You’re New Favorite Accessory: ANR Link Sling


Your New Favorite Accessory

Accessories can be a shooter’s best friend, and when it comes to firearms, the AR-15 platform is no exception. So let’s talk about one of the most useful accessories you can add onto yours: that is the sling. Today we are talking about a design from one of the leading companies in the world of firearm accessories, the ANR Sling- The Link. 

Now, if you are one of those folks who seeks the products that are going to last, that are simple and provide an exceptional function, then keep reading.. 

What Is A Sling?

Let’s first talk about what a sling does and the differences between those available today. A rifle sling is a brilliant way to secure your rifle to your body. So when you are walking, running, standing, crawling, rollerblading, etc.. you can keep your hands free, but the rifle is hanging around you, a bit like a seatbelt. The rifle sling helps shooters “purse” along their rifle with them for a long period of time, whether that be in training, competition, etc.. A sling can also be incredibly advantageous when transitioning from rifle to pistol and vice versa. No need to lay it down, throw it, karate chop with it, or whatever else folks are doing nowadays, when transitioning to the pistol. 

You Have Options

So what is out there? Well when you are in your search for a rifle sling there are some things to assess like the length of the sling, the pulling function of the sling (will get into what this means), how it attaches to the rifle and it’s potential durability. The length of the sling matters, meaning you want to find one that doesn’t hang too long, causing your rifle to hang too low, nor do you want it to be too short, causing your rifle to be a bit too tight for you, and preferably adjustable. When it was time to upgrade my sling from my old frayed one, this was the most attractive feature of ANR’s sling. Their sling offers 40″ length of pull on the forward section, and 30″ length of pull on the rear adjustment.

The Pull Tab of The Sling

So what does it mean regarding the “pulling function” of a sling? The pulling function is the one aspect of the realm of slings that I am very picky with. This is the mechanism of the sling that can allow you to pull a tab, handle, loop, etc.. that allows the wearer to shorten or lengthen the sling quickly and with a simple literal pull of the attachment. I am picky with this, because I prefer a sling that slides to tighten the length quickly, holds its place while I am shooting and can quickly lengthen when needed, such as if let’s say I need to position the rifle to my weak side or getting into a position like in a vehicle or prone, or for comfort. I also love a rifle sling that allows me to adjust this without really having to look at it. This was the most attractive characteristic with the ANR Sling, and it works incredibly well. 

Put To The Test

Like I mentioned above, having the capability for the sling to remain in the exact position where I pull it to, even when under high strain, is also an attractive feature. This was put to the test for the ANR LINK Sling a few months back at a competition. The particular stage required shooters to hold a 5 gallon container of water, while shooting your carbine at a steel target 100 yard away (yes the designer of this stage and match enjoys putting shooters to the test in unconventional ways). I am happy to report, by keeping the tension tight, the sling helped substantially in this stage and I was able to stabilize my rifle on my strong shoulder, fire the shot while holding the container of water with my support hand, and hit the steel in record time. This single stage made me a huge believer in this function after watching numerous shooters struggle with this task. And yes, my rifle was decked out with numerous accessories and was not light weight compared to others, but this played no part with the use of the handy rifle sling. Another win for the ANR LINK Sling.

Mounting the Link Sling

Another important component of this rifle sling I need to mention to you, is this is a two-point rifle sling. Meaning this sling attaches to the rifle in two different points of contact, usually one towards the front of the rifle usually in front of the trigger and the second point usually is attached and positioned near or on the stock. In my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, the two point sling is the most versatile option. There are other options available, and really based on preference. For the two-point slings, if your rifle has sling loop mounts like the standard M1A, you can simply attach the sling to the hardware, or like what most shooters prefer, myself included, is opting for the “QD Mounts” which allow quick detach with the push of a button mounted on your rifle.

Final Thoughts

There are so many advantages that having a good quality sling can provide to a shooter. This post has named only a few, so if you should have any questions on your first purchase of a sling, feel free to reach out to ANR to help answer those questions. I have been impressed with many of the products that ANR offers. Even with my most pickiest accessory, they still exceeded my expectations. 

Thank you for reading and until the next article, stay fully loaded my friends!

-Marcee Finn

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