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The Dan Wesson DWX finally made it’s debut, but it wasn’t what we were expecting. ANR had originally planned for the Dan Wesson DWX Compact to be the first release! We even prepared Dan Wesson DWX Compact holsters after the 2020 Shot Show conference, in preparation for the Dan Wesson DWX Compact debut. We were confused when we received our Dan Wesson DWX. That’s okay! We had the 3D CAD and were able to turn an AIWB holster around in a few days of launch. We love this gun. It is a refreshing spin on 3 different guns mushed into one neat Frankenstein pistol than feels and runs like a 2011 type pistol.

The Dan Wesson DWX is a Frankenstein of Three Guns

Dan Wesson DWX is a true Frankenstein pistol. It has the grip, front and rear strap appearance of the CZ Shadow 2. The slide, frame, FCU are vehemently 2011/1911 inspired. Here’s the curveball, the Dan Wesson DWX uses CZ P-10 F or newer style CZ P-09 magazines. These magazines can be identified by the front void, and 2 other magazine catch holes on the front of the magazine body near the follower. This is a neat feature having a fairly available magazine that fetches $10-15 less than Staccato 2011 mags. This is a significant savings, since most 2011 owners have a dozen or so mags. If you’ve invested in a CZ P-10 F, then you are squared away. Henning Group is the manufacturer of the aluminum base-plates for both the Comp P-10 F and the Dan Wesson DWX.

The Dan Wesson DWX on the Range

Dan Wesson DWX is a blast to shoot. We obviously wished it was optic ready. Impact Machine is currently offering slide cutting services for Dan Wesson DWX pistols. The grips are manufactured by Henning Group. Different colors are available on the Henning Group website for the Dan Wesson DWX.

What can we say? The Dan Wesson DWX is a shooter. The Dan Wesson DWX has a beautiful bull barrel. The main spring can be tuned to lighten up the trigger pull just like a 1911. It runs and feels like a 2011, and equally as fast. We would like to see Dan Wesson DWX interchangeable recoil springs to match the load being fired. This would be a nice touch, matching springs to load, to get recoil dialed in perfectly.

ANR DESIGN Review of the Dan Wesson DWX

The magazine release would be the only thing we change on the pistol, or at least chamfer the edge so it doesn’t eat up the thumb muscle on shooters that ride more forward on their support hands. Well, we’d also have one picatinny slot on the dust cover, not 22 (sarcasm).

Dan Wesson DWX Holsters and Compatibility

Currently, ANR Design only offers right handed Dan Wesson DWX AIWB holsters. We do plan on releasing left hand AIWB Dan Wesson DWX holsters. The next major holster option to be added will be a right hand and left hand Dan Wesson DWX OWB in the Nidhogg configuration. The Nidhogg is our tactical / race holster option.

Closing Remarks About the Dan Wesson DWX

Hope you had an opportunity to watch our YT video on the Dan Wesson DWX and Dan Wesson DWX holsters. It’s a great shooter, with a limited sale at release. We hope to see more Dan Wesson DWX pistols in the wild, as well as, the Dan Wesson DWX Compact release. Hoping the Dan Wesson DWX Compact comes factory optic cut.

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  1. When can we expect to see a light bearing version of the AIWB or OWB?

    1. not sure exactly when, they do fit the staccato holsters!

    2. they are a hair tight on the slide in the staccato holsters, but they work

      1. I’m not finding that to be true..I have P holster thats open on the bottom and the DWX is too large.

        1. fits the XC length

  2. Harold Daniels

    Just waiting on your LH OWB holster for the DWX. Sometimes (often) it’s a pain being lefthanded!

    1. Alex Costa

      it’s coming!

  3. I’m a deputy sheriff and want to use the DWX for duty, do you have any plans on making a duty holster with light available? Thanks!

    1. only if it was a department wide purchase

  4. Larry Colclazier

    Have you made a left hand holster for dwx with some rest.

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