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CZ-UB BREN 2 7.62×51 NATO Battle Rifle – Review by ANR Design

The Bren 2 is a widely popular platform in the US. CZ-UB Released the 556 and 762×39 Pistol variations 1st, followed by carbine options and CZ Built stocks. One of the platforms that hasn’t hit the US consumer market is the CZ BREN 2 7.62×51 NATO Model. The version we own, is a CZ-UB Form […]

The Q Honey Badger – Big Punch in a Small Package

By: Fridge Operator  When I picked up and shot the Honey Badger SBR for the first time, I realized how great looking the gun was overall, but it packed a serious punch. It reminds me of a beauty pageant queen who occasionally likes to commit domestic violence during an argument. The gun is fantastic looking […]

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