Master Blaster, a Sidecar Holster Story


Dare to be different, yet stay in one’s lane. There are a plethora of sidecar holster styles all over the internet. Some sidecar holsters are two pieces of KYDEX with a solid construction between magazine and pistol. There are jointed or hinged sidecar holsters on the internet as well. It has become a very saturated market. The ANR Design Master Blaster KYDEX sidecar holster came out in 2015. ANR Design decided to keep the design to only facilitate single stack, sub compact pistols without light. ANR Design was the first to successfully make a single body sidecar holster, one clip design, vacuum formed for mass production.

One Solid Body Construction Sidecar Holster

Master Blaster, a sidecar holster, comes standard with the magazine (rounds) facing the firearm. It utilizes a single adjustable bushing to adjust the retention for the magazine. There is adjustable retention under the trigger guard as well. This allows individual retention properties of both the firearm and the magazine carrier portion of the Master Blaster sidecar holster. The Master Blaster is one of ANR Design’s premier concealed carry holsters.

Body side of the Master Blaster with claw

The Master Blaster sidecar holster has a single eyelet, under the magazine carrier portion of the holster to reinforce the KYDEX in that area. KYDEX concealed carry holsters are very resilient, but not impervious to cracking or deformation.

Body Types and Curvature of the Master Blaster Sidecar Holster

Formed to the body. Fits all body types due to the holster only being made for single stack, sub compact pistols. The Master Blaster concealed carry holsters’ construction is a one piece design that is wrapped around a vacuum formed jig that is pre-curved to the body. The small construction of the Master Blaster, and small footprint on the end-user; results in a comfortable design that fits almost all users. The Master Blaster concealed carry holsters are not too curved, perfect for the wider, flatter, female pelvic region. Due to the shallow curve, it also fits larger burley men with bellies. The end-user can carry the sidecar holster on center or off center.

Curved to the body but small enough to fit all body types

One size fits all with the Master Blaster sidecar holster. From the top down view, you can witness the soft, but effective curvature. ANR Design came up with a unique way to achieve such curvature in a single piece formed design concealed carry holster. That is a trade secret though!

Where to buy ANR Design Master Blaster Sidecar Holster

Our flagship Master Blaster, sidecar holster, was released with no claw. Check out our original Master Blaster design here by following this link.

The ANR Design Master Blaster that is most popular is the Master Blaster with claw. Check it out at this link.

SIG SAUER and ANR Design

SIG loves the ANR Design Master Blaster, sidecar holster. SIG began selling the Master Blaster, sidecar holster, for P365 and P365 XL pistols in January 2022. It sells out almost immediately, followed by “out of stock” for a few weeks. ANR Design built a specific manufacturing cell just to keep up with the SIG Sauer demand for the Master Blaster, sidecar holster, for the SIG P365 and SIG P365 XL Holsters

Master Blaster, sidecar holster, advertising email blast that was distributed by Sig Sauer for the launch

If you want to check out the sale listing for the ANR Design Master Blaster, P365 sidecar holster on SIG Sauer’s website, follow this link!

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