CZ-UB BREN 2 7.62×51 NATO Battle Rifle – Review by ANR Design


The Bren 2 is a widely popular platform in the US. CZ-UB Released the 556 and 762×39 Pistol variations 1st, followed by carbine options and CZ Built stocks. One of the platforms that hasn’t hit the US consumer market is the CZ BREN 2 7.62×51 NATO Model. The version we own, is a CZ-UB Form 6 Imported Machine Gun. It is the Czech Military variant and unavailable to normal US consumer purchase. The Bren 2 7.62×51 NATO is a 16″ barreled battle rifle with a three position FCU in 45 degrees for semi-auto, and 90 degrees for Full Automatic fire. The system is hard to suppress. Czech Republic has only recently made silencer ownership legal, and the gas system was designed, unfortunately, for unsuppressed fire only. There is a zero gas setting that has the capabilities to modified for suppressed tuning. There is very little information on suggested valve settings to create a manageable suppressed gun. Since the filming of this video, we have added a OSS 762 can and this has greatly reduced bolt speed increase and gas at the shooter. To learn more about this weapon system, check out the YouTube video below!

CZ Bren 2 7.62 x 51 NATO Takes SR25 Pattern Magazines. ANR Design manufactures the GHIDORAH 308 Mag Insert for Kangaroo Placard inserts

The tripod used is a Crux Ordnance 42mm

Atlas Bipod with picatinny clamp

Trijicon AccuPower

Dead Air Silencer Nomad

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