Beat the Blaze: Guide to Summer Firearms Training


“Hey, can I borrow some of that awesome chalk of yours?” – The question I get at almost every match this time of year. While some regions are blessed with cooler temperatures, allowing outdoor activities to be a breeze, there are places (like my current spot on the steamy East Coast of NC) where we’re all just running around like sweaty maniacs.

5 Tips on Hot Weather Firearms Training

But fear not, my friends! Over the past year, I’ve amassed a collection of tools and tips to beat the heat, and now I’m here to share my top 5 favorite tips to keep cool and bring your A-game!

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

#5: A big umbrella. I’m usually the type to power through the direct rays of the steamy hot sun, but at my last few matches, a few of my squad mates brought out their carts and buggies with a nice big ol’ umbrella strapped to it. “Psshh.. I don’t need that.. I will be fine.” Yea okay Marcee, that never lasts long, and instead would find any reason at all to talk to whoever owned the said umbrella, just to talk and kill time with, while I selfishly used their shade. How generous of them. Do yourself the favor.. get a cart or buggy, grab a nice big umbrella, and lug it with you. You will thank yourself. And probably make a lot of friends at the match.

Drink Lots of Water & Electrolytes

#4: Stay hydrated like a boss! Sure, water is great, but when you’re really exerting yourself, you need a little more. A few months ago, one of my squad mates had passed out some little packets of powder “to add to your water bottles, for added electrolytes” he said. After reading the label “Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier” I decided to give it a try. This flavor was the Lemon Lime flavor. After a few shakes in the bottle and a few gulps, I concluded the taste was pretty decent, maybe a bit chalky, but definitely quenched the thirst. After downing a bottle of it on a stage, I quickly confirmed that this is now becoming a staple in my bag. I felt very refreshed, and no longer dragging. Now, I always carry a few of these packets in my bag, and I get my supply from either Costco, Walgreens, Amazon or good ol’ Walmart. 

Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier

Dress for the Heat

#3: Dress for success! This may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning – invest in high-quality clothing made from materials like Dry-Wick or Moisture-Wicking. These fabrics work wonders in keeping you dry and comfy even in the sweatiest of stages. Embrace the power of these magical fibers, and you’ll be a cool cat strutting your stuff on the range. Ladies, I understand how hard it is to find good range pants or shorts with belt loops, so I definitely recommend you check out Alexo Athletica (I love the thin, but strong, material of their pants for the Summer time) and also Vakandi for pants and shorts!

Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan, I Think So!

#2: This one comes very close to almost being my #1 most recommended tool to help beat the heat on stages or on the range, and that’s the battery operated, cordless job site fans. Talk about a breath of fresh air! RYOBI and DEWALT are the real heavy hitters in this department. Yes, they might come with a price tag of around $70-$150, but trust me, it’s worth every penny. This has been a game changer. You can move it around very easily, and the battery life lasts a long time as well. The fan is one of the best investments I have purchased. I HIGHLY recommend you pick one of these up.


Liquid Chalk for Those Clammy Palms

#1: And finally, coming in strong above all: liquid chalk! By far this has come in handy all Summer long. My favorite brand is the Iron American brand. It lasts forever. Even after 2 classes, 3 matches, and numerous range training days later, I still have about half a bottle left. I will put a dime sized amount on right before I shoot the stage, let it dry, and do one last wipe down before shooting, and this has been the most beneficial product for maintaining a good solid grip on the firearm throughout the stage, on these sweaty high humidity days. If you have never tried liquid chalk before, you are missing out. Grab a bottle and thank me later!

Click Here! For Iron American Liquid Chalk

In Conclusion

While there are many options, products, tips and tricks out there, these are just my top 5. I would love to hear how you beat the heat on those stages in the Summer months? Let me know! 

Just remember folks, stay cool, stay hydrated, and keep on running and gunning with style!

-Marcee Mae

@marcee.mae on IG!

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