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The Firearm Blog | TFB EXCLUSIVE: Pre-Production Development of The CZ P-10 C – Part 1

Posted May 26, 2019 by Alex C

The CZ P-10 C is quickly becoming an iconic pistol. Chambered in 9×19, the P-10 C has many features that other pistols in its category do not, while being more affordable than many of its competitors.  I’m not going to give a clinical description of the firearm — I’m here to tell you why I fell so deeply in love with this pistol and why it usurped the M&P and Glock as my favorite striker-fired pistol. This will be a three-part series through the evolution of pre-production to current manufactured P-10 series pistols.


Rewind to 2016 – I was approached by CZ-USA to test the pre-production CZ P-10 C and I was ecstatic at the opportunity.  At the time, I was carrying a CZ P-07 “Cajunized” DA/SA 9×19. I tend to switch back and forth between hammer and striker fired guns. As it always does, nostalgia kicked in and I’m currently back into hammer guns.

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