US Made Sig Sauer P226 X5 Optic Ready


Sig Sauer announced on October 4, 2022 that they are re-releasing the P226 X5 to the US market, but this time the P226 X5 is USA made! We really love this firearm. The X5 engineering team at SIG really did a fantastic job embodying the German excellence of the German made P226 X5 series pistols into this USA made gun. They made some fine tune adjustments to ensure safety, functionality, and affordability. The USA Made SIG P226 X5 fetches the price of $2200.00.

Holsters for the Sig Sauer P226 X5 Optic Ready

We were given the opportunity to build holsters for the SIG P226 X5 before launch. We had one of the original prototypes to work off. We built them perfectly to spec. We started with the foundation release of the SIG P226 X5 holster in the Right Handed Nidhogg configuration. The Nidhogg holster is our OWB hanger mounted tactical OWB. Hanger mounted, meaning Safariland QLS, RTI, or Blade Tech Boss.

Check out our SIG P226 X5 holster Here.

SIG P226 X5 in our ANR DESIGN Nidhogg OWB Holster

Devil’s in the details. The SIG P226 X5 holster has a smaller flared orifice. What’s not pictured is the perfectly constructed relief passageway for the take-down lever gas pedal to pass into the holster.

Seamless Trigger Guard Geomtry

The Nidhogg holster comes with a flared opening to the holster for easier re-holstering. A pair of adjustable retention screws for gross or minute retention adjustment. Aftermarket knobbed screws are compatible with this holster assembly.

Contents Included in the Sig Sauer P226 X5 Box

The SIG P226 X5 comes with a beautiful, locking pistol case, a SIG P226 X5 challenge coin, and three extended magazines. The magazines are Mec-gar bodied, with thick, aluminum, weighted baseplates.

ANR Design Produced SIG P226 X5 Review

Please enjoy this quality video we produced for the SIG P226 X5 on our ANR Design LLC YouTube channel!

Comparing German SIG P226 X5 vs USA SIG P226 X5

The grip of the SIG P226 X5 is a very aggressive textured G10 with CNC cut texturing. It meets seamlessly over the backstrap of the gun, forming a nice palm swell.

This German SIG P226 X5 XSHORT Match has ebony checkered wood grips. The elegant checkering is indicative of the quality of work from Master Shop Germany. This is a Pre-Production 2013 sample SIG P226 X5 XSHORT Match. Some aesthetics of this gun never made it to production, such as, the polished flats of the slide.

German XShort

Bask in it’s beauty!


The fit and finish of the German SIG P226 X5 XHORT Match are absolutely gorgeous. The polished flats and polished finish work was actually done in the US at the Sig Sauer Custom shop. They are experimenting with many of the German Master Shop Pre-production samples to see what aesthetic features were viable as changes. The German SIG P226 X5 XSHORT Match was not released to the public in Germany until 2016.

USA SIG P226 X5 running 124gr Blazer Brass

The SIG P226 X5 USA made is a fantastically soft shooter. Here pictured firing CCI Blazer 124gr brass. The integral gas pedal / takedown lever is a very nice feature and helps with recoil management of the gun during higher cadence shooting. The SIG P226 X5 is almost as fast and manageable as most 2011 Comped $4,000+ pistols.

USA Made SIG P226 X5

You can see that the support side hand, thumb, is in the perfect position for recoil management, as well as, pointing at the target. Makes for a very natural pointing gun.

Nidhogg OWB with Short Tac Belt Mount Drop and Thigh Band, all from ANR DESIGN

We are so happy for the production fit and finish of this holster. It compliments the SIG P226 X5 perfectly and was released the same day as the pistol from SIG SAUER INC.

ANR Design Nidhogg Holster for the Sig Sauer P226 X5

The Sig P226 X5 optic cut is compatible with the DPP and Sig Romeo 1 Pro optics. We wish it didn’t loose the rear BUIS when utilizing an optic.

Sig P226 X5 with Romeo 1 PRO

In Closing on the Sig Sauer P226 X5

The SIG P226 X5 is a fantastic gun. Please watch the embedded YouTube video for a more detailed synopsis of the SIG P226 X5 USA Made pistol.

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  1. Ben Crowell

    Can you make two ANR Nidhogg holsters for the Sig P226 X-5, but leave the bottom of the holster open for a longer slide?

    My wife and I both shoot Sig P226 X-Six’s, and we are looking for an X-Six Kydex holster – so far with little success.



    1. Alex Costa

      The holsters we make don’t fit the German guns unfortunately.

  2. Where can I get those ebony wood checkered grips

    1. Alex Costa

      they came factory from germany

  3. Steve Bimm

    Are you building holsters for the new P226 X5 Legion with the 4.5 Barrel, gas pedal takedown lever, and 1913 rail, yet?

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