CZ 97B Holster


The CZ 97B is a fantastic firearm and 45 ACP is truly the Lord’s caliber. Blessed by God in the Czech Republic, delivered angelically by freight to the United States; the CZ 97B is a grandiose contender on the 45 ACP market. ANR Design has been making CZ 97B holster models for 5 long years now. ANR Design offers the CZ 97B holster in the following holster builders:

CZ 97B Standard Outside the Waistband Holster

CZ 97B Appendix Holster

CZ 97B Inside the Waistband Holster

CZ 97B Tactical Outside the Waistband Holster with G-Code RTI

CZ 97B Tactical Outside the Waistband Holster with Safariland QLS


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