Mini GHIDORAH-S: Combo KYDEX Mag Carrier for the Spiritus Systems JSTA


The Mini GHIDORAH-S is a combination universal pistol magazine & rifle magazine carrier designed specifically for the Spiritus Systems JSTA. Ambidextrous design allows the end user to run each magazine either way in the carrier or flipped around; rifle magazine side forward with pistol rearward.

The Mini GHIDORAH-S fits all standard GI, Magpul, and Lancer styled magazines.  Retention can be set between the pistol and rifle magazine sections. Overall fit and retention does matter, depending on how deep the end user runs the Mini GHIDORAH-S into the JSTA pouch. Retention quality will vary depending on the pistol magazine used and from which direction it faces. The Mini GHIDORAH-S comes in black with a pair of 3″ cut pieces of hook Velcro loose in the package. The should be fixed to the rifle magazine sections of the pouch to ensure the Mini GHIDORAH-S stays in place during use in the Spiritus Systems JSTA. If you’d like to purchase our Mini GHIDROAH-S, Click HERE.

KYDEX Insert for the JSTA Spiritus Systems Pouch

Spiritus makes the JSTA Pouch, CLICK HERE. “The JSTA Pouch was designed as a space saving solution for battle belts and other platforms with MOLLE mounting points. The pouch features two inline stacked compartments that allow the end user to combine their magazine holders with a GP pouch in a small form factor. The inner sleeve is lined with Velcro loop fields that will accept Spiritus Systems magazine inserts. The outer pouch is built with a quick-open Velcro flap, and has two compartments. The primary compartment features a Velcro loop field that will accommodate Spiritus Systems Utility Inserts. The secondary compartment can function as either as admin storage for smaller items or additional spill over from the main compartment. If the outer GP pouch is empty, the pouch is designed to lay extremely flat against the body. This reduces the pouch’s snag hazard when not in use. The JSTA can either be mounted to a belt through the integrated belt loops, or with MOLLE webbing. The pouch requires 3 rows & 3 columns of MOLLE to be properly mounted and has a footprint similar to the Spiritus Systems Small GP Pouch. Outside of belt mounted configurations, the JSTA is a great alternative to a small GP for flanking a Micro Fight on the Thing 2 Chassis. It can also be mounted to an LV/119 MOLLE Cummerbund.” 

Connor, drawing the 556 Mag from the Mini Ghidorah-S

The Mini GHIDORAH-S mag carrier for the Spiritus System JSTA was an idea given to us from Alex H of Ridgeline Defense, Alex saw our GHIDORAH and GHIDORAH-S, GHIDORAH-S, and thought this would be a great idea and remedy for the nylon-Velcro-in mag inserts already available on the market. Many users don’t like the Velcro pouch inserts because they are hard to re-holster the magazine carriers. We wanted to improve the the KYDEX options for kangaroo pouches on Chest Rigs and Plate Carriers. We already had a KYDEX mag carrier solution for the Mk4 Micro Flight Chassis, Mk4 Micro, so it was only right that we made one for the JSTA.

Hope you like all the new kit we are putting out! Don’t forget to snag your Mini GHIDORAH-S for the Spiritus Systems JSTA Pouch HERE.

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  1. Barrett Pearse

    it did not fit my pouch at all…..

    1. Alex Costa, but typically it’s a tight pouch, not a poorly cut KYDEX insert. We have noticed that SS has a pretty large range of QC in terms of tightness and looseness of their products. You could try by sanding the sides of the Mini Ghidorah-s down to fit the width better. Ours are machine cut and measured each time. SS stuff is hand sewn.

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