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FN America released the FN 510 and FN 545, chambered in 10mm and 45 ACP. FN product page for the FN 510 Tactical can be found HERE. The FN 510 is just a scaled up pistol version of the FN 509 Tactical. It has the same aesthetics and features, just in 10mm. We had a blast making holsters for the FN 510 and holsters for the FN 545. Guess what? The FN 510 and FN 545 share the same holster! We also had fun shooting the FN 510 for our FN 510 YouTube video.

FN 510 features

This is going to be a short section. FN 510 has identical features to the FN 509. Our FN 510 pistol has a better trigger than the three FN 509’s we possess. We are not sure if it has the same trigger assembly, just scaled up, or new. That is the only noticeable difference between our shop FN 509s and the two FN 510s we have had.

FN 510 Magazine Capacity

The FN 510 & FN 545 come with two magazines. The come from the factory in the FN 510 Tactical and FN 545 Tactical configurations. These configurations come with both a 15 round flush fit magazine and a second, 22 round extended magazine. The FN 510 22 round extended magazine is an absolute monstrous (in a good way) addition to the weapon system. Running this firearm with an enclosed emitter optic, and carried as a bear gun, leaves plenty of shots to stop ANYTHING in North America; granted you hit those shots. Alternatively, it would be a fun pig hunting gun with a suppressor and a 22 +1 round magazine capacity.

FN 510 15 round and 22 round capacity magazines

FN 510 Holsters (FN 510 IWB & FN 510 OWB)

ANR Design decided to make both OWB and IWB holsters for the FN 510. The FN 510 OWB Holsters are a pancake style holster with standard belt loops that are designed to have the belt threaded through. ANR does offer “speed clips”, a belt loop designed for easy-on, easy-off. They are not the best for in-and-out of vehicles though. Depending on the location, the seatbelt receptacle can interfere with the speed-clip and cause it to come off the belt. If you spend lots of time in-and-out of your vehicle, we recommend the pancake belt loops; they keep the holster tight to the body compared to any other belt clip on the market. They are perfect belt clips to keep the FN 510 OWB holster tight to the user. See the picture below.

Alex shooting the FN 510 with a Standard OWB in Coyote with pancake belt loops

ANR also decided to release a FN 510 IWB holster with concealment claw. The FN 510 does come with flush fit magazines. In the optic-ready configuration, this gun can be very concealable with our FN 510 AIWB holster.

For right handed FN 510 IWB holsters, check out the link below!

For left handed FN 510 IWB holsters, check out the link below!

For right handed FN 510 OWB holsters, check out the link below!

For left handed FN 510 OWB holsters, check out the link below!

In Summary about the FN 510 10mm Pistol

The FN 510 was designed to handle the heaviest of 10mm loads, such as, the Buffalo Bore and Hard Cast ammos. The issues we had at the range were only with the PMC Bronze 10mm, which is effectively charged like a 40 cal. If you are into 10mm pistols or are a 10mm hunter, this is a must have for any collection.

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  1. Dexter Gordon

    Loved your write up, as well as the incredibly produced YouTube video you made.

    I have a FDE 510 on the way, and I am very excited. I know I want a chest holster for it. I am also thinking about the IWB version. Do you have something that works with a chest rig, or do you have plans to make the complete setup?

    Finally, how has the finish on your shop guns held up to the kydex?

    Keep up the great work, and I will be keeping an eye on your products. Going to need mag carriers.

    1. Alex Costa

      Recommend Gun Fighters Inc, Kenai for chest. Guns still look fairly good, depends on make though. Not all guns are made equal

  2. What holster goes with the fn 510 IWB AND OWB very hard to find one with olight baldr Rl

    1. Alex Costa

      We make nothing for the Baldr

    2. Kevin Yang

      I can’t find any too. Anyluck?

  3. Clarence H. Jackson, Jr.

    I have one of your holsters for my FN 510 that I carry appendix & it works great. Do you make holsters for the extra mag?

    1. Alex Costa

      We haven’t finished the tooling yet

  4. I need one that will work with a surefire X300 turbo

    1. Same! Or even TLR-1HL.

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