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NEW FN High Power

ANR has been working for FN America for some time now. ANR Design helps produce branded holsters for FN America and supports all new FN America pistol offerings as they emerge. The newest gun from FN America, FN High Power, a spin on the classic BNHP or FN produced Hi-Power. It has a 17 round […]

Christian Craighead Camo Holsters

Christian Craighead is a former 22 SAS Paratrooper who was working in Nairobi, Kenya on Jan 15, 2019 where there was a terrorist attack in the Dustit D2 Mall complex. He helped thwart the terrorist attack and neutralized 2 of the gunmen. Christian Craighead no longer hides his identity. You can find his Instagram […]

What is a Holster Claw?

What is a Holster Claw? Holster Claw, Concealment Claw, Concealment Foot, or Holster Wing, is a cantilever appendage that is mounted to the body of a concealment holster or appendix carry holster. Standard holster claw, is a holster claw that was designed for holsters that DO NOT accommodate a pistol weapon light. The standard holster […]

CZ 97B Holster

The CZ 97B is a fantastic firearm and 45 ACP is truly the Lord’s caliber. Blessed by God in the Czech Republic, delivered angelically by freight to the United States; the CZ 97B is a grandiose contender on the 45 ACP market. ANR Design has been making CZ 97B holster models for 5 long years […]


Ghidorah 556 is a single unit, placard insert 556 magazine carrier that fits most chest rigs and plate carrier placard kangaroo pouches. It has individual adjustable retention, flared magwells for easier mag insertion, and elongated Kydex offset for the a 1″ higher ride height than standard pouches. The Ghidorah also curved to fit most plates. […]

Nidhogg Builder – How to Build Your Holster

This is the most asked question of how to build a holster, what all the options are, and what they mean. The Nidhogg holster is a versatile Tactical Outside the Waistband holster designed in a “taco” style folded format. The Nidhogg was designed to have the hole patterns for Safariland QLS, G-Code RTI, and Bladetech […]

Pinot & Pistols | My EDC: ANR Design Master Blaster

Date: March 7, 2020 Author: Pinot & Pistols Every time my ANR Design Master Blaster holster appears on my Instagram, I get questions about it. It’s my most used holster but I haven’t given it a dedicated post yet, so here we go. The Master Blaster is a minimalist pistol + magazine combination appendix inside the waistband […]

My Journey to the Perfect Holster

By Fridge Operator Since my early days of shooting, I’ve always felt like it was a struggle to find holsters for the guns I used daily. This issue started for me when I was 11 years old shooting in IDPA and USPSA. I was shooting an HK USP Compact and since it was 2003, the […]

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