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ANR has been working for FN America for some time now. ANR Design helps produce branded holsters for FN America and supports all new FN America pistol offerings as they emerge. The newest gun from FN America, FN High Power, a spin on the classic BNHP or FN produced Hi-Power. It has a 17 round magazine, slightly larger slide and receiver, ambidextrous controls, decent trigger, and easy take-down. Find more specs of the FN High Power at

FN High Power at SHOT SHOW 2022 FN America Booth

ANR Design has been in possession of a prototype FN High Power since the inception of the project. ANR Design has been actively developing FN High Power holsters. The flagship holster hits the FN America E-Store shortly after SHOT SHOW 2022. Check out the holster selection that FN America offers All the FN America branded holsters are made by ANR Design.

FN America FN High Power Appendix Holster FRONT

ANR Design makes a plethora of other FN holsters. Check out our Quick Ship options for other FN America pistols at

FN America FN High Power Appendix Holster BACK

The new FN High Power is slightly larger. Alex, our CEO, has larger framed hands. The FN High Power follows the classic lines of a FN Hi-Power, with a whole new vibe! FN America modernized the platform with enhanced controls, a better trigger and the NO MAGAZINE DISCONNECT. The FN High Power has a nice balanced weight in the hands and the iron sights are easy to track. We are also big fans of the grip panels; slim with solid grip texturing.

FN High Power in hand at SHOT SHOW 2022

The FN High Power is a smooth shooter. It has a lower, classic height over bore with a solid return-to-zero. ANR Design plans to produce a YouTube video soon publishing the shooting portion of the review.

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  1. Will these be available in left handed eventually?

    1. Alex Costa


  2. Hey Alex,

    is there any chance you guys will make a holster for this with the QLS fork?

    1. Alex Costa

      good idea

  3. I am looking for a LEFT handed OWB holster for the FN High Power. I see you have some right handed holsters on the FN website. Anything for us left handed folk for the FN High Powr?

    1. not yet. soon

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