Test Equipment Tuesday: Hoffman Adapter Plates


BY: Tyler Roberts, Owner of Licentia Arms Co.

Licentia Arms Co. has recently kicked off a video series, Test Equipment Tuesday where we take a detailed dive into the Test Equipment that we use, in-house, to provide the best products available to our customers ( www.licentiaarmsco.com ).  Licentia Arms Co. is all about transparency and raising industry standards.  Test Equipment Tuesday was started with the whole goal to not only show a unique behind the scenes view of night vision manufacturing, but also arm the community with the knowledge to hold the industry accountable.  The harsh truth is most night vision companies are not using test equipment and sourcing products from unknown channels without disclosing it to their customers.  In fact, a lot of companies are even operating out of their homes putting basement-built product onto the market to unsuspecting customers.  We want customers to understand the importance of test equipment, why it matters, and what questions to ask when screening a night vision company.

Hoffman Engineering Testing Station

Hoffman Adapter Plates and What do they Do?

On this episode of Test Equipment Tuesday, we build off our first episode over the Hoffman Engineering ANV-126a by going over Adapter Plates.  We discuss what are Hoffman Adapter Plates, what they do, and why they are important. The video below was from TET Ep. 1.

Hoffman Engineering adapter plates are plates that we use as the foundation for each individual night vision system to sit on the Hoffman ANV-126a, over the optics port, on the test set. These plates allow us to sit a system on the Hoffman ANV-126a at the perfect distance from the reticles inside the test set to properly calibrate and test each system.  This allows our technicians to calibrate and test each goggle or monocular.  With the proper system specific adapter plates, we can remove another variable of human error by not having to constantly adjust each system when we are calibrating, testing, or maintaining night vision.  These system specific plates are crucial due to the perfect light seal they offer for each system.  This provides us with a further degree of accuracy for the precision products that our customers demand.

Hoffman Plates

More Detailed Look at Licentia Arms Co YouTube Channel

For a more detailed look at Hoffman Engineering Adapter Plates and how we use them at Licentia Arms Co. please watch episode two of Test Equipment Tuesday below. Stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/LicentiaArmsCo) as we continue our Test Equipment Tuesday series diving deep into our suite of test equipment and the intricate nature of night vision manufacturing.

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PVS-14 on a Hoffman PVS-14 Plate

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