Having Great Quality Concealment Gear Can Help You Win a Match 


Sig Sauer Explore Center in Epping, New Hampshire

Earlier this year, I did something that has been on my bucket list for awhile now, and that was to visit the SIG Sauer Experience Center, SIG’s ranges, and to compete in one of their matches. Which is exactly what I did. Not only that, but I ended up winning the match overall. I am not here to brag, trust me, but instead I wanted to share the importance of great gear and why quality matters, especially under the moments you may need it the most.

Picking the Correct Holster to Compete With

Just like with many of you, I have a variety of holsters. And from a woman’s perspective, there are NEVER enough holsters. Women are all shaped differently and let’s face it, we wear an incredible variety of clothes that comes in all shapes and fittings. That being said, you may have a handgun that you lean to the most when you are carrying and further you may have that one holster that always seems to be your go-to on most days of the week. For me, that would be my SIG P320 AXG Scorpion and my ANR IWB teal holster. 

In this article I am not going to dive into how I carry and when I carry a particular handgun depending on the season, apparel, etc.. but to sum up a very lengthy topic: I typically carry appendix. So when I saw that SIG was hosting their first Female Concealed Carry Match, I packed up my gear and headed North. Gleaming with excitement to be at the massive SIG facility with the ladies, we carried on with our intense but fun 10 stage (IDPA focused) match. 

Gearing Up Women

Talking with the ladies, gear seemed to be the center of discussions numerous times. Some of the ladies had been shooting for many years, some were seasoned competitors and some were new to the sport. Most of the ladies had decided to carry appendix and some decided to carry at their 3’oclock and some with an OWB set-up with a jacket. I remember thinking how all of the minutes to hours to days I had practiced with my concealed carry gear was now paying off. But my ultimate thought kept leading back to how thankful I was that my holster and mag pouches, after countless hours of wear and tear I had on them from training, were still holding up without a single issue. When only a few months prior I had experienced a holster malfunction from my USPSA holster set-up, right smack dab in the middle of a Max Michel training session. Talk about embarrassing.. Needless to say, that holster brand is no longer one I use. I have always been the type that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it and if it works, then take care of it and stick with it. Durability is truly peace of mind when it comes to the topic of gear in the shooting sports. This is the biggest reason I find brands like ANR Design that have high quality products, and I stick with them, because I KNOW they will help me succeed. 

Why I Choose ANR Design Holsters

Not only did I use the ANR Design holster, but I also had two ANR Design mag pouches tucked that I used throughout the match. Again, not a single issue nor malfunction with the gear. I like to keep it simple, and consistent. Simple meaning, to me, less is more. When there is less “stuff” on your gear, the less likely there will be potential hang ups or fumbles or something to go wrong. I like the way ANR Design keeps their gear sleek and simple but effective in their designs. When I mean “consistent” I mean, when I find something that works for me, makes me fast, and I can duplicate using it under pressure, then I work that over and over again, until I no longer have to think about it. For this, I make sure how I set up my belts (whether for USPSA or IDPA or 2-Gun), I keep the positioning as duplicated as possible. Obviously there are some factors that can not be duplicated as much, such as clearing garment versus not clearing garment, or the initial placement for the grip on the pistol can be slightly different, depending on the current discipline, but you get the idea. It can make a difference when you are shooting to no longer have to actively “think” about your gear.

Gear & Holster Maintenance

How often do you check your gear? If you ask me this question, I’ll tell you I like to check my gear constantly. That is because without reliable and working gear, you decrease your shot at winning a match and even more importantly, winning a gunfight if you should have to use your firearm. I check my gear anytime my hands touch it. Before a match, during the match, after a match, before I put it on for concealed carry, after I take it off for the night, when I am transporting it, etc.. When checking the gear, I look at the screws and hardware first. Has anything become loose? Are there any cracks? Any warping from those super hot slides onto the KYDEX (yes I have had pistols literally melt some KYDEX from getting too hot on the range). Any rust occurring? Any cleaning needed? Etc.. To me checking your gear is very important and only takes a minute or so, to do.

Closing Thoughts

So my final thoughts are, don’t skimp on the good quality gear. Stick with what you like and that holds-up well, and then practice with it. Check your gear consistently and take great care of it. I also hope you get the opportunity to check out the SIG Experience Center and maybe jump in on one of their trainings or matches. It truly is an incredible facility. And if you take a peek in the incredible shop in the SIG Center, and glance down the holster aisle, make sure you pick up an ANR Holster or mag pouch, right there, ready to go for you!

Until next time, stay fully loaded. – Marcee Finn

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