Sig Sauer MCX Rattler with ANVL UKON Optic Mount


The Sig Sauer MCX Rattler is hands-down our favorite PDW ever produced. Originally chambered in 300 BLK, it now comes in .556. We will only be referencing the 300 BLK version of the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler in this blog. The Sig Sauer MCX Rattler comes in at 5.5 inch, 1:5 twist barrel making it highly concealable and very accurate over short distances. It has a two position gas block for easy of switching between subsonic and supersonic ammunition.

Sig Sauer MCX Rattler SBR with ANVL UKON RMR and SIG SRD QD 7.62

Purpose and Initial Use of the Sig Sauer Rattler

The Sig Sauer MCX Rattler is a very compact PDW. It was design to fit in the glove box of larger trucks. These guns are bomb proof, and hefty little buggers. The weight does make it a heavy to carry around in a shoulder bag for an extended period of time. The Rattler was specifically designed for unsuppressed fire. Contrary to what you see on Instagram, the gun can be suppressed with the SIG SRD 7.62-QD, but was designed to be fired un-suppressed with supersonic ammo, deployed from concealment. All this to create a loud, impactful presentation and crowd dispersion.

Our favorite bag for concealment of the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler is the Arc’teryx LEAF Courier 15 bag. They are very hard to come by. The Arc’teryx LEAF Courier 15 has a padded sleeve for laptop carry, or a firearm. You can also carry a laptop in the sleeve, and the Rattler in the larger pouch. The sides of the Arc’teryx LEAF Courier 15 have zippered access to the Rattler. The bag could be modified to fire from the bag for more that one shot. In the current configuration, the bag could fire one shot, then accessed through the main bag. The zippered side are more for pistol access and removal of a pistol (handgun) through the access ports. The Arc’teryx LEAF Courier 15 was initially designed for the Sig Sauer Rattler MCX (

The Sig Sauer Rattler in its more compact configuration.

For the total breakdown of the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler, check out the SIg Sauer Official website This is the best resource for size and weight specifications of the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler. The video below was shot at Sig Sauer Academy with John Hollister, a few weeks before the official public sale of the Rattler. This was the SIG Sauer Post Sample Demo Machinegun Rattler that we were allowed to shoot and film.

Suppressing the Sig Sauer Rattler

The Sig Sauer MCX Rattler was designed to be fire PRIMARILY unsuppressed. The suppressed capability was for after crowd dispersion and a short E&E, the operator could fix the suppressor to the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler, and get back to work more quietly. This was the thought process behind the original implementation of the Rattler weapon system. Why do we know this? Since the first Military solicitation of the Rattler, ANR Design has been involved with said Militaries and tasked to assist in the implementation of optic systems to the Rattler. More of this history below. Back to suppressing the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler! The best suppressor for suppression is the Sig Sauer SRD 7.62-QD Suppressor. It is significantly gassy at the shooter when static. The Rattler is being used in some units with the newer Sig Sauer SLH 7.62 as a replacement for the MP5K weapon systems. The SLH 7.62 and the SLH 300 BLK suppressors do significantly reduce gas at the shooter, but sound suppression is unimpressive.

Check out the ANR Design YouTube below for the the full rundown comparing the old SRD to the new SLH suppressor lines by Sig Sauer, Inc.

The best suppressor for suppression and muzzle flash is the Sig Sauer SRD QD 7.62. These are the specifications of the SRD 762-QD ( Unfortunately, the SRD suppressor line has been discontinued and the new replacement suppressor, the SLH 300BLK does no justice to the SRD QD in terms of suppression.

Best Ammunition for the Sig Sauer Rattler

The Sig Sauer MCX Rattler digests a plethora of ammo. We do have some suggestions. This list is generated because of some of of these options being the specific rounds that the MCX Rattler and MCX LVAW were designed to shoot. There is one specific projectile we cannot share, but we will get you as close as possible. The suggestions we have are the following:

Best supersonic ammunition is the Barnes TAC-TX 110gr 300BLK. Here is a link to the specific projectile. (

Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos. The heaviest you can find, loaded for subsonic. (

Discreet Ballistics 188gr Selous Expander – alternative subsonic ammunition for soft targets. (

Best Target / Training subsonic ammunition is the Sig Sauer Elite Match Grad 220gr 300BLK. (

Optics on the Sig Sauer Rattler

The optics to put on the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler are endless. Optic choice is always personal preference with optics. The Sig Sauer Rattler MCX was designed for vehicle use and deployment, or under garment deployment. So, we like to keep ours minimalistic. Some folks, and military units are turning to the Rattler as a substitute for HK MP5s. They are pimping the Rattler our with 1.93 high optic systems, laser devices, and high flow suppressors for specific capabilities.

The Trijicon RMR is the pinnacle of open emitter ruggedized MRDS. The RMR 09 Type 2, adjustable LED, 1.0 MOA DOT is perfect for the Rattler. The 1.0 MOA dot is perfect for keeping a tight group, and on a rifle or PDW platform, it is very easy to find. Buy yours at ANR Design by following this link (

The Original ANVL UKON RMR mount from First Piece Analysis and Testing.

