Conceal Carry as a Big Guy


Concealed carry as a big guy is a lot easier than you think. Follow this guide for some tips and tricks on some effective ways to carry your gun and magazine loadout daily. Remember, do what feels comfortable. This blog covers some school-of-thought of carry position with a belly. Magazine carry solutions from traditional kydex magazine carriers to The Neomag carrier for pocket carry.

On center carry as a big guy

Carrying on Center versus Appendix Carry as a Bigger Guy

There are two schools of though on this “appendix carry”. Appendix carry tends to mean carrying on the SIDE or off-center of the stomach region. It’s all personal preference and body type that dictates how someone carries. Do what makes YOU feel more comfortable. At the end of the day, you are carrying around a lump of polymer and metal in the waist and being comfortable can also allow the carrier to move around more naturally in their environment. New folks to conceal carry are always looking down, checking their kit, checking to see if the gun is printing, and truly exposing the fact that they are carrying. So do what makes you most comfortable so you can act natural. This also comes with experience of conceal carry as a bigger guy.

Alternative Magazine Carrying Options

Folks carry backup magazine carriers a few different ways. Vertical magazines have been the industry standard. ANR Design manufactures a few flavors. Standard magazine carrier, not deep concealment and carries in the vertical configuration ( ANR Design Deep concealment magazine for deeper, vertical carry ( The ANR deep concealment holster has a 3rd hole for mounting on a Blade Tech Tek Lok for outside the waistband carry. Lastly, the ANR Design Adjustable Deep Concealment magazine carrier ( seen below. The adjustable deep concealment magazine carrier has a index cutaway, and rotational cant for belt clip rotation. This allows the user carry the magazine at an angle, making it more comfortable for getting around the belly region. Some users like the cant for faster reloads.

Glock 19 ANR Design Appendix with claw holster and an ANR Design Adjustable Deep Conceal Mag Carrier at a cant.

Neomag Pocket Clip Magnetic Magazine Carriers

A Neomag in the pocket carry of backup magazines is a clever way to not add to the waistline. Sometimes carrying both gun and magazine inside the waistband can make for uncomfortable carry. The Neomag pocket clip is super convenient for magazine carry, especially if you wear the pants or shorts to have alternative pocket carry options. Some clothes are bad at supporting the Neomag pocket magazine carrier. Elastic pockets are not great. The weight of the magazine can stretch the pocket out with the Neomag pocket clip. So choose wisely when picking a wardrobe. Always have mag carrier options to fit your wardrobe or style.

Standard Neomag pocket clip hiding a Staccato 17 round magazine.
To quickly deploy the magazine, apply pressure on the bottom of the mag to expose the mag.

There are two types of Neomag. Glock style with 2 magnets, called the Neomag Type-G. The Glock type Neomag Type-G is designed purposedly with a pair of magnets instead of a single magnet, to defeat the the plastic insultation (haha) of the Glock magazines. Find your Neomag Type-G on the ANR Design website by following this link

There is also the standard model Neomag pocket clip for ALL OTHER pistols. This has alwasy been the gold standard for Neomag. Get yours here at

Larger Framed Guns for Bigger Guys who Carry

Bigger the man, bigger the gun. Alex is over 6 foot and roughly 250 lbs. He makes carrying a Staccato XC with Surefire X300U-B and Holosun HS509TX2 look easy ( This wouldn’t be too practical in the summer with tighter fitting clothes, but winter carry makes it more simple. A jacket with the front unzipped keeps access to this elite weapon system very viable in a hurry. Alex has paired his Staccato XC appendix carry holster ( with a Neomag Alias. The Neomag Alias creates a much more rigid belt mount system, keeping this very heavy pistol, upright on the belt. Alex is wearing a Blue Alpha duty liner belt ( Carrying full size guns appendix can easily conceal carry as a bigger guy.

Always Use a Gun Belt

No matter what body type you God gave you, it is absolutely paramount to have a good gun belt. Gun belts or EDC gun belts have reinforced construction specific to supporting the weight of a firearm. The rigidity helps keep the gun vertical on the waist and not listing to one side.

Blue Alpha makes the industry standard for CCW conceal carry belts. They have different options. The Hybrid EDC is the gold standard. It uses a cobra buckle male receptacle with the smaller hybrid female latch receptacle that fits in standard 1.50″ belt loops.

The Low Profile EDC belt is the same as the Velcro loop duty liner belt seen above. It is just missing the loop Velcro. Alex is using the Duty Liner Belt since he shoots so often, he can just rig on his duty belt in a hurry. The Low Profile EDC Belt can be found here

Choosing your Wardrobe

Make sure you dress the part when you conceal carry as a bigger guy. Bigger guys can carry larger framed guns, but you must make sure to wear appropriate attire when attempting to conceal carry. Tighter fit shirts don’t make you look thinner. They actually do the opposite. Pair a tight shirt on a bigger guy carrying a gun; now you can make out every intimate detail of the firearm the person is carrying.

Winter carry with a hoodie

Strongside carry is popular amongst the larger crowd. Some bigger guys who conceal carry tend to prefer this style of carry. It only really works if you have a small dumper. Larger bums actually hurt to conceal carry at the four o’clock because the gun stabs that fat booty.

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  1. Austin Thompson

    After talking with Alex, and thoroughly reading this article, I decided to step out of my tacti-cool comfort zone and ditch the sidecar. Long story short, I’m done with sidecar. Having a mag separate from the pistol has been the most comfortable form of carry I’ve ever tried. I’m 5’8” and 200, a little dad bod ish. Just try this set up and I can almost guarantee you’ll never go back.

    1. Alex Costa

      Hell yeah!

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