Holster Thigh Strap or Thigh Band


Holster thigh strap, or holster thigh band, helps stabilize a tactical offset drop holster. When using an offset drop holster, the holster rides much farther below the belt line than traditional outside the waistband holster. Without the use of a holster thigh strap, the holster might bind with retention on the gun itself and the holster will tip away from the body making it harder to draw the firearm. Use of holster thigh strap, or holster thigh band, prevents this from occurring during use. https://www.anrkydexholsters.com/product/anr-design-thigh-strap/.

ANR Design Thigh Band, or Holster Thigh Strap

Historical Use of Holster Thigh Straps and the introduction of Drop Leg Holsters

How long have holster thigh strap, or holster thigh bands been around? A lot longer than you think! During Western expansion, Cowboys and U.S. Calvary used thin leather straps at the bottom of their holsters on their gun belts, to tie the holster off to their legs. This prevented the holster from flopping around on the rider, making it easier to draw. They also had their own level 2 retention that was a leather loop over the hammer on the SAA or equivalent pistol. In conclusion, holster thigh strap, or holster thigh bands have been around since the beginning of pistol use!

ANR Design Nidhogg with Tac Belt Mount with Vastsus Systems and ANR Design Holster Thigh Strap / Thigh Band

Vastus System to Support Holster Thigh Strap

The holster thigh strap, or holster thigh band pairs perfectly with the 9 Toes Designs Vastus System. The vastus system was designed to drop the holster thigh strap, or holster thigh band below the tactical belt mount or Safariland UBL. It keeps the holster thigh strap, or holster thigh band perpendicular to the axis of the user’s leg. This combination keeps the holster system tight to the user’s body.

Vastsus system keeps the holster perpendicular to the bore of the leg.

ANR Design was the first retailer of the Vastus System (https://www.anrkydexholsters.com/product/vastus-system/) and the CNC Nidhogg holster builders also have vastus system packages in the menu (https://www.anrkydexholsters.com/product/nidhogg-lightbearing-outside-the-waistband/). 9 Toes Design makes a G-CODE RTI Version of the Vastsus System (https://www.anrkydexholsters.com/product/vastus-system-rti-model/).

9 Toes Design Vastus System

Other Belt Mounting Accessories that Pair with Holster Thigh Straps

The ANR DESIGN LLC Tactical Belt Mount System was designed as a solution to applying maximum cant to a holster system. Many Safariland ALS holsters are at a fixed 15 degree forward cant causing ingress of foreign material into the optics shroud, rendering the optic unusable. This tactical belt Mount system allows the end user to get -5 degrees rearward cant on any fixed 15 degree cant forward Safariland style holster. It has rotational slots for both Safariland style hole patterns and Blade Tech style hole patterns. The system comes in specific belt sizes of 1.5 inch and 1.75 inch. We will eventually release a 2 in version. It comes in two colors, either black or coyote tan. It is constructed of 0.125 inch thick KYDEX. Having fixed belt loop sizes prevents the tactical belt Mount system from having sloppy play on the Belt. It can also be used in conjunction with our thigh band system. https://www.anrkydexholsters.com/product/tactical-belt-mount-system/. It is a great accessory to combine with holster thigh strap, or holster thigh band.

ANR Design Tac Belt Mount

The ANR Design Tac Belt Mount Short allows the holster to ride a bit higher (photo seen below). The holster thigh strap, or holster thigh band rides a hair higher but is great for more vehicle based operations having the gun ride higher, but not interfere with the seat buckle mechanism.

Tac Belt Mount Short

In conclusion, the holster thigh strap, or holster thigh band is a great addition to any belt set up for range or operational use. The holster thigh strap, or holster thigh band is proudly made in the USA. It is made locally in New Hampshire by our cut-and-sew OEM. Add an ANR Design holster thigh strap, or holster thigh band to your order today!

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