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Mini GHIDORAH-S: Combo KYDEX Mag Carrier for the Spiritus Systems JSTA

The Mini GHIDORAH-S is a combination universal pistol magazine & rifle magazine carrier designed specifically for the Spiritus Systems JSTA. Ambidextrous design allows the end user to run each magazine either way in the carrier or flipped around; rifle magazine side forward with pistol rearward. The Mini GHIDORAH-S fits all standard GI, Magpul, and Lancer […]

TFB Review: ANR Design’s New Link Sling

By Matt E Throughout my years of shooting, there’ve been a few things that people purchase a number of times before settling on the product that works best for them. Holsters are typically the item people think about but another shooting product that takes time to find are rifle slings as well. Throughout the years, […]

Differences Between KYDEX Pistol Magazine Carriers

KYDEX pistol magazine carriers are a must with carrying a CCW or on the range with a battle belt. KYDEX pistol magazine carriers are a requirement to take any pistol or combative pistol course with profession firearms training organizations or professional trainers. ANR has three main styles of KYDEX pistol magazine carriers; standard pistol magazine […]

How to Setup a 2-Point Sling on an AR-15

We get asked all the time what our favorite sling is. We had favorites in the past, but decided to team up with Cole-Tac and launch a sling that was modular and easy to adjust for the end user. Some folks like shoulder pads, others don’t. So why not make a sling that has a […]

AK-47 Sling & AK-74 Sling

AK-47 Slings and AK-74 Slings are the same. We are not talking about classic mil-surp AK slings, but specifically putting useful modern slings on traditional or tactical AK-47 & AK-74 weapon systems. Mounting a 2-Point AK-47 Sling to a Krink Type AK The Blue Force Gear Sling U-Loop has been the gold standard for attaching […]

KR-9 Sling or KP-9 Sling Setups

The Kalashnikov USA KR-9 is a neat little 9mm PCC or PDW. The “R” in “KR” means Rifle. The weapon system subject is a factory K-USA KR-9 SBR 9mm. KR-9 sling setups are identical to a “Krink” Krinkov type Kalash weapon system. Like all other Kalash type weapon systems, we always advocate for a 2-point […]

How to Setup a 2-Point Sling on a PDW

2-Point Slings can be used on a PDW. This is a common misconception when folks buy a PDW and think that they cannot use a 2-point rifle sling. Single-point rifle slings have their place on some PDWs, but 2-Point is more ideal in many situations. In this case a MP5 is the subject, more specifically, […]

The Link – ANR Modular Sling

The Link is a brainchild rifle sling between ANR Design LLC and Cole-Tac. The Link Sling is a 1″ webbing design rifle sling, stitched with MIL SPEC bonded Nylon thread. Mounted on the rifle, the forward section of The Link rifle sling has a 40″ length of pull, fully extended. The rear adjustment of The […]

Test Equipment Tuesday: Hoffman Engineering ANV-126a

BY: Tyler Roberts, Owner of Licentia Arms Co. Licentia Arms Co. continues to raise the bar in the night vision industry by raising standards and increasing transparency to the end user.  Historically, little information has been available to customers looking to purchase night vision (, regardless of the market segment.  Licentia Arms has changed this […]

Ridgeline DrOP – Drop style Magazine Carrier Mod

The Ridgeline Drop Offset, Pouch “DrOP” was originally designed to increase Operator comfort by moving belt mounted magazine pouches lower and slightly offset, to clear body armor and provide a less impinged range of motion during reloads.  Designed and manufactured in the USA, the DrOP mounts to the belt using TekLok style attachments, and is […]

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