What is a Dump Pouch? ANR Compact Dump Pouch


A dump pouch, in the context of a battle belt or tactical gear, is a specialized pouch designed to hold empty magazines or other items that you want to quickly stow during a firefight or while in the field. Dump pouches are commonly used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and civilian shooters as part of their tactical gear setup.

Key Features of a Dump Pouch

Here are some key features and uses of a dump pouch on a battle belt:

  1. Quick Mag Storage: The primary purpose of a dump pouch is to provide a convenient and easily accessible location to store empty magazines after they’ve been used. When a shooter needs to reload quickly, they can discard empty magazines into the dump pouch to free up their hands for reloading fresh magazines.
  2. Versatility: Dump pouches are not limited to holding just magazines. They can also be used to store spent shell casings, loose rounds, tactical gear like gloves, small tools, or other items you need to keep within reach.
  3. Adjustable and Expandable: Dump pouches are typically made from durable, rugged materials like nylon and feature an adjustable opening at the top. This design allows them to be compact when not in use and expanded to accommodate a significant number of magazines or other items when needed.
  4. Retention Mechanisms: Many dump pouches come with retention mechanisms such as drawstrings, cord locks, or bungee cords to secure the opening and prevent items from accidentally falling out during movement or physical activity.
  5. Attachment Options: Dump pouches are often equipped with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) or PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing, which allows for easy attachment to a battle belt, plate carrier, chest rig, or other tactical gear. This modular system provides flexibility in terms of placement and configuration.
  6. Hydration Bladder Compatibility: Some dump pouches are designed with features that allow them to double as a pouch for carrying a hydration bladder, which can be especially useful in hot and dry environments.
  7. Hands-Free Operation: The dump pouch is positioned on the shooter’s belt or gear in a way that makes it easy to access and stow items quickly, even while on the move. This minimizes the need to fumble with pockets or other storage solutions.

The ANR Compact Dump Pouch

Dump pouches are often a trade-off these days. Either you get one that’s lightweight, but with reduced capacity and fragile construction, or one with increased capacity, but with added bulk and weight. Using lessons learned from lightweight camping and backpacking gear, the ANR Compact Dump Pouch alleviates those issues with its compact size, large storage area, and tough, featherweight 70D fabric.

Our new Dump Pouch fits eight AR magazines, five hand grenades, a 150-round siege belt, or anything else you deem mission essential. Besides its compact size and large storage capacity, the ANR Compact Dump Pouch also features a memory filament in the pouch’s rim. When released, the filament quickly deploys the pouch and keeps the mouth open, making it easy to store empty magazines or other items inside, even without looking.

Stowing the pouch is just as easy and can be done without taking your eyes off your surroundings. Simply twist the rim in half, compress the bag snugly into its receptacle, and close the Velcro “trunk lid.” No-look opening and closing allow you to maintain situational awareness while securing empty mags or SSE evidence.

Like all our products, we proudly manufacture the Compact Dump Pouch in the U.S.A. and back it with our lifetime warranty. Whether you’re looking to increase your man-portable storage or reduce weight on your kit, there’s a spot on your belt for a ANR Dump Pouch.


Weight: 2oz

Dimension: 2”x4”x1” While Stowed

Internal Volume: 60 Ping Pong Balls / 8 AR Magazines

In Summary

In summary, a dump pouch on a battle belt or tactical gear is a practical and versatile tool for anyone engaged in activities that require quick access to magazines or other essential items. It allows the user to stay focused on the mission or objective by providing a convenient way to stow and retrieve gear in the heat of action. Whether for military, law enforcement, or civilian applications, a dump pouch is a valuable addition to a tactical loadout.

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