alias T-Post to NeoMag Alias Receiver quick disconnect interlock. The NeoMag Alias T-Post inserts into the NeoMag Alias Receiver from the top of the receiver. The NeoMag Alias Receiver is already mounted to the belt, and there are no extra forces being applied to the KYDEX.

We have yet to have a NeoMag Alias T-Post or NeoMag Alias Receiver failure or failure in the KYDEX on a holster outfitted with the NeoMag Alias System.

There is also the convenience of inserting the holstered gun straight into your pants, not having to fuss over a belt clip. It’s embarrassing trying to mount your holster discreetly in a parking lot, and sometimes looks as though you’re having a wardrobe malfunction, ::cough cough::. Discretion is the game when carrying a firearm.

The link below allows you to build out your ANR AIWB holster with a NeoMag Alias T-Post and NeoMag Alias Receiver system.

It’s as simple as sliding the NeoMag Alias T-Post into the receiver and off you go!

Inserting a Staccato XC AIWB with NeoMag Alias T-Post into the NeoMag Alias Receiver on a Blue Alpha Liner Belt

The link below is the NeoMag Alias T-Post assembly kit to retrofit your existing holster to a holster with the NeoMag Alias T-Post.

Alex, CEO of ANR Design, carries a Staccato XC with C2 grip paired with the DEEPEST Adjustable Concealment Magazine Carrier. The DEEPEST Concealment Magazine carrier was designed specifically for 2011 magazines to get the mag on 20 round 2011 magazines to sit deep enough to conceal. The adjustable cant on the mag carrier allows you to carry the magazine at an angle on the belt; aiding in both concealment, and comfort.

Staccato XC with Deepest Adjustable Cant Concealment Pistol Mag Carrier

To get your Deepest Concealment Pistol Magazine Carrier, check out the product link below!

The NeoMag Alias System is great for larger framed guns with full-size grips. The ZEV Hypercomp X is a 19 length gun with a 17 length grip. This means the center of mass of the gun is higher on the pistol. This typically causes the grip to tilt towards the belt, making it harder to Master Grip the weapon. With a good gun belt, the NeoMag Alias System helps eliminate that tip on the pistol, keeping access to a Master Grip flawless, and continue to aid in better concealment.

ZEV OZ9 Hypercomp in an ANR AIWB with claw and Deep Concealment Adjustable Cant Magazine Carrier

Since we don’t make the DEEPEST Mag carrier for other models, the product link below will bring you to the DEEP Adjustable Concealment Magazine Carrier. This is available for all other models we offer in the Quick Ship holster category.

The NeoMag Alias Belt Mounting Options

There is only one NeoMag Alias Receiver for belt mounting.

“The NeoMag Alias Receiver is a revolutionary new product line from NeoMag. The NeoMag Alias Belt Receiver discreetly and effectively retains your holster in a perfect upright configuration on the belt. The NeoMag Alias was designed to keep the holster extremely rigid on the belt without any tip, side-to-side. The amount of tip or sag on the belt solely depends on the belt itself. We highly recommend Blue Alpha EDC belts. These fit the NeoMag Alias Belt Receiver perfectly.

The ultra low-profile NeoMag Alias receiver comes with steel brackets to securely and discreetly attach to most tactical 1-1/2″ belts at or under .2″ thick.

Step 1: Attach Holster Clip
-Replaces your existing holster clip
-Engineered for incredible strength.
-The most ride height adjustability on the market!
*Top Mount fits holsters with holes on 7/8”-1” center
Materials: Anodized aluminum & steel locking tip

Step 2: Attach Receiver
-Mounted receiver makes for an incredibly rigid holster attachment
-Holster “click locks” into receiver for an incredibly secure attachment
-Attach to 1.5” Conceal Carry belts for ultimate concealability and security.
-Attach to hard surface to conveniently stow your gun
Materials: Anodized 7075 aluminum, spring loaded steel lock

Step 3: Click Holster Into Receiver
-Modular: Move your gun without un-holstering!
-Security: Holster is locked in place!
-Concealable: No visible holster clip!
-Backed by lifetime warranty through NeoMag!”

Alternative NeoMag Alias Mounting Receivers

NeoMag has a plethora of other NeoMag Alias Receivers and mounting solutions for the NeoMag Alias System.

The NeoMag Alias System Builder on NeoMag Website!

In Conclusion

It’s the BEST upgrade you will ever do to your holsters. Add one to your holsters today! Check out our ANR Unholstered Podcast with Graig Davis, CEO and Owner of NeoMag!

If you like what you see, please check out other ANR Media by following the link below!

Here you can find the ANR Design Website, YouTube, Facebook Business Page, Twitter, and Twitch Accounts! Podcast Streaming!

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