Best Belt Clips for Concealed Carry


The effectiveness of your holster is greatly impacted by the connection your holster makes with your belt. Using a clip that fits snugly and securely will eliminate play and make for the best experience. 

We offer three different belt clip options for our AIWB/IWB holsters. The first is our classic injection molded polymer (plastic) belt clip. This clip comes in two belt sizes, 1.5” and 1.75”, which provide a nice balance between rigidity and ease of removal. Tried and true, this is the clip that comes standard on all AIWB/IWB holsters. For best results, customers with 1.5” thick belts should use 1.5” clips, and customers with 1.75” belts should use 1.75” clips.

Our next and most popular clip option is the Discreet Carry Concepts (DCC) Monoblock. The Monoblock is functionally the same as our plastic clip offerings, but is made from metal. This offers a more rigid lockup and sits more securely on the belt. Thanks to its design, the Monoblock works especially well on thinner gun belts, but can be utilized on any standard 1.5” belt. The DCC Monoblock can be purchased separately from our replacement parts page, or selected as an upgrade during the building process to replace the standard plastic clip. The Monoblock can also be purchsed without the ANR Design logo, if so desired. Note: we offer the Monoblock in 1.5” belt size only. 

Our newest IWB belt mounting option is the Alias by Neomag. The Alias is a 2-piece belt mounting system that utilizes a T-Post “clip” and receiver. The receiver is attached to your gun belt and positioned to be consistently located in your favorite carry position. The T-Post is mounted to your holster where the standard belt clip would go. The T-Post is then inserted into the receiver and locked into place – providing a highly secure and rigid lockup.

The T-Post and receiver can be added to your holster during the build. They can also be purchased separately from our replacement parts page and added to existing holsters. Note: the receiver is required for this mounting system to be utilized. Check out this video from Neomag for a more detailed explanation on how the Alias system works.

For those looking for a tuckable option, we offer a polyester soft loop with strut. The polyester soft loop is a discreet black polyester loop with a snap. When paired with the strut, it can be concealed…even behind a shirt – perfect for those who have to wear more formal attire in their day-to-day routines. The polyester soft loop and strut come standard on our revolver holsters, but can also be selected for non-lightbearing IWB holsters. Note: the polyester soft loop and strut works best with smaller single-stack/sub-compact pistols. 

DCC MOD 4 is our preferred belt clip for revolver carry.

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