CZ SP-01 Tactical Two Month Review


By: Fridge Operator 

The last couple of months I have been shooting my CZ SP-01 Tactical, and so far it’s been working flawlessly. I’ve been carrying the gun as a winter concealed carry gun inside an ANR Design IWB with a claw. I’ve been really pleased with how well the gun has shot any type of ammo I have put through it. Whether its Wolf steel case, Brown Bear, Blazer aluminium cased ammo and a couple others. I don’t normally shoot the lower quality ammo, but went out and bought just to test out in my CZ. After around 300 rounds of lower quality ammo the gun was dirty but didn’t have a single malfunction. This is probably the first gun I can really notice becoming smoother the more I shoot it. I thought the gun had a smooth action when I first got the gun but after around 800 rounds it has really became a smooth shooting handgun.

One thing I will say is a small inconvenience with the SP-01 Tactical is the overall weight of the gun. The overall weight of the CZ is 40.5 ounces, and in a world full of striker fired polymer guns that’s heavier than most people are use to. With the amount of aftermarket parts for the SP-01 Tactical on the market, I’ve been looking for a company to take my gun and make it even smoother to shoot for self defense or competition shooting. After looking around and talking with a few different companies, I decided on Sending it to Cajun Gunwerks in West Monroe, Louisiana. They have are well known in the CZ community, so I decided to send it in to see what magic they could work on my gun. They said it would be 2-3 months turn around so when I get the gun back I will let you know but so far I am loving my SP-01 Tactical despite it being a heavier gun. I will definitely give you guys an update when the gun comes back after getting worked over by Cajun Gunwerks. If you have any questions feel free to ask below and stay safe out there.  

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