Shooting Competitions in New Hampshire


New Hampshire offers several great locations for USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) and PCSL (Practical Competition Shooting League) events. Here are some of the top clubs and ranges in the state known for hosting these types of competitions:

USPSA Locations in New Hampshire

  1. Pemi Valley Pistol Club (Plymouth, NH)
    • Description: A popular club that hosts USPSA matches regularly. They offer a well-maintained range and a supportive shooting community.
    • Website: Pemi Valley Pistol Club
  2. Cheshire County Shooting Sports Education Foundation (Keene, NH)
    • Description: Known for its extensive facilities and regular USPSA matches, this club is a favorite among practical shooting enthusiasts.
    • Website: CCSSEF
  3. Monadnock Rod and Gun Club (Peterborough, NH)
    • Description: Offers a variety of shooting sports, including USPSA matches. They are known for their well-organized events and welcoming atmosphere.
    • Website: Monadnock Rod and Gun Club

PCSL Locations in New Hampshire

PCSL is a newer league and might not have as many dedicated locations as USPSA yet. However, many clubs that host USPSA events are likely to host PCSL events as well, given the similarities in practical shooting sports. Here are some places to check:

  1. Pemi Valley Pistol Club (Plymouth, NH)
    • Description: As mentioned, Pemi Valley is active in practical shooting sports and may host PCSL matches or be open to organizing them.
    • Website: Pemi Valley Pistol Club
  2. Country Pond Fish & Game Club (Newton, NH)
    • Description: This club is known for a variety of shooting disciplines and could be a potential venue for PCSL matches. They have the facilities to support practical shooting events.
    • Website: Country Pond Fish & Game Club

Additional Resources

  • New Hampshire USPSA Section: This is a good resource for finding upcoming matches and locations within the state. Check out the New Hampshire USPSA Section website for a calendar of events and more information.
  • Practiscore: This is a useful platform for finding USPSA and PCSL matches across the country. You can search for matches in New Hampshire by visiting Practiscore.

By checking these clubs and using resources like Practiscore, you can stay updated on upcoming USPSA and PCSL events in New Hampshire.

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