Who is ANVL Manufacturing USA? ANVL is a brand of ANR Design LLC. ANVL UKON is a rifle optic mount that incorporates a single-focal-plane, absolute co-witness, backup iron sight package. The ANVL UKON utilizes a standard type AR-15 adjustable front sight post. UKON mounts have the ability to adjust elevation. The user can adjust elevation to be point of aim, point of impact for subsonic rounds while still running the red dot for super sonic and vice versa.

Flagship ANVL UKON for the Trijicon RMR – First edition of the UKON line

Sight Radius, and why it doesn’t matter on an ANVL UKON

Three points of contact and vectors. Vectors are a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another. In simple language, connect the dots and you have a straight line, no matter what. UKONs were designed for rifles. Rifles require 3 points of contact with the shooter for maximum accuracy and stability. Why does this matter? Well, most interweb critics, keyboard assassins, cry “bUT mUh sIGhT rADiUs”, when they first witness an ANVL UKON. These optic mount BUIS (backup iron sights) were NOT designed to compete with normal standard sight radius BUIS, but simply and emergency BUIS system. If you RDS is broken, battery is dead, or simply forgot to turn it on; the BUIS is ready for you. As long as the picatinny rail that the ANVL UKON is mounted to is in spec, the end user can expect 8-10 inch groups on IPSC steel targets at 50 yards. This is obviously case dependent on weapon system, caliber, and quality of ammo.

Peanut Butter Limited Edition Aimpoint T2 Micro RDS ANVL UKON

Purpose of building the irons into the mount was an idea cultivated by a UK SOF friend of the company. New military weapon system requirements usually have a BUIS requirement built into the package. First thing operators do is tear off their BUIS to make room for WMLs and Laser devices. The ANVL UKON fulfills the optic mount and BUIS requirement without decreasing real estate on the flat top picatinny rail system. That is the most attractive feature of the system.

Aimpoint Acro ANVL UKON example showing the co-witness of the irons

Heights and Sight Posts

Rifle RDS UKON standard height is 1.66″ with 1.93 as the highest. The Pistol RDS sit just above an inch over the rail. This would be the RMR and DPP optics. The enclosed emitter RDS options ride around 1.25″ over the rail. All UKON mounts utilize an AR-15 styled front post assembly with spring, detent, and FSP iron.

Sig Sauer Romeo 4T ANVL UKON standard height at 1.66″

Where to buy

The ANVL landing page is

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