AREX Delta Pistol Manufactured by AREX Defense


AREX Defense Delta 2.0 L, M, & X were released last winter. The AREX Delta 2.0 has a revised frame design, with more rounded and filleted edges. The slide is now optic ready. The optic plate mounting system is okay. It could have been executed better with a steel plate, not polymer, and threaded holes instead of SST nuts. The gun’s themselves are great. The AREX Delta 2.0 L is a nice addition to the line, with a much longer slide length. For full specs on the AREX Delta 2.0 pistols check out

ANR Design has been making holsters for AREX for years now. Our AREX Delta Holster became a staple holster in the industry for years for the original AREX Delta. Now ANR Design offers AREX Delta holsters in a variety of different flavors including AREX Delta Appendix Holster, AREX Delta Nidhogg Holster

AREX Delta M holster and AREX Delta X holster are exactly the same. They fit standard AREX Delta holsters or specific ones for the AREX Delta M or AREX Delta X. The only difference is the length of grip.

AREX Delta 2.0 M & L YouTube Video

The older AREX Delta 1.0 was a formidable carry gun. Decent overall construction, ergonomics, and trigger; the original DELTA 1.0 was so easy to carry and conceal. ANR Design had one of the first run pistols in the US and is OEM holster maker for the pistol line through the importer, Global Ordnance.

AREX Delta 1.0 Video

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