History of ANVL UKON Trijicon RMR Mount RMR is an interesting one. ANR has a relationship with a particular Military unit. ANR designed the ANVL UKON RMR Mount for the Rattler MCX for the sole purpose to create an emergency BUIS system so the picatinny rail could have less accessories attached, keeping the gun more minimalistic. There are two separate Tier 1 units that specifically have their Sig Sauer MCX Rattler with the Trijicon RMR with ANVL UKON RMR mount.

ANVL UKON V2 is a micro Trijicon RMR rifle mount that incorporates a single focal plane absolute co-witness backup iron sight package. It utilizes a standard type AR-15 adjustable front sight post. It has the ability to adjust elevation. The user can adjust elevation to be point of aim, point of impact for subsonic rounds while still running the red dot for super sonic and vice versa. It can be used as an absolute co-witness as well for a backup if the red dot fails. Because it is a single focal plane, and it is so close together for a sight picture; the irons actually act like a backup red dot. The mount is constructed from 6061 aluminum with a Class III hard coat. Product Weight: 2.3oz ANVL UKON RMR can be purchased here.

ANR Design was issued the Nation Stock Number for the ANVL UKON RMR mount, NSN#:1005-01-694-7493. The NSN process is explained here in great detail (

Sig Sauer Rattler Holster and Sling Accessories

Rattler Low Vis Retention Clamp, a Sig Sauer Rattler Holster, was developed for a Tier 1 Unit for the purpose of the concealment of the SIG Rattler MCX under garments and a more secure way to support the SIG Rattler MCX in double Velcro wall PDW Low vis bags and packs. The Velcro on the holster can be sandwiched by a double wall or single wall Velcro panel inside a bag to secure the small, but heavy PDW in orientations more desirable for ease of access. Ex: Messenger bag, helps the PDW stay parallel to the bottom of the bag. Backpack, helps the PDW stay vertical in the bag. The Rattler Low Vis Retention Clamp, Sig Sauer Rattler Holster, ships with a Blade Tech Tek-Lok Large belt clip. This is a very versatile mounting system. For low vis carry, we recommend the Blade Tech Adjustable Paddle attachment (used in the images of carry), not provided by ANR Design. The clamp is manufactured in 0.125″ Thick KYDEX™, and is fashioned with a Blade Tech hole matrix. The Clamp, a Sig Sauer Rattler Holster, is ambidextrous and bi-directional. It can be used rail side down, and handguard side up. Since the Rattler handguard is not symmetrical top down, and vice versa, the cut away for the QD shoulder does not line up in both directions. This is a non issue and does not interfere with the effective retention of the clamp.

ANR Design Rattler Holster can be purchased at ANR Design was issued the National Stock Number for the ANR Rattler Clamp, NSN#:1005-01-694-7493. The NSN process is explained here in great detail (

POI-TAC makes a cool single point sling mount ( “The ST-MCX is a robust and unobtrusive sling mount for your MCX lower receiver. Although the ST-MCX is quick to attach, it is not quick to remove. The downfall of QD sling swivels is that they can become accidentally detached, posing a danger to yourself and others. The ST-MCX gives the operator a hard point to attach any hook style sling.” The suggested sling for the POI-TAC and ANR Rattler Clamp combo is the MS3 from Magpul (

The Best Low Vis WML for the Rattler MCX 300 BLK

Micro Scout Light Pro by Surefire was designed for this specific use. Super low vis WML that is on a hinge for snugging the light system as tight to the handguard or mounting surface as possible. We decided to keep the clicky tail-cap, keeping it super simple. The Surefire Micro Scout Light Pro does cancel the ability to use the ANR Design Rattler Clamp. The Surefire Micro Scout Light Pro has a wide throw and no hotspot making it great for CQC indoor use.

See Better. Conserve Space.The Micro Scout Light Pro is the most compact Weapon Light to bear the Scout Light name, designed and precisely engineered from the ground up to deliver close-quarters illumination with minimal impact on your weapon’s profile. Its minimal size, weight make it an ideal choice for positive target ID, low-light navigation, or Sensitive Site Exploitation. You won’t even know it’s there unless you need it. And SureFire’s Low-Profile Mount (LPM) allows you the flexibility to adjust the Micro Scout Light Pro so it is close to the weapon, no matter the rail or configuration.

Buy yours on the ANR Design website by following this link (

In Summary

This weapon system is a great simple PDW, but can be a host for a plethora of capabilities and ammo types. It is a diverse weapon system that can achieve most CQC mission requirements. All of these above reasons make it the number one PDW in our opinion.

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  1. The Rattler was literally designed to be suppressed, what the hell are you talking about? SIG specifically states this on their Q&A on the product page with regards to cycling with sub sonic.

    1. Alex Costa

      Actually wasn’t. Published SIG stuff is for civilian digestion. The Rattler was NOT designed to be 100% all the time in a MIL use and application. There is a reason why our rattler holster and ANVL UKON are NSN through a MIL entity and our involvement with accessories.

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