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Christian Craighead is a former 22 SAS Paratrooper who was working in Nairobi, Kenya on Jan 15, 2019 where there was a terrorist attack in the Dustit D2 Mall complex. He helped thwart the terrorist attack and neutralized 2 of the gunmen.

Christian Craighead no longer hides his identity. You can find his Instagram account below.

Before Nairobi, Christian Craighead was no stranger to the ANR Design product lines. Christian had been using ANR mag carriers in training.

Christian Craighead in the UK Running his Nidhogg Multicam Pattern X300 Holster with Vastus System

Matt Rendar is a friend of Christian Craighead. Matt came up with the “CCC” Christian Craighead Camo pattern concealed carry holsters and wanted to get the pattern immortalized on a holster! Christian Craighead and Matt Rendar approached us to see if it could be done. The pattern is an Arid inspired camouflaged. Matt Rendar is heavily influenced by Star Wars. Matt, a combat veteran, expresses himself through his artwork. He sells his artwork and clothing lines on

Christian Craighead Appendix Holsters

Christian Craighead Camo Appendix with Claw holster with camo by Matt Rendar

Christian Craighead OWB Holsters in the Nidhogg Model Series

Christian Craighead Camo Nidhogg with camo from Matt Rendar

Christian Craighead is now Pro-Staff for ZEV Technologies. Christian and ZEV Tech have some spicy projects in the works that we are super looking forward to. So definitely sign up for the ZEV Tech for updates. Their link is

Christian Craighead running a ZEV Tech Glock and Nidhogg Holster

Christian Craighead has appeared at both SHOT 2020 and this years SHOT 2022. Christian was kicking it in the S&S Precision booth. Don’t forget to check out “CCC” concealed carry holsters.

Christian Craighead with Alex Costa, CEO of ANR Design.

ANR Design is actively working on new projects with Christian Craighead. Sign up for our newsletter bottom of the page

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