Nidhogg Builder – How to Build Your Holster


This is the most asked question of how to build a holster, what all the options are, and what they mean. The Nidhogg holster is a versatile Tactical Outside the Waistband holster designed in a “taco” style folded format. The Nidhogg was designed to have the hole patterns for Safariland QLS, G-Code RTI, and Bladetech Boss Hangers. This allows the end user to change mounting platforms without having to purchase and second holster. The Nidhogg is a host platform of holster for some of the World’s leading SOF and Tier 1 Units. The Nidhogg is formed fit with level 1 retention, making very difficult for the retention to fail in most physical activities. If retention is needed in the Breakaway Elastic Retention System or B.E.R.S. is compatible for our Nidhogg holsters. Read more about the B.E.R.S.

We also sell the Nidhogg with thigh bands, and Vastus Systems. These accessories, paired with our very own Tactical Belt Mount System, make for a very capable thigh rig set up.

Right Hand Light Bearing

Right Hand No Light

Left Hand Light/No Lightbearing

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