Sellrain AK – MPi-AKS-74NK in 5.45x39mm


This is a clone of an East German MPi-AKS-74NK in 5.45x39mm. The abbreviations stand for Maschinenpistole MPi (Submachine gun) – Automat Kalaschnikow mit Stütze (AK with stock) – 74 (caliber) Nachtsichtgerät (night vision device capable) Kurz (short). They were built in 1987 in East Germany for airborne troops and tankers who needed a shorter weapon system than the standard length AK74. After the collapse of East Germany, the MPi-AKS-74NK was supposed to remain with former East German military units but the federal government rejected them and nearly all of the submachine guns were destroyed. (Iannamico, Frank. AK-47 “The Grim Reaper”. 2008 p. 311)

Sellrain’s Favorite Rifle to Build and Shoot

This model rifle is my personal favorite to shoot and build due to its one of a kind composition. The gas block style is unique to East Germany. It uses a 90° gas port instead of the 45° found on the standard 7.62×39 versions. The folding stock is more ergonomic than the similar stock found on the AMD-65 and unlike many common side folding AK rifles, the East German stock folds to the right allowing accessories to remain on the scope rail while the stock is folded. The shorter barrel (12.5-13”) found on AK submachine guns makes the rifle much easier to manipulate while still retaining much of the bullet performance, the MPi is no exception. Also, for reasons unknown to me, the recoil impulse is much more manageable at this length than full length rifles. Not in the sense that these kick less but the recoil is simply different and lends to faster target acquisition and follow up shots. The MPi is not as compact as the AKS-74u with an 8” barrel (Krink), which to me feels too small, specifically when wearing body armor, baggy or winter clothing. All of these attributes make it a functionally perfect size AK74. 

Receiver of the Sellrain MPi AKM

Perspectives When Building the MPi AK

I’m not sure how other builders view their builds but I approach them from two perspectives. 1. Guts 2. Wardrobe. The guts of the rifle are the main functioning components. Barrel, bolt carrier, bolt, front trunnion (where the barrel is pressed into) and the receiver. If an AK is properly built with good guts then it can be dressed up with all kinds of accessories without worrying about the inherent reliability of the operating system. Most of the guts are pinned, pressed and riveted making it easy to retain the original quality while swapping accessories elsewhere on the gun. The MPi is an iconic gun so the wardrobe doesn’t usually change, even though it can without compromising the shooting quality. Wardrobe items can be anything from highly functional compensating muzzle devices to magazine wells or M4 stocks via an adapter. The AK community is lucky to have a short but amazing list of aftermarket companies like JMAC Customs making really great products. 

Alex of ANR Design handling the Sellrain MPi

Sling pictured is the ANR Design “The Link” Rifle Sling, found here (

The guts of this MPi clone are of Bulgarian origin, with the exception of the gas block, which is made by JMAC Customs and the East German specific receiver made by Recreator Blanks. Since nearly all of the original MPi-AKS-74NK’s were destroyed, builders like me source the best quality AK74 core components to build a clone. Metallurgy of Combloc AK factories was exceptional, the quality and longevity of these surplus parts reflects that. Sadly, once these parts are gone, they’re gone forever. The surplus parts aren’t desirable just because of their historic value but also because they really are the best compared to today’s offerings. The barrel is a virgin (brand new) Arsenal Bulgaria military grade barrel from a manufacturing plant that’s been around for about 140 years. This particular barrel is cold hammer forged and chrome lined. The chrome lining on many surplus and new AK barrels is thick in comparison to other domestic offerings. This thick chrome lining helps the barrel reduce wear under automatic fire and protects it from corrosive ammunition adding to the robust reputation AKs are known for. There is no finer AK74 barrel available in the US in my opinion than this one. 

Original East German Furniture

The furniture on the rifle is original East German. The stock as mentioned before folds to the right, allows the use of accessories on the rail and still retains the use of the selector so it can be switched from safe to fire while folded. The stock also fits the standard rear trunnion found on wood stock rifles and it is much sturdier than the under-folding stock developed by the Russians. The handguards are plastic, most notably the lower handguard being Bakelite.

Original East German Furniture on the MPi

Bakelite is a high strength molded plastic that insulates the shooter’s hand from barrel heat. I’m not 100% sure why it’s purple but there are rumors that the amount of dye used to make Bakelite black caused it to fail. The darkest they could go was a version of purple. (commonly found in plum Bakelite magazines as opposed to orange). East German furniture is also very unique, which adds to the allure of the rifle. 

Grip of the Sellrain MPi

Muzzle Device Choice

The muzzle device is a Russian design closely related to the original East German flash hider. The difference being the Russian design is 360° ported and the East German ported only on the top.
Quite a few years ago I was lucky enough to get some parts from an MPi-AKS-74N (full length AK74) that retained the original East German finish. Over time I was able to customize a blend of Cerakote that exactly matched this finish. The finish found on these rifles is quite glossy and has a touch of blue in it when light reflects off it. 

Dead Air PBS-1 Wolverine now resides on the MPi


Sellrain Avtomat Kalashnikova

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  1. This is an absolute beauty, and it’s great to see updated content on one of the most underrated Kalashnikovs to date. All around great article and craftsmanship.

    1. Alex Costa

      Thanks Cory!

    2. Is this gun being produced or just made from parts kits, I’m looking into getting a MPi-AKS-74 clone cus they are Uber rare! Please reply or email me with any details, please please please!

  2. Is this gun being produced or just made from parts kits, I’m looking into getting a MPi-AKS-74 clone cus they are Uber rare

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