GLOCK 26 vs GLOCK 43


The Glock 43 was first introduced to the US Market in 2015. The Glock 26 was introduced in 1994, for the feds. Feds wanted a concealable Glock that held 10 rounds. The Glock 19 is obviously the correct gun choice, but what the nerds at the FBI wanted something ignorant, just like their 40 cal. If you don’t feel like reading, here is the quick summary; both guns are now obsolete in their capabilities and offerings. The Glock 43 could be used as an ankle gun. The Glock 26 should just be discontinued, but fudds still love the platform (because the FBI once carried it). Buy a Glock 43X MOS instead of the Glock 43, and buy a damn Glock 19 over the Glock 26. Holster technology is so much better today than it was during the introduction of the Glock 26.

Glock 26 (left), Glock 43 (right)

How does the Glock 26 vs the Glock 43 Compare When Concealed?

Carry a Glock 26 in a Glock 19 holster, and the gun will actually conceal. The Glock 26 has a short muzzle that doesn’t ballast itself against the body. The same goes for the Glock 43. They short muzzle of both guns only sits a half inch or so, below the belt. Neither platform has a deep enough “keel” to keep the gun upright against the body.

If you do choose to carry one of these two weapon systems, we recommend sizing up to the next sized gun holster. In this case, we make Glock 19 KYDEX holsters, and Glock 48 KYDEX holsters. They are fantastic KYDEX IWB holsters! We are a little biased but go check them out. Either of those options for the corresponding model will drastically increase the user’s ability to conceal these guns.

Glock 26 (Left) vs Glock 43 (Right)

Capacity and Ergonomics of the Glock 26 vs Glock 43

The Glock 26 has a 10 round capacity in a standard double stack 9mm Glock magazine. This means the grip itself is as thick as a Glock 19. It was designed to only have two support fingers below the trigger guard, with a floating pinky. This makes the firearm much harder to shoot than the standard Glock 19. It has less contact with the user’s hand, which means less control on rapid follow-up shots. Achieving a quality master grip with the Glock 26 is difficult.

The Glock 43 has a pinky extension magazine and a flush magazine. The pinky extension magazine is certainly more comfortable and controllable to shoot. The smaller, skinnier grip on the Glock 43 is harder to hold. I have very large hands, and I find myself readjusting my grip every few shots to maintain a stronger master grip. The Glock 43 has a 6+1 capacity. There are a few mag extension options out there. Taran Tactical makes a +3 extension. Hyve Technologies makes quality extensions as well.

Glock 26 (Top), Glock 43 (Bottom)

Comparison Conclusion

They both are booty. Buy better guns with optic ready and light compatibility. A Glock 19 MOS or Zev Tech OZ9C are better substitutes for the Glock 26. The Glock 43X MOS or Glock 48 MOS would be the best substitutes for the Glock 43 if you’d like to stay in the Glock Family. Shield Arms makes a 15 round capacity 43X/48 metal bodied magazine. The best replacement for the Glock 43 is the Sig Sauer P365. It has a similar footprint, but has a 10 round capacity.

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