How to Setup a 2-Point Sling on a PDW


2-Point Slings can be used on a PDW. This is a common misconception when folks buy a PDW and think that they cannot use a 2-point rifle sling. Single-point rifle slings have their place on some PDWs, but 2-Point is more ideal in many situations. In this case a MP5 is the subject, more specifically, a Dakota Tactical D54R-N Reverse Stretch ( A reverse stretch MP5 is unique because it has the full-size MP5 receiver paired with the MP5K front! For larger guys, like myself, that want the longer length of pull, but a shorter muzzle for vehicle or CQB training; it is the perfect PDW. The Link Sling, 2-point rifle sling, can be used just as well used as a 2-point PDW sling. This article will help you setup your Link PDW Sling or any other 2-point sling on an MP5. These mounting practices can be used for other PDWs, such as, the Stribog, B&T APC9, B&T APC9k, B&T APC9 PRO, other MP5s, Sig Sauer Rattler MCX, Maxim PDW, Daniel Defense 300 PDW, CZ Scorpion Evo 3, CZ Scorpion 3+, and more.

2-Point Slings Can Be Used on the Smallest of PDWs

This Dakota Tactical is fairly small. It is a nice little package. 2-Point sling on a PDW means more control over the weapon system when slung. The user can snug the sling tighter to the body when static and stowing the weapon. The sling has a wide range of motion than some single-point PDW slings. At full length-of-pull, the weapon can be transferred to the opposite shoulder without encumberment. A 2-point PDW sling can allow the user to quickly relocate the weapon system to the user’s back, to get the weapon out of the way when conducting admin or climbing. The 2-point PDW sling can be adjusted tight on the fly with the pull tab and the user can use their hand with sling in palm to apply tension to the system and handguard for increased weapon stability. 2-point PDW slings are so much more versatile than single-point slings.

The Link rifle sling that we make is perfect for the the MP5 platform. The shoulder pad is set closer to the rear of the stock and the shoulder pad is almost equal length to the stock itself. The Link Sling by ANR Design can be purchased here (

Fully Stowed and Side Folded for Bag Carry or Vehicle Use

Setting the Sling Up in the Front of the PDW

Most MP5s can attach a slink with a HK hook sling attachment. This D54R-N has a DT Handguard with M-LOK sections and a QD swivel cup. The front loose end of the Link rifle sling is laced through the QD swivel and back through the tri-glide forward to secure the sling in place. Mounting a sling to an MP5 can be replicated in most other PCC or PDW platform weapon systems in this same way.

1.00″ Quick Disconnect into a M-LOK QD Cup, Looped Through Swivel and Back Through the Tri-Glide

Setting Up the Sling in the Rear of the PDW

Depending on the stock or sling loop on the PDW, the sling mounting can be different. In this case, the DT D54R-N has a B&T MP5 right side folding stock. There is a small notch on the stock and have pulled the sling tight to the shoulder portion of the stock. ALWAYS double back your sling through the tri-glide to ensure the sling will not slip out.

Looped Around the Stock and Back Through the Tri-Glide

Accessories to Support Sling Mounting

A must have accessory for many PDWs for a 2-point PDW sling is the NeoMag Sentry Strap. The Sentry Strap is an elastic that wraps around the handguard or stock and is secured with Velcro with a secondary elastic strap paired with a magnet. There is a magnet sewn into the main elastic that secures to the weapon system. The loose magnet flap holds the folded up sling to the weapon system where you place the Sentry Strap. We stock and sell the NeoMag Sentry Strap at

Due to the very limited rail space of the MP5K front, the NeoMag Sentry Strap is mounted and placed on the B&T MP5 stock at the rear. The Sentry Strap magnetic flap secured the folded up sling and shoulder pad tight to the stock of the weapon. This 2-point PDW sling stowing option could be used on the B&T sub guns, CZ Scorpions, Stribogs, and other small side-folding PDW systems. Stowing the sling on the stock is fairly common and also seen in AR-15 sling stowing applications as well. It’s personal preference where you decide to place your NeoMag Sentry Strap. We have a variety of colors available at

Sling Stowed, with some Slack.

Below, you can see how the NeoMag Sentry Strap is secured to the stock right before the injection molded eyelet on the stock. That eyelet nub to the right of the NeoMag Sentry Strap keeps the strap in tension when rapidly deploying the sling.

Opposite Side View: Positioning of the NeoMag Sentry Strap

In Closing

Do not be fooled by Fudds at your LGS telling you to run some shitty single point sling they are selling that could be found at an Army Surplus store. Nothing is worse than dropping the weapon system to go to your secondary, and the PDW tags your crotch, crippling your temporarily during training. Run your PDW with a 2-point sling, whether it’s the ANR Design The Link rifle sling or something else; just do yourself a solid and run a 2-point sling.

